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Comments from FDC staff on Wikimedia CH’s Q3 reportEdit


  • Thank you for your observation that encouraging partner organizations themselves to organize edit-a-thons helps you expand your reach to more people with a connection to that partnership institution.
  • Thank you for sharing so many photos to illustrate your work. This brought your accomplishments to life.
  • We appreciate the details about what other organizations Wikimedia CH helps out with hosting.
  • Thanks for sharing your challenges around cross-border collaboration with the Alps project; we look forward to learning how you document and address those challenges so that others can apply your lessons learned to their work.
  • We are interested to learn more about your work with the Commons photographer, and especially in the training that you did. It would be good to know more about how lessons learned influence your strategy for next year, since you plan on repeating the project.

Points for improvementEdit

  • Consider including a summative table that tracks your metrics across programs, to help us understand the impact of your work overall.
  • We encourage you to provide more specific information about the number of participants in your events, and the results of the events (number of articles edited or improved, number of images upload, etc.).
  • In cases where your objectives do not include specific targets, it would be good to get a more clear picture of how WMCH assesses its progress for each of its programs. For example, it is very useful to know that 2714 images were uploaded through your Alps photo contest, but it would also be good to know whether WMCH considers that a high or low number, and whether you are satisfied with these results. For example, are you using the 2013 WLM contest as a baseline? We noted with interest your comment about considering the quality of photos rather than the quantity but were not sure if you felt you were achieving that aim either.

Thank you for this report, and we look forward to your impact report! Winifred Olliff (WMF Program Officer) talk 22:46, 9 January 2015 (UTC)

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