Hardware orders up to 2007

Hardware orders up to 2007. For current hardware information, see Wikimedia servers.

Total cost USD: $1,180,000
Prices do not typically include tax and shipping
See also: Hardware orders (though note that it does not list any purchases not listed here)


Year total: ~$280,000
Quarter 1


Year total: ~$559,000

2005 - 129 new serversEdit

Year total: ~$254,500

2004 - 39 new serversEdit

Year total: ~$85,500

  • Hardware ordered December 2004: 5 new servers: all 3GB apache/memcached/squid type. (~$11,000)
  • Hardware ordered October 2004: 7 new servers: 2 database, 5 apache (~$17,000)
  • Hardware ordered August 2004: 10 new servers. Search database server (bacon), NFS storage server (albert), 8 3.0GHz P4 web servers (diderot, goeje, avicenna, dalembert, tingxi, alrazi, friedrich, harris), gigabit ethernet switch, 146GB SCSI drive for Suda. (~$18,000)
  • Hardware ordered May 2004: 5 new servers. Replacement for Geoffrin database server (ariel), four 2.8GHz P4 general purpose machines (maurus, rabanus, yongle) and a pair of 250GB ATA drives. Based on upgrade discussion April 2004. (~$20,000)
  • Hardware ordered January 2004: 9 new servers: 8 multipurpose machines (bart, bayle, browne, coronelli, isidore, moreri, vincent, zwinger) and 1 database server (suda). (~$19,500)
  • Donated: three for Paris squids, extra RAM for them purchased