Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!





Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
I wrote a blog post to share my learnings, outcomes and experience at Wikimania 2018. The link to the blog post: In addition to the blog post, I shared my experience and learnings physically at a local meetup in New Delhi.
New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?


  1. User:Amire80: He told me about Basque Community and Txikipedia. It was so inspiring. I had the same idea for so long so I shared this idea with Hindi Wikipedians and they really liked it.
  2. User:Ijon: His session on Wikidata was amazing. It is only because of him, I can say that Wikidata is my new love. I have been making regular edits to Wikidata since Wikimania and doing a Wikidata-JS-a-thon.
  3. User:I_JethroBT_(WMF): Not only he motivated me to apply for grant for BUB tool, but also guided me through the grant process. Thanks to Chris for his guidance. My grant proposal has been accepted and I will be working on creating new Book Uploader Bot.
  4. User:Sumitsurai: I shared the room with him. We shared a lot of talks on Commons, Wikidata, different Wiki Projects etc.
  5. User:Saintfevrier: Mina and I met at Wikimedia & Education meetup. We curated a list of challenges on non-Wikipedia Wikimedia projects after the meetup. It was really great meeting her.
  6. User:Bodhisattwa: Thanks to Bodhi for reminding me again of BUB tool. Bodhi da, you will get the BUB tool now. :)
  7. User:Andreasmperu: One of the friends I made at Wikimania. We went to a lot of places together. Shared so much about Peru community, Spanish Wikipedia and Wikidata.
  8. User:Wuselig: I met Rainer Halama during breakfast and went on through a lot of talks ranging from Wikipedia projects and communities to his childhood life in India.
  9. User:Reem_Al-Kashif: Reem, me and Walaa lead a session on Engaging volunteers. Reem and I discussed personally our ideas and how can we make it better. Her wisdom really helped me in shaping my own education programs.
  10. Rahul Deshmukh: Rahul Deshmukh is President of Wikimedia India Chapter. We had a detailed discussion on Wikimedia India and how can we expand it by introducing technical contributors, maintaining community health, organizing new events etc. A lot of new ideas were discussed with him and I'm willing to work with him on them in near future.
  11. Spencer Graves: Spencer's experiences with community and technology were really inspiring and interesting.
  12. Lorenzo Newman: Lorenzo from Moleskine Foundation shared new and innovative ways in Wikipedia Education Program at Wikipedia & Education Meetup. I discussed my own ideas with him and gained insights from him.

Other Wikip(m)edians I interacted with:

  1. Vivek Maskara
  2. Feroz Ahmed
  3. Pratik Shetty
  4. Ranjith Siji
  5. Iolanda Pensa
  6. Vishwa Prabha
  7. Olga Viota
  8. Felix Nartey
  9. May Hachem
  10. Nichole Saad
  11. Maria Kruz
  12. Satdeep Gill
  13. Ananya Mondal
  • I gave a lightning talk on Using Blogs as a tool to attract people from other open communities. The talk went quite well with over 30 Wikipedians present in the room.
  • I also lead a session during learning days with Reem Al-Kashif and Walaa Abdel Manaem on Engaging Volunteers.

Anything elseEdit

Link to lightning talk presentation:
Link to session presentation:

This was one of the best and most productive Wikimania ever for me. With a lot of connections to collaborate with in future, to learning from other Wikipedians to sharing my stories with the community. Also, I am working on Season of RevisionSlider project after Wikimania. Thank you, Wikimedia Foundation for the opportunity.