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Report accepted, and some feedbackEdit

Thanks for this report, it is quite interesting to read. Some thoughts:

  • It is good to see the concepts in development, and I hope that as time goes on more artifacts of your process (drawings/scripts/etc) will be shared via commons or other appropriate venues!
  • I appreciation you've been tracking your challenges monthly - in the final report, rather than just linking to them all, might you choose 1 or 2 to highlight (this may give the movement a sense of key issues to watch for in future initiatives)
  • It is nice to see a learning pattern under development for your project! I understand you are using that as a way to share a whole group of key findings from your end-to-end process. If it gets too large at some point, might you consider splitting it into multiple patterns?
  • Regarding your reflection about the pressure of local vs international audience: you've phrased this well, and the pressure of this delicate balance is something most of us face at one time or another. I recognize that even things like having to report in a different language than the team uses for their daily work adds some complexity, so thank you for taking the time to translate ideas and information across multiple stakeholders :) In so far as part of the pressure is around explanation and expectations of a larger international community, I think that when you are able to explain choices you've made (choices which target your primary, local audience) and can back up your choices with data, this is really useful for managing international expectations. When you are able to point to local focus groups and other ways you're gathering feedback about the materials in order to measure how well they work on your target audience, this helps the international community understand why you've made particular choices, and understand how effective those choices are. It also helps them understand what might need to be done differently for other local contexts. I haven't seen any updates or artifacts based on testing concepts, etc from the team so far, but I hope we'll see more of those in the upcoming months. And yes, doing this well also adds time to the schedule!
  • Requesting an extension sounds like a good idea, if you're feeling that the current timeline is unrealistic and the team is too crunched. There is no point in rushing to create materials if you don't have any time to distribute them to real people, and gather data about how well they actually worked! We'll want to see info about use, feedback, any attitude changes you find, etc as part of the final report, if possible. So, please feel free to give your timeline some further thought and use the button at the bottom of that page to request an extension based on how much extra time you think you need. To me, it makes sense to adjust your schedule now, if you can already see it is needed, rather than waiting until later.

We'll mark this report as accepted. Congratulations to the team for what's been accomplished so far - looking forward to seeing the video and comics! Siko (WMF) (talk) 18:36, 9 April 2014 (UTC)

Thanks Siko. --iopensa (talk) 07:45, 14 April 2014 (UTC)
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