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This Wikimedia Participation Support request was funded in the fiscal year 2014-15. A report is available.

Museum Computer Network 2014
summaryI am leading a 30-minute workshop on Wikipedia editathons for museum professionals, as well as a separate presentation on the U.S. National Archives' read–write API, which will be used to upload images to Wikimedia Commons
event locationDallas, USA
event date(s)Nov. 18-22, 2014
amount requestedUSD $1315.08
home countryUSA
submitted on20:40, 21 October 2014 (UTC)

Proposed participation


I am a longtime Wikipedian, Wikimedia D.C.'s Cultural Partnerships Advisor, and a leader in the GLAM-Wiki movement in the US; I have also been the full-time Wikipedian in Residence at the U.S. National Archives for more than a year. This year, I have two separate submissions for the 2014 Museum Computer Network annual conference—which is one of the main national conferences for museum technologists in North America.

Drawing on my experience organizing or leading more than a dozen editathons in the last three years, I will be leading a 30-minute workshop on Wikipedia editathons for museum professionals. I also have a separate presentation on the U.S. National Archives' read–write API. which I helped design, and will be used to upload NARA's digitized records to Wikimedia Commons.

Goal and expected impact


The goal of my participation will be to raise awareness and spread understanding of Wikipedia for museums. Wikimedia D.C. is one of the most active chapters globally in holding editathons with cultural institutions, and I have served as one of the primary chapter contacts for the GLAM-Wiki program. Attendees of my session about editathons will learn how a typical editathon works, and answers to beginners' questions such as "What is it? (and what is it not?)" and "Why we do it?" In discussing rationales and the value of editathons we will also touch on how to talk about editathons to others in their institution and get buy-in. Part of this discussion will also be sharing the conflict-of-interest best practices we have developed for cultural institutions

In this and my other activities, including my API session and informal networking with fellow attendees, I expect my participation to support Wikimedia's mission by promoting open cultural data and institutional collaborations with Wikipedia. I will also follow up with any promising contacts made, especially attendees who would like to implement a Wikipedia program at their institution. Of course, I would hope to directly inspire future editathons, and will assist in facilitating any that develop as a result of my talk.

Budget breakdown

Expense $USD
Travel $312.20
Accommodation $543.38
Registration $140.00
Per diem $319.50
Total $1315.08

Notes on calculation of the above:
  • The travel cost calculated is for a multi-city trip of Indianapolis–Dallas–Washington, D.C., because I am in the middle of other travel when this conference occurs. This is actually cheaper than a round-trip Indianapolis–Dallas trip. The flight is already booked, and the itemized costs are as follows:
    • IND–DFW, 11/18: $209.10 (American Airlines)
    • DAL–DCA, 11/23: $78.10 (Southwest Airlines)
    • American Airlines baggage fee: $25
  • The accommodations cost calculated is based on half of the conference room rate of $189/night + 15% sales tax, for 5 nights. In order to save costs, I am splitting the hotel room with another conference attendee.
  • The registration cost includes a $175 registration fee, plus $15 tour, minus $50 for the speaker discount.
  • For per diem, I calculated based on what I think is the standard WMF allowance, 75% of the GSA rate for the locality. So, 75% of $71 (Dallas rate) for 6 days is $319.50

Other instructions


I do not require advanced disbursement. However, I will require a letter from the Wikimedia Foundation about the grant award two weeks prior to the travel, if possible, because my employer (the U.S. federal government) will need to perform a conflict-of-interest evaluation before I can accept any third-party funding. I apologize for the short turnaround requested for this grant application; my original intended funding source fell through.


  • Dominic is a very capable ambassador for Wikipedia and has been very effective in getting cultural institutions on board with Wikipedia. I recommend funding this proposal. harej (talk) 19:55, 23 October 2014 (UTC)