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Halaman-halaman bantuan How to deal with compromised accounts
This page explains a general process to follow when dealing with accounts that may be compromised.
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How to deal with accounts suspected to be compromised is not always clear, and will vary on a case-by-case basis depending on who first responds and who is around to take action. In general, the following provides a guide to the steps that can be taken.

Pencarian fakta

The first step is to determine whether or not the account is actually compromised. If disruptive actions are being taken, then this step can be skipped because the first objective is to protect the wiki. But if the account is not vandalizing, then it can be useful to check through some of their past edits before suggesting that their account is compromised. Are they editing in places that they usually do? Do they have a history of making similar comments to the ones you suspect someone else of making?


Ketika Anda sudah yakin akuan Anda disusupi, sebaiknya Anda menghubungi pihak yang memiliki hak teknis untuk mencegah kerusakan pada wiki terkait dan mengembalikan akun ke pemilik yang asli. Kelompok pengguna berikut mungkin dapat membantu:

  • Stewards, who can lock the account to prevent the password/email from being changed, as well as stopping any immediate abuse. Stewards can also remove the advanced permissions of compromised accounts in an emergency, though this is usually not done if the account has been locked already.
  • WMF's Trust and Safety team can investigate further, by using CheckUser tools or contacting system administrators to check the account's login history.
  • Local CheckUsers, who can confirm if a different IP is being used to access the account.
  • Local administrators, who can block the account if it is taking disruptive actions. Please note that in such cases, a global lock is preferred, since it stops disruption to all projects where the account is active and preserves the user information.

Each group will end up contacting others during the process, either for confirmation or to perform local actions after the emergency has subsided. Advanced permissions may be removed for this portion of the case, if it is suspected that the agent(s) responsible for compromising the account are still trying to access it.


Once a compromised account is locked by stewards, the case is usually forwarded to the Trust and Safety team to investigate and once the rightful owner of the account is contacted, return the account to them.

Tindakan selanjutnya

Setelah akun dikembalikan ke pemilik aslinya, komunitas lokalnya dapat mengambil langkah-langkah lain untuk mencegah kerusakan pada wiki, yang mungkin termasuk penghapusan hak lanjutan dan/atau memblokir akun.