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Indic-TechCom is a group of volunteers who are willing to provide technical support to Indic Wikimedia projects and communities. The initial steps for this initiative, including planning and discussion, took place during CIS-A2K's Wiki Advanced Training, Ranchi. This initiative is being supported by CIS-A2K.



Indic-TechCom has the following objectives:

  1. Providing technical support
  2. Fixing broken gadgets;
  3. Developing scripts and gadget;
  4. Supporting towards enable extensions;
  5. Grooming technical leadership among Wikimedian in India.

How to get involved

  • Requests: Wikimedians working on any Indian-language Wikimedia project can place a request on our requests page. For requests affecting the larger community, a community consultation on the local village pump (or any relevant page) should be done, before placing a request here.
  • Tools: Indic-TechCom develops and maintains tools and extensions which can be useful to Indic Wikimedia communities and projects. Take a look at our Tools and extensions developed till date. Spread a word about them in your community and promote their usage.
  • Help us: Indic-TechCom is a volunteer group. Join us to support Indic Wikimedia projects by fixing issues, developing scripts and gadgets, enabling extensions and other technical aspects. Please sign-up on our management page as a team member.