Iraqi Wikimedians/Report/2015/2016


Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

Wikipedia Education ProgramEdit


  1. Before founding the user group, we've done successfully 3 workshops in city of Erbil to teach new volunteers, some of them helped later on in establishing the Iraqi Wikimedians User group.

These series of workshops had:

  • 25 new editors.
  • 15 females.
  • 628 new articles have been created.

One more workshop was funded personally as it was unplanned earlier, again in Erbil. We had one more workshop held in city of Baghdad.

  • The three workshops had very good results compared to what was expected. The results are mentioned in the grant report page.
  • The personal funded workshop had the below results:
"rolling_active_editor": 7, 
           "bytes_added": 228347.0, 
           "pages_edited": 81, 
           "pages_created": 56.0, 
           "existing_editors": 12"

The user names are recorded in here.

  • The workshop in Baghdad city details here.