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World Telecommunications and information society day 2017 (Girls in Ict)

Girls in ICT 2017
Group photo of the girls who attended training
Girls in ICT World telecommunications and information's society day 2017

Participant Connections


As per invite by one of the mobile operators in Botswana dubbed BTC, I presented the zero project initiative with the whole idea to secure partnership with them. Please see the invitation above.
With the interest they showed in supporting Wikimedia projects they agreed to partner with me as a Wikimedian to introduce Wikimedia projects to their Girls in ICT candidate's which in the end led to training them starting with teaching them how to create accounts.

Girls trained how to edit Wikipedia

About the event


World Telecommunications and information society day has been celebrated annually on 17 May since 1969, marking the date of the founding of ITU and signing of the first telegraph convention in 1865. It was formally instituted by the plenipotentiary conference in Malanga-Torresmolinos in 1973. In recognition of ITU as the lead United nations agency for ICT, the world summit on the information society (WSIS) in Tunis, November 2005 called on the United nations general assembly to proclaim 17 May as World Information Society day.On March 2006, the United nations general assembly adopted resolution 60/252, proclaiming 17 May as world information society day to focus global attention annually on bringing the enormous benefits of the digital revolution in ICT to the world's inhabitants.The ITU plenipotentiary conference in November 2006 welcomed the general assemblys decision and amended resolution 68 to invite the council to adopt a specific theme for each World Telecommunications and information Society of the key objectives of the world telecommunications day is to Increase global awareness of the advantages that information and communication technologies have to offer and increase access to ICT for a greater percentage of the population especially the lower income groups in developing countries as well as to bridge the digital divide.The focus of much of telecommunications activities world wide is to harmonize national policies, bridge technological differences foster interconnectivity and interoperability of systems on a global scale.The result is to bring the world closer through phone call,via an email by watching TV or surfing the Web.

  1. Botswana telecommunications corporation (bemobile )
  2. Mascom Wireles
  3. Orange



We had Botswana Telecommunication corporation (be mobile) showing interest in the Wikipedia Zero initiative which as time goes on they will communicate with me to get in touch with Jack Rabah regarding the project.
We had a partnership with bemobile operator with their girls in ICT candidates, introduced them to Wikipedia and it's sister projects and conducted mini training sessions with them. We are going to have another chance to engage them more into these projects. Please Visit the documented project here I have shared the results of the project in the website in meta

I captured pictures of the invited guests / dignitaries to be used in creating and developing articles in Wikipedia including the following and the pictures are used in developing articles:
  1. Chief Masunga Maruje III
  2. Member of Botswana Parliament Minister Kitso Onkokame Mokaila.
  3. Chief Executive officer for Botswana Post Mr Cornelius Ramatlhakwane
  4. Member of the GAC Internet governance Botswana Mr Michael Kajane.

Additional information


I took time snapping images of everything that happened at the event and uploaded some of them to Wikimedia commons for use in starting new articles and contributing or improving existing articles. I have already started using some of the pictures in english wikipedia for instance the member of parliament Honourable Onkokame Kitso Mokaila who attended the event.. Some of the images uploaded can be seen here, i will upload more, I was not able to upload all of them because i am having a problem with the internet connection.



1. Accommodation P 1,191.40 * 4 nights Total = 4,765.60/$460

2. Transportation
Pulas: P1,761.20 + P828.80= P2,590/$250

  • Gaborone---->Francistown (Train) =P378.80

Note: i traveled back to Gaborone using the BTC team transport from Francistown(free).

  • Francistown -------> Masunga (Sprinter bus)= P 1, 761.20 (880.60 * 2) (return journey)
  • Cab around Masunga--------> P 450.00 (From the station to the hotel and from the hotel to the event until the end of the event)

3. Per diem Food and drinks:
(Food Converted from Dollars)P132 + 250 + 259.85 = P642.15* 4 days= P2,568.60/$248

Total costs=P9,924.20/$957.90