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Talk "One Image at a time - How Governments can help in bridging the information gap on Wikipedia" by Sailesh Pattanaik
One Image at a time; How Governments can help in bridging the information gap on Wikipedia
Structured Data on Commons session and panel - Wikimania 2018

I have shared my experience at Wikimania with my community members on 30th Bhubaneswar WikiTungi meetup, and shared a bit with other members on 1st hangout call of Odia community. I will publish a personal blog and will publish another blog on the CIS blog about my participation in Wikimania 2018. I also did a tweet about my presentation at Wikimania.

I attended Decolonising the Internet conference as a part of the Pre-conference, where I get to meet a lot of people discuss about the projects they are working on to decolonise the Internet and shared my work with them. As a part of the group, we discussed various challenges and ideas we can collaborate with for the representation of voices and resources on the Internet and how projects like Wikipedia can play an important role in it. I got a chance to share my research on Understanding the languages available online with other participants and received contact and feedback from the participants to improve it.

During the main conference, I had a chance to met a various Wikipedians share my work with and understand their work. I presented a session on the Odisha Government Content relicensing project where around 25 people were part of the session also I had a chance to present about Structured data on Commons as a panel member. I attended Education session, Project Tiger Panel and many other session to understand the work done by different community members and how to localise it.

I also spent a few time in managing the Odia Wikimedia UG desk and Wikipedia Asian Month desk at Community Village to spread awareness about our activities among different Wikimedians. We have received more than 40 editor showed interest ti organise WAM this year.


  • Banks Baker : I met Banks after attending Project Tiger panel and spoke to him about the challenges we're facing in bring Odia language on the Internet and what are Google's priorities for such small languages with the major speakers.
  • Sandra Fracounier: I co-presented Structured Data on Commons session as a panel member with Sandra and during unconference, we have spoken about localising the GLAM movement and come up with easy to understand terms.
  • Nichole Saad: Nichole and I spoke about Education mapping project I was working on for the Wikimedia Foundation. And how we can bring more stories from education programs in India to the Education newsletter.
  • Alex  : Alex and I discussed spreading awareness on GLAM movement in India, and about potential partners and the digitisation projects.
  • Irina : I discussed the WikiCamp program by Wikimedia Armenia and other interesting projects in Armenia.
  • May Hachem: We discussed organising an India specific HerStory campaign.
  • Abbad: After meeting Abbad at Wikimania, he helped me to map Education programs happening at Palestine.
  • Mahmoud : I met Mahmoud, discussed some Wikipedia projects in Iraq and also exchanged some coins.
  • Jake: Jake and I had an informal conversation about the library project in India.
  • Siko & Anasuya : I had a brief conversation with Siko and Anasuya about the internship project, I am doing with Whose Knowledge and shared some results of the research.
  • Asaf: Asaf and I had the conversation about the Odisha Government collaboration, I briefed him about the follow up of the project and some general discussion on Wikimedia movement.
  • Sara: I spoke to Sara about Odia Wikimedians UG interest in organising Diversity Conference and how WMSE as a previous organiser can help us in planning it, we have shared this with the local community and will discuss it with the India community.
  • Astrid: I met Astrid at Working group meeting and discussed some projects and possible collaborations.
  • Dumi: We discussed Wikipedia Asian Month User group,
  • Kevin: Kevin and I spent time at WAM kiosk and discuss new stthe rategy for Wikipedia Asian Month for this year.
...and many others