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Dear txolo,

Thank you for submitting this Final Report. I am accepting it now with the following comments:

  • Congratulations on being recognized as a User Group! It's great to hear that your group is stronger and more active. I am curious about your goal of becoming a Chapter. Many User Groups are able to accomplish a lot while remaining in User Group status. Are there specific outcomes you have in mind that depend on becoming a chapter?
  • It sounds like you've made good progress on developing a strong partnership with the Ministry of Culture. That is an excellent partner for Wiki Loves Monuments. Having the awards ceremony at their building is a nice way to bring attention to your awards ceremony, and I'm sure it will bring more visibility to your contest that they are sharing the call for photographs.
  • It also sounds promising that you are building links with other patners in other regions, and with academic institutions, like the Catolical University.
  • "Happily we had a WLM edition with more photos and more participation than the fisrt, and we were build several very nice lists about arqueological heritage from documents of Culture Ministry, so our goals in this sense was achieves." Getting these lists in place will be an important boost to achieving greater impact in future contacts. Great job!
  • "Sadly, already in Lima again, we had very big floods in Perú, in Lima and many others parts of country, in this situation we priorized our participation in many activities to genenerate data of this towns flooded, this with OpenStreetMap Perú community and with others collectives of affected peoples." I'm so sorry about the floods. How wonderful that you used your resources as Wikimedians to try to contribute to the areas impacted. I understand that disasters like these require a change in plans and I'm glad you responded to where you saw the most urgent needs.
  • It sounds like you have some concrete plans about logistics in mind for the coming year. I'm glad you are moving forward!
  • You've laid out a substantial list of partnership-building opportunities in your Methods and Activities section. I am pinging Alex Stinson, who often provides support with GLAM partnerships, in case he has any advice or suggestions for you. He may already be in touch with you, but just in case!

Thank you for all your hard work on this project. I'm so sorry, again, about the impact that the floods had on your country--and also on your project. It sounds like you have a good foundation laid to come back strong in the coming year.

Kind regards,

--Marti (WMF) (talk) 20:55, 23 January 2019 (UTC)

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