Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



French Wikipedian from Wikimedia User Group Community of Côte d'Ivoire


Shared Experience: I participated in Wikimania for the first time. And I come out with a lot of acquired and coonexion with people. Especially with the women of the movement. It was one of my goals. While waiting for the enhancement of achievements with my community, I made a point of my participation on my blog After WikiIndaba and Wikiconvention Francophone, taking part as a contributor to the biggest meeting of wikimedians in the world was for me a great opportunity. I became familiar with all the other communities. And I intend to put the benefits of this participation to the benefit of my community.



  • I met again Harmonia Amanda who gave me this year one standard presentation of Wikidata and gave me some tips to contribuate on this project
  • Similarly, Andreasmperu from Wikimedia Peru also helped me to contribute to the Wikidata project. I keep a very good relationship with her. She offers me to help me improve my contribution to the project.

Meet with WomenEdit

  • I talked with Erinamukuta from Uganda, currently in charge of the wiki loves Women project in her country. Thanks to her, I shared the experience of WLW in Ivory Coast and she also shared her experience with the women of her country.
    A lunch of women inspiring projects for gender gap around the globe

  • With Anthere, we discussed about the next edition of Wikichalenge, one of whose countries of execution will be Côte d'Ivoire. After wikimania, our exchanges continued by mail. And things are on track for the first phase of the Wikichallenge in our country
  • I met many women who inspired me to continuous working with those of my community, like Mina Theofilatou of greece, May Hachem of Egypt,
  • My participation in the women's lunch allowed me to meet other women who are also struggling to reduce the gender gap in Africa


  • During Wikimedia and Education, I presented
    Presentation of Classes Wikipedia

classes wikipedia, a training program on the use of wikipedia with students from public and private

Other meetEdit

  • As a wikifranca referent inCôte d'Ivoire,the meeting with the community wikifranca was very beneficial for me
wikifranca meetup at wikimania 2018
  • I have also taken part in Wikimania introduction where I also share the experience of wikipedia Classes with the assistance
Introduction to wikimania session at wikimania 2018

Anything elseEdit

Wikimania being the largest of all wikimedian meetings in the world, it was a great experience for me to take part for the first time. An opportunity to capitalize.