Iranian Wikimedians User Group/Wikipedia and Journalism 2018

In cooperation with bureau of media studies and planning of the ministry culture of Iran, an event was held with the title "Wikipedia and Journalism".

Mohsen Salek and Mohammad Heidarzadeh

At the beginning of the conference Mohsen Salek provided some explanations about the Wikipedia encyclopedia and the related projects.

Then Arash Soleimani talked about Wikipedia and journalism and the role of the media in the encyclopedia.

Arash Soleimani

After that Ahmed Ameri provided some information of the educational and learning programs. Then Mohammad Heidarzadeh talked about the reasons for the users contributions to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia and journalism meeting in bureau of media studies and planning summer 2018 (8).jpg

At the end of the meeting, answered the question of people and a few brief interviews were done with the organization’s internet TV company.

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