Iranian Wikimedians User Group/Report/ 2018


Iran was part of Wiki loves monument 2018. Between September 5 and October 7 of 2018, 1279 participants joined this contest by uploading at least one photo of one of the 26000 nationally registered monuments in Iran. From this number, 90% of the participants are newcomers, a strong signal of the ability of the contest to engage newcomers and enable them contribute to Wikipedia. These participants uploaded 13,641 photos to Wikimedia Commons. The number of uploads by these participants puts Iran in rank 6 at the international level, after Russia, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, and India.

Wikipedia LibraryEdit

as a result of work with the Wikipedia Library team and the local resources, we were about to offer dozens of accounts to paid resources. These accounts were used to make Wikipedia a richer environment for its users and readers. A few users also received a hard copy of the books they needed for their articles.

Education programEdit

Like many past years, we had an Education program running multiple universities and educational institutes as a result of these efforts many students and their teachers used Wikipedia as a supplementary tool in their classes.


Meet ups and gatheringsEdit

Wikipedia and Journalism
Introduction to Wikipedia Conference
Introduction to Wikipedia Conference
15th Birthday of Persian Wikipedia
Wiki Tech Club in Iran


Iranian Wikimedians User Group also was part of Wikipedia Asian Month 2018 and Bridges across Cultures and some other international activities.