Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



Member of Iraqi Wikimedians user group


I attended Wiki Project Med sessions and continue my editing in this project and now I'm in contact with other members to create and improve medical article in Arabic and English Wikipedias. I Shared my contributions with other members and get some ideas from other contributors.

I improved my knowledge in Wikidata by attanding some sessions and meeting other editors (especially form user:Helmoony and others). My contributions in Wikidata increased day by day. Also, I arranged for a meeting in Baghdad about Wikidata. (Here!)

Also, I joined other Arab Wikipedians in WikiArabia meeting and we discussed several issues such as organizing next WikiArabia conference and arranging for other activities. Report is available in Arabic Wikipedia. (Here!!)

Also, I attended Wikimedia Asia meetup and we discussed several issue. I shared number of ideas with other Asian contributors.


I met a lot of users that I was in contact with them in Wikipedia in discussion pages. I met Dr. James Heilman again. Also, I added some friends in Facebook from different countries including Venezuela, Armenia, South Africa, India... etc.

Anything elseEdit

It was my second Wikimania and I was the only Iraqi in this event.

I uploaded many to commons from may last trip to India that I couldn't upload in Iraq do to slow connection. (Many of them available in this category in Commons)

I have a lot of photos to be uploaded, but I'm facing a technical problem with slow connection in Iraq.

Additional point, I'm very thankful for the organizing team in the foundation as they were very helpful and cooperative in the issue issue of my visa as I needed to travel to Jordan and take up with as I have some local barriers in receiving financial support to cover my trip and visa expenses. I received my reimbursement by James Baldwin in Cape Town as cash money.