Hello, world! project

en:Wikipedia:Hello world program is usually one of the simplest possible programs in some programming language. However, it becomes very complex if you want to put it on every Wikimedia project in every language.

The goal of this project is not to show one more trivia implemented in multilingual wiki environment, but to make roots for building multilingual bots on (Media)Wiki based projects. It should be, also, an educational material for future bot programmers.

The project is in the early state of development, and all constructive inputs are welcome.

"Simple" things to doEdit

  • Be sure that you know what are you doing. If you make a mess on some project, you will be blocked there. If you make a mess on all projects, you will be blocked everywhere.
  • Make a page [[User:YourBotName/Hello, world!]] with sentence "Hello, world!" on all Wikimedian projects.
    • Simple note: You will need to open accounts for you and your bot on all Wikimedian projects (if you didn't do yet) and verify your email addresses. You will, also, need to wait four days for "maturity" of your accounts.
    • It is, also, a matter of good manners to introduce yourself and your bot to the people of particular projects.
      • If you don't know particular language, it is good enough to write it in English.
      • If you don't want to do copy-paste your text 1000+ times, make it with your bot.
      • Tell something about you at your user page (including languages which you are speaking by using Babel templates)
        • There are no some Babel templates on some projects? Copy it from English Wikipedia. Of course, use bot for that if you are not a masochist ;)
      • Tell something like "This is <YourUserName>'s test bot and it will operating only inside of its and my user space" at your bot's user page.
      • Put interwiki links on all of your and your bot's user pages.
    • Try to find some clever way how to translate "Hello, world!" in a number of languages. Google Translator is one of useful method for doing so. However, it has only a couple of languages and Wikimedia has only a couple of hundreds of languages. If you find some good method for doing so, please let us know.
      • Of course, maybe it is possible to find translations of this sentence on the Internet?
      • You may ask native speakers to translate the sentence.
      • And, don't be disappointed if you don't have a translation. If you tried all possible and impossible methods, make a page in English, your language or some regional lingua franca.
    • Let us know on how many projects in how many languages you wrote "Hello, world!".
  • Make a bot for checking updates of your "Hello, world!" pages and its talk pages. Start it every day (or put it in the crontab of your computer). Program should make output on some subpage of your bot's page here, on Meta. Other option is to put feeds for all of the pages in your favorite feed reader.
  • Show the code.


Write it in the form:

=== UserName, BotName ===
* phase 1
* phase 2
* phase ...
* phase n
* '''Current phase'''

Millosh, MillbotEdit

  • Making accounts.
    • Wikipedia: 153/252
    • Wiktionary: 0/172
    • Wikibooks: 0/121
    • Wikiquote: 0/89
    • Wikisource: 0/55
    • Wikinews: 23/23
    • Wikijunior: 0/10
    • Wikispecies: 0/1