Iraqi Wikimedians/Report/2016/2017


Wiki Loves Monuments 2018Edit

We held the WLM in Iraq for 2018 The goal was to add 100 photos of Iraq in commons.

The result was 619 photos uploaded with much better quality than previous years. You can find more details about the results in here

Wiki Arabia 2019Edit

We had a plan to host Wiki Arabia for 2019, started the process already with the foundation but due to security assessment issues the foundation couldn't accept the request.

Establishing Wiki Kurdish User groupEdit

1- In last conference, we had an agreement with Wikimedia Iran to establish a Kurdish Wikimedia User Group, the plan was to commence it in the upcoming Wiki Arabia in Erbil. Since the policy of the foundation changed the regional conferences to be every 18 months, & the next Wiki Arabia agreed to be in Morocco then the plan is ready to be implemented in next April once we will meet in Morocco.

2- We've managed to get a scholarship to attend Wiki Arabia for an experienced Kurdish editor in order to facilitate the process & get it done.

Wikipedia Education ProgramEdit

We've managed to communicate with a education interested volunteering organization, presented everything to them & waiting currently for their feedback to support commencing the WEP in Iraq.