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Option 2: Learning Pattern: What is one useful learning pattern you can share with the Wikimedia movement?
As I participated both in Wikimania and in previous Learning Days, my learning outcome is quite large. As we are starting a new big education program, the biggest thing I learnt in Wikimania and previous days was the use of the Programs & Events Dashboard, it's metrics and ways os tracking articles and subprojects. Specially interested in Learning_patterns/MediaWiki_Education_Program, of course. Today is my first day back at work after Wikimania and I have started to develop there the project, translate items... this will be the biggest outcome from the learning days.
Afther that came Wikimania proper, and I learnt about other experiences, specially in Education, but you don't know where inspiration will come, so I also learnt something about GLAM and technical issues. All of this ideas will be, if possible, incorporated into our education program.


I gave two talks in Wikimania. My main interest was explaining our Education program, and this happened as a Lighning talk. My other talk was about Wikidata inclusion in templates, and the room was crowded. The idea can be seen here. Lot of links were created from this Wikidata inclusion system, and I helped Atikamekw wikipedia users to develop an automated biography template (that are currently using) and Kabilian users to develop automated biography and cities templates, that need translation. Before Wikimania only 4 languages were using this system, and today there are Template:Infobox Biography2 (Q20829728) 12 links (but can't say which of them are actually using the same system).

About my other main concerns, I talked to many relevant people with education programmes (was a pity Armenia couldn't come!) and learnt a lot with them. Specially contact with LiAnna from WikiEd and Bahir from WMF was relevant to me.

Some Basque Wikimedians also organized an informal meeting about small or lesser used languages, in order to work together for better understanding of our communities. The meeting was interesting, with users from 4 continents, and we hope to be working on this in the future.

Anything elseEdit

  • The photos of Basque WMU will be uploaded by another user, but I can provide the impact of my and euwikipedia twitter accounts #wikimania hashtag impact:
    • Euwikipedia tweeted mostly about Wikimania on this days. We got 38.000 impressions between Aug 8 and 12. Top tweets were those speaking about languages.
    • My top tweet was this, with 2.993 impressions, and I got other 1.200 impressions on this about my other presentation.
  • In an extense article by Basque newspaper Gara about our work on Wikipedia, Montreal experience was briefly mentioned.