How to write non-American names

German names sometimes include 'Umlaute' like ü ö ä, which are available through standard html-tags. They look like this:


where the first letter after the & is the letter that gets two dots above. The German Esszet "ß" has to be written "ß".

Another possibility is to replace umlaute with pair of vocals:

  • ü = ue (Müller = Mueller)
  • ö = oe
  • ä = ae
  • ß = ss (Straße = Strasse)

Portuguese names which include prepositions (de, da, do, em, na, no, para, pra, pro...) must have them always in low case.


        NOT 'Rio De Janeiro', but Rio de Janeiro
        NOT 'Lula Da Silva', but Lula da Silva

Vietnamese names are always written FamilyName MiddleName GivenName. (This means that, in the Esperanto Wikipedia, the first name listed is capitalized.) Some names may have more than one middle name. – [[User:Mxn|Minh Nguyễn (talk, blog)]] 17:30, 8 Jun 2004 (UTC)