IRC/wikipedia-en-admins/User list

This page contains information on the users, operators and useful contacts for the channel.

Privacy and last updateEdit

The channel access list was set to "non private" on March 4, 2008. Anyone can see the up-to-date userlist using the following command on any freenode IRC connection: /msg chanserv access #wikipedia-en-admins list (warning: ~300 lines long!).

Active channel managementEdit

Channel contactEdit

(Founder flags +votsriRfAF)

Master nick Username Invex (based on NickServ account name) Status
wmfgc *!*@wikimedia/utility/wmfgc group contact role account


(SuperOp flags +votsriRfA)

Master nick Username Invex (based on NickServ account name) Status
Deskana Deskana *!*@wikimedia/deskana admin
foks fox *!*@wikimedia/fox admin
James_F Jdforrester *!*@wikimedia/JamesF admin


(Op flags +votifA)

Master nick Username Invex (based on NickServ account name) Status
Fluffernutter Fluffernutter *!*@wikipedia/Fluffernutter admin
Heligoland{{A}} Nick *!*@wikimedia/Nick admin
slakr Slakr *!*@wikipedia/slakr admin
Snowolf Snowolf *!*@wikimedia/Snowolf admin

Inactive channel managementEdit

Former SuperOpsEdit

(SuperOp flags +votsriRfA)

Master nick Username Invex (based on NickServ account name) Status
Bastique admin
JimboWales Jimbo Wales *!*@wikipedia/Jimbo-Wales admin
Kim Bruning voluntarily resigned
seanw Sean Whitton @freenode/staff-emeritus/seanw admin

Former OperatorsEdit

These are users who no longer retain their channel operator access (due to long-term inactivity) and either have not been seen on the channel (or only very seldom) for many months, they may request this access again on rejoining the channel:

(Operator flags +votifA)

Master nick Username Invex (based on NickServ account name) Status
Cbrown1023 admin
Fennec admin
Kylu voluntarily resigned
martinp23 MDP23 *!*@freenode/staff/martinp23 voluntarily resigned
mindspillage Mindspillage *!*@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001 admin
Rjd0060 desysopped for inactivity
Sannse desysopped for inactivity
Tawker admin
TheCustomOfLife Mike Halterman desysopped for inactivity
Thehelpfulone admin

Complete list of adminsEdit

These contain the IRC pseudonyms of all other users listed as having access to the channel as (on the access list as "Admin" with +iA flags). In many cases these will not match known Wikipedia usernames, either due to technical restrictions or simply personal preference.

A number of these are historic and no longer active; like adminship, access to the channel is not usually lapsed for non-use. The "Status" column indicates non-admin access, including voluntary resignations, desysoppal for inactivity, stewards and staff.

Master nick Username Invex (based on NickServ account name) Status
[coffee] Coffee *!*@wikimedia/Coffee admin
^Darkwind^ Darkwind *!*@wikipedia/Darkwind admin
^demon 😂 *!*@mediawiki/demon desysopped for inactivity
_sj_ Sj *!*@wikipedia/sj admin
AaronSchulz Aaron Schulz admin
addshore Addshore *!*@wikimedia/addshore admin
Alaa علاء *!*@wikipedia/Alaa steward note
AlexandriaB Alexandria *!*@wikipedia/Alexandria admin
Anna_Frodesiak Anna Frodesiak *!*@wikipedia/Anna-Frodesiak desysopped for inactivity
anomie Anomie *!*@wikimedia/anomie admin
Aqwis Aqwis admin
AzaTht AzaToth *!*@wikipedia/AzaToth admin
barkeep49 Barkeep49 $a:barkeep49 admin
BashItOut There'sNoTime *!*@wikipedia/TheresNoTime admin
Beetstra Beetstra *!*@Wikimedia/Beetstra admin
billinghurst Billinghurst *!*@wikisource/billinghurst admin
bishonen Bishonen *!*@unaffiliated/bishonen admin
bjelleklang Bjelleklang *!*@wikipedia/Bjelleklang admin
bovlb Bovlb *!*@wikipedia/bovlb admin
Bradv Bradv *!*@wikipedia/bradv admin
BRPever BRPever *!*@wikimedia/BRPever steward note
Bsadowski1 Bsadowski1 *!*@wikipedia/Bsadowski1 admin
bumm13 Bumm13 $a:bumm13 admin
Cabayi Cabayi *!*@wikipedia/Cabayi admin
Callanecc Callanecc *!*@wikipedia/Callanecc admin
causasui Causa sui *!*@wikipedia/causa-sui admin
Chillum HighInBC *!*@unaffiliated/chillum admin
closedmouth Closedmouth *!*@wikipedia/closedmouth admin
creffett Creffett *!*@gentoo/developer/creffett admin
Crustacean Consumed Crustacean voluntarily resigned
Cyberpower678 Cyberpower678 *!*@wikipedia/Cyberpower678 admin
DeltaQuad DeltaQuad *!*@wikipedia/DeltaQuad admin
DerHexer DerHexer *!*@wikimedia/DerHexer admin
DJSasso Djsasso *!*@wikipedia/djsasso admin
dmacks DMacks *!*@pdpc/supporter/active/dmacks admin
DoRD DoRD *!*@wikipedia/Department-of-Redundancy-Department voluntarily resigned
Doug_Weller Doug Weller *!*@wikipedia/Doug-Weller admin
Dragonfly6-7 DragonflySixtyseven $a:Dragonfly6-7 admin
Dreamy_Jazz Dreamy Jazz *!*@wikipedia/Dreamy-Jazz admin
Earwig The Earwig *!*@wikipedia/The-Earwig admin
edward Edward admin
enterprisey Enterprisey *!*@wikipedia/enterprisey admin
foks Fox *!*@wikipedia/fox admin
Fuzheado Fuzheado *!*@wikipedia/Fuzheado admin
gadfium gadfium admin
geniice Geni *!*@wikipedia/geniice admin
Gfoley4 Gfoley4 *!*@wikipedia/Gfoley4 admin
GirthSummit Girth Summit admin
glen_ Glen admin
Golbez Golbez *!*@wikipedia/Golbez admin
GorillaWarfare GorillaWarfare *!*@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare admin
Grue` Grue admin
Guerillero Guerillero *!*@wikipedia/Guerillero admin
guillom Guillaume (WMF) *!*@wikimedia/guillom staff note
HakanIST HakanIST *!*@wikidata/HakanIST steward note
harej Harej *!*@wikipedia/harej admin
Heimstern Heimstern *!*@wikipedia/Heimstern admin
Hickory HickoryOughtShirt4 *!*@wikipedia/HickoryOughtShirt4 admin
hta Alvestrand admin
Huon Huon *!*@wikipedia/Huon admin
I_Jethrobot I JethroBT *!*@wikipedia/I-Jethrobot admin
IceKarma IceKarma *!*@wikipedia/IceKarma admin
ilyanep Ilyanep *!*@wikipedia/Ilyanep admin
Ivanvector Ivanvector $a:Ivanvector admin
jamesofur Jamesofur *!*@wikimedia/Jamesofur admin
JamesR JamesR *!*@wikimedia/JamesR admin
Jarry1250 Jarry1250 *!*@wikipedia/Jarry1250 admin
JGHowes JGHowes admin
JimboWales Jimbo Wales *!*@wikipedia/Jimbo-Wales admin
JJMC89 JJMC89 *!*@wikimedia/JJMC89 admin
Juliancolton Juliancolton *!*@wikimedia/Juliancolton admin
k6ka K6ka *!*@wikimedia/k6ka admin
KaisaL KaisaL admin
Keegan Keegan *!*@wikimedia/Keegan admin
kees08 Kees08 *!*@wikipedia/Kees08 admin
Killiondude Killiondude *!*@wikimedia/Killiondude admin
Kingpin13 Kingpin13 *!*@Wikipedia/Kingpin13 admin
Kolbert Jon Kolbert *!*@wikimedia/JonKolbert steward note
KrakatoaKatie KrakatoaKatie *!*@wikipedia/krakatoakatie admin
Ks0stm Ks0stm *!*@wikipedia/Ks0stm admin
KTC KTC *!*@wikipedia/KTC admin
kusma_wiki Kusma *!*@wikipedia/kusma admin
L235 L235 $a:L235 admin
legoktm Legoktm *!*@wikipedia/Legoktm admin
lfaraone LFaraone *!*@wikimedia/LFaraone admin
LuK3enwiki LuK3 $a:LuK3enwiki admin
Magog_the_Ogre Magog the Ogre *!*@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre admin
MarcoAurelio MarcoAurelio *!*@wikimedia/marcoaurelio steward note
mardetanha Mardetanha *!*@wikipedia/Mardetanha steward note
martinp23 MDP23 *!*@freenode/staff/martinp23 voluntarily resigned
matanya Matanya *!*@wikimedia/matanya steward note
Matthewedwards Matthewedwards *!*@wikimedia/Matthewedwards desysopped for inactivity
Maximr Maxim *!*@wikipedia/Maxim admin
MaxSem MaxSem *!*@wikimedia/MaxSem admin
mazca Mazca $a:mazca admin
McJohn Amorymeltzer $a:McJohn admin
MECU MECU *!*@wikipedia/Mecu desysopped for inactivity
Mentifisto Lofty abyss *!*@wikipedia/Mentifisto admin
mindspillage Mindspillage *!*@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001 admin
Miniapolis Miniapolis *!*@wikipedia/Miniapolis admin
Misza Misza13 *!*@wikimedia/Misza13 desysopped for inactivity
Mitchazenia Mitchazenia admin
Mkdw Mkdw *!*@wikipedia/mkdw admin
Moabdave Moabdave *!*@wikipedia/Moabdave admin
musikanimal MusikAnimal *!*@wikipedia/MusikAnimal admin
MuZemike MuZemike *!*@wikimedia/MuZemike voluntarily resigned
Mz7 Mz7 *!*@wikipedia/Mz7 admin
NahidSultan NahidSultan *!*@wikimedia/NahidSultan steward note
OlEnglish OlEnglish *!*@wikipedia/OlEnglish admin
Oshwah Oshwah *!*@wikipedia/Oshwah admin
OverlordQ OverlordQ *!*@mediawiki/OverlordQ admin
pakaran Pakaran *!*@wikipedia/pakaran desysopped for inactivity
PMC_x Premeditated Chaos admin
primefac Primefac *!*@wikipedia/Primefac admin
ragesoss ragesoss *!*@wikimedia/ragesoss admin
qedk QEDK *!*@wikipedia/qedk admin
ReaperEternal Reaper Eternal *!*@wikipedia/Reaper-Eternal admin
Reedy Reedy *!*@wikimedia/ admin
Rehman Rehman *!*@wikimedia/rehman admin
Revi -revi *!*@wikimedia/-revi steward note
Risker Risker *!*@Wikimedia/Risker admin
robla RobLa *!*@wikimedia/robla admin
rschen7754 Rschen7754 *!*@wikipedia/rschen7754 admin
Samwalton9 Samwalton9 *!*@wikipedia/Samwalton9 admin
sanchom Sanchom *!*@wikipedia/Sanchom admin
SarekOfVulcan SarekOfVulcan *!*@wikimedia/SarekOfVulcan admin
seanw Sean Whitton *!*@freenode/staff-emeritus/seanw admin
seddon69 Seddon *!*@Wikimedia/Seddon admin
SerajewelKS Crazycomputers *!*@wikipedia/Crazycomputers admin
shanmugamp7 Shanmugamp7 *!*@wikipedia/Shanmugamp7 steward note
Sky2042 Izno *!*@wikimedia/Izno admin
Sotiale Sotiale *!*@wikimedia/Sotiale steward note
spectei Francis Tyers *!*@unaffiliated/spectie voluntarily resigned
SQLDb SQL *!*@wikipedia/SQL admin
ST47 ST47 $a:ST47 admin
stwalkerster Stwalkerster *!*@wikimedia/stwalkerster admin
TheCustomOfLife Mike Halterman desysopped for inactivity
TheSandDoctor TheSandDoctor *!*@wikipedia/TheSandDoctor admin
Tim_Song Timotheus Canens *!*@wikipedia/Tim-Song admin
TimStarling Tim Starling *!*@wikipedia/TimStarling admin
Tks4Fish Tks4Fish *!*@wikipedia/Tks4Fish steward note
ToBeFree ToBeFree *!*@wikimedia/ToBeFree admin
TonyBallioni TonyBallioni *!*@wikipedia/TonyBallioni admin
TParis TParis *!*@wikipedia/TParis admin
Trijnstel Trijnstel *!*@wikipedia/Trijnstel steward note
Urbanecm Martin Urbanec *!*@wikimedia/Martin-Urbanec steward note
Versageek Versageek *!*@wikimedia/Versageek admin
Vito Vituzzu *!*@unaffiliated/vito steward note
wimt Wimt *!*@freenode/staff/wikipedia.wimt
worm_that_turned Worm That Turned *!*@wikipedia/Worm-That-Turned admin
wugapodes Wugapodes $a:wugapodes admin
xaosflux Xaosflux $a:xaosflux admin
zocky Zocky *!*@wikipedia/zocky admin


Official Wikimedia community group contacts

dungodung (Filip Maljković), Snowolf, Az1568, Fox (foks)

Ordinary channel problems
Any channel operator listed above. The channel operators idle in #wikipedia-en-admins-opsconnect.
Log and privacy related issues
If none of the above have helped, which is unusual, and the matter is serious, then please email one of the group contacts. Do not post logs on the wiki itself, without permission from all concerned.

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