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Tell us about how you contribute currently, and how you would contribute if WMF were to gift a used laptop to you.

My IntroductionEdit

Hello, My name is Jay Prakash. I am from India. I need laptop or computer for giving Continuously Contribution. I joined Mediawiki Tech Community last year.

What is needed and whyEdit

I need 64 bit and 4+ GB ram Laptop or Computer. because mw:MediaWiki-Vagrant does not run in less Config. See mw:MediaWiki-Vagrant#System_requirements for more Information. Less Config Laptop is useless for me. I have Pentium 4 PC. Which is very very Slow and have only 512 MB Ram. (If Required to show I will Send Images)

Contribution Till NowEdit

I Continuously Contribute on Gerrit. I have upload 75 Patch where 60 have merged and Some of are in Under review. See Total and Merged. I have +2 Build Jenkins-bot power that means I am trusted user of Gerrit. See Zuul's Line 50 and 375. I have my own User Workboard on phabricator. I have long-term plan to work for Gerrit.

How you would contribute if WMF were to gift a used laptop to youEdit

I recently Started my Contribution to Extension registration [1], [2], [3] and [4]. See Extension registration wall of superpowers!. There are already 319 out of 826 left for Extension registration. I will upload the patch for these if WMF gives me the laptop. Around 400 patch backlog for me. I will resolve all of these. I need very much laptop. I am Strongly Support Wikimedia's Vission.

Wiki Editing?Edit

Apart from that, I am mostly Active on Hindi Wikipedia and Wikiversity. I have 14,000+ global Edit. I am Sysop on hi.wikiversity and Reviewer on hi.wikipedia. But You can drop this. Because I need the laptop for Gerrit Contribution.

Affected projectsEdit

Add the existing Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Commons, etc.) and language versions that you seek to impact with this equipment.

  • Gerrit Wikimedia
  • Wikitech Wikimedia
  • MediaWiki

Work you're proud ofEdit

Show us (through links) some of your best Wikimedia work, on or off wiki, to help us get a sense for the kind of work you do. (no more than 3 or 4 links at most, please.)

  • Merging 60 patch out 75. (Note: around 8 in under review)
  • In early 2017, I don't know even Mediawiki. But Today I know Mediawiki very well. Apart from knowing. I regularly Contribute in Gerrit.
  • I regularly Report Bug as well.


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  1. Support - Dedicated person towards WMF development. — TBhagat (talk) 10:13, 22 January 2018 (UTC)



You are encouraged to track the impact this equipment has helped you make. This encourages WMF to donate more hardware.