Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!


Revo Arka Giri Soekatno (User:Meursault2004) member of Wikimedia Indonesia and Wikimedia Nederland. Active on Indonesian language and Javanese language Wikimedia projects. I have also been active on some Indonesia related projects on Wikimedia Nederland.


This Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City has provided me the chance to renew my old contacts and making new friends. I have especially made new friends among Mexicans and other Latin American people. This Wikimania also provided me the chance to learn something about the Mexican culture and history. Besides the Wikimania venue, I have also visited the Yucatán Peninsula and Mexico City and surroundings. Because of my looks, people think I am a Mexican or at least a Latino and this proved very good to make contacts with locals. Mexico as a global south country faces similar problems as Indonesia, which is also a global south country.

Furthermore, during my visit to Mexico City, I also had the chance to attend the celebration of the End of the Ramadan at the Indonesian Embassy. There I met the small the Indonesian community in Mexico City and was able to speak to the ambassador about this Wikimania and the Wikimedia movement. Wikimedia Indonesia has always thought, that it is important to maintain cordial and close relationship with the Indonesian authorities.

And finally I have seen and witnessed several interesting things. I shall write new articles on Mexico on both the Indonesian and the Javanese language Wikipedia.

Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
Add a link here to a blog post or newsletter you wrote about your participation afterwards, or to a meet-up you organized to share your experience with your local community.
Under construction There is a planned meet-up on August 22nd, 2015 and I shall tell my community a report of Wikimania 2015. In addition to that I shall also talk to other members from our community and provide a report here.


I met and talked with lots of Wikimedians. I especially remember the following Wikimedians below. From these Wikimedians, I would stress my meeting with Thamizhpparithi Maari from Tamil Nadu, Pharos or Richard Kneipl from New York City and Diego Delso from Munich.

Thamizhpparithi MaariEdit

Thamizh is an interesting person. He is a professor at a university in Tamil Nadu. He is aware of the shared origin of both the Tamil and Javanese scripts. He wondered why Javanese don't use their script as often as Tamils. I told him that there is some efforts to use Javanese script on the internet. One of our Javanese Wikimedians, Bennylin even got a grant from the WMF. It is now possible to use Javanese script on Wikimedia projects. This chat will definitely be a source for further discussions in our communities.


Pharos or Richard Kneipl introduced me to two members from the African-American taskforce of Wikimedia NYC. These were Alice (if I am not mistaken) and André Just. Both were talking about the revitalisation of the languages of the Black community, both immigrants and African-Americans, in New York City and the surroundings. I shared them our effort at the Wikimedia Indonesia in revitalising the Indonesian regional languages Wikipedia; i.e. the Javanese, the Sundanese, the Minangkabauan and the Banjarese Wikipedia. There is some discrepancy though, Wikimedia Indonesia does have access to more funds than Wikimedia NYC. I offered them also some follow up and tips, should they need more tips from us.

Diego DelsoEdit

Diego Delso is one of the most prolific and succesful photographers on Wikimedia Commons. He was my roommate and he told me some tricks and tips to take good pictures and to upload them on Commons. I also went along with him to see some landmarks in Mexico City and I also attended his presentation. I shall definitely tell about him to my community.

Some other Wikimedians (not exhaustive)Edit

  • Ali from Russia, he is involved with the Tyvan Wikipedia
  • Andrea Patrícia Kleiman or Jaluj from Wikimedia Argentina
  • Andrew Li from WMF
  • Arnau Duran Ferrero from Catalan Wikimedia
  • Amir Aharoni from Wikimedia Israel or WMF
  • Asaf Bartov from Wikimedia Israel or WMF
  • André Just from Wikimedia NYC, member of the African-American taskforce team
  • AddisWang from zh.wikipedia
  • Bechruzbek Ochilov from Wikimedia Uzbekistan
  • Bence Damokos from Wikimedia Hungary
  • Bernal Mantazilla from Mexico
  • Bodhisattwa from Bengali Wikipedia (from West Bengals, India)
  • Exec8 or Butch Bustria from Wikimedia Philippines

  • Deror Lin member of Wikimedia Israel
  • Diego Delso member or Poco a poco of Wikimedia España, Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia Austria
  • Dineshkumar from India
  • Filip Maljkovic or Dungodung from Wikimedia Serbia
  • Itzik Edri from Wikimedia Israel
  • Iván Martinez from Wikimedia México
  • Jan-Bart de Vreede from the Netherlands or the WMF
  • Sky Harbor or Josh Lim from Wikimedia Philipines
  • Nafisa Abdullaeva from Uzbekistan
  • Nikklas Laxström from Finland
  • Patricio Lorente from Wikimedia Argentina or WMF
  • Pharos from Wikimedia NYC

  • Samuel Klein or SJ from WMF
  • Satdeep from India
  • Siebrand Mazeland from Wikipedia Nederland
  • Vladimir Medeyko from Wikimedia Russia

  • Ziko van Dijk from Wikimedia Nederland