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Not Funded


Hello @Ennydavids Your current project plan does not fit within the scope of Movement Strategy Implementation grants currently. This is because for most movement strategy initiatives, there is no implementation framework yet. For this reason, the projects most suited to advance those are expected to be research focused or experimental, based on documented learnings.

We recommend that the team applies for other funding options. If you choose to apply for a Rapid Fund or General Support grants, here is some feedback that might help you strengthen the current application / plan.

  • Clarity and Focus on Project Objectives: The project goal is well articulated, emphasizing the challenges faced by contributors to the Igbo Wiktionary and Lexeme projects. However, the application could benefit from a more precise and concise description of the specific outputs and their intended impact. Clearly outline what resources will be created, how they will address the challenges mentioned, and how these resources help you achieve the goals of the project
  • Detailed Project Timeline and Milestones: While the project start and end dates are provided, the timeline lacks detailed milestones and specific deadlines for key project activities. It's important to break down the project into smaller, manageable tasks with clear timelines to ensure accountability and for progress tracking. Consider including deadlines for the activities mentioned - creating resources, conducting training sessions, and completing the post-event survey.
  • Community Engagement and Sustainability: The involvement of linguistics departments in tertiary institutions is an interesting and new approach. However, the project impact could be increased if the team considered ways to sustain community engagement beyond the grant period. Consider including strategies for building a sustainable community of contributors, ongoing training sessions, and mentorship programs to support new contributors even after the project's completion.
  • Budget Transparency and Justification: The budget section outlines various expenses, but some items lack detailed justification. For instance, provide a breakdown of costs within categories like facilitation, coordination, and meals. Justify why specific amounts are allocated to each expense, demonstrating a clear connection between the proposed budget and the project activities. Additionally, consider exploring cost-effective options for certain expenses to optimize the use of funds. You may consider using the rapid funds template for this.

I hope that with this feedback, you are able to present a stronger and more detailed plan that can ultimately lead to a greater impact within the communities you engage with.  Best, YPam (WMF) (talk) 06:19, 21 October 2023 (UTC)Reply

Thank you so much@YPam (WMF) I really appreciate your feedback and I will do the needful Ennydavids (talk) 08:56, 21 October 2023 (UTC)Reply
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