Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!





  • I´m organizing Wikicafé a new space to teach to edit in small (and sometimes surprisly not so small)groups
  • Wikicafé Wikimanía 2018an open event with Wikimedians of Bolivia and new editors to share some learnings and have a brainstorming about new projects inpired by this.
  • I begin this new project to fight the gender an economic gap in Wikipedia using a previous collaborative projectCallejeras
  • I begin this new project to fight the gender gap using a previous collaborative projectPionerasthe project have 3 steps and we are workind with some allies.
  • I break my editions récord!and now I´m taking part in 100Wikidays


I meet some amazing people who inspire me to work in more projects I met some really cool and really awesome Wikipedians. I would like to mention some of them.

  • User:Vanbasten 23 -- We talk about include the aimara language at the multilenguaje tranlator for infoboxes
  • User:User:WJifar_(WMF) -- Wikimedia Foundation, she help me to share my experience in Learning days, thanks to her help I was less shy to ask for grants for really important projects
  • User:Erinamukuta --We told about combine geodata and Data from Wikidata, inspired by a previous work I share.
  • User:Jaluj -- We talk about the user group of latin american woman
  • User:Andreasmperu -- I shared room with her. We talked about why womens are less represented in the names of public spaces, so I have the idea to begin the project Pioneras, about first women conquering virtual and urban spaces. She talk me about some details that we dont knew about wikidata.
  • User:AmirAharoni -- We have a very good conversation about lenguages and the way that work for each one in our own culture, I have more clear ideas now, and Amir share with me his experience in some new tools to record the oral knowledge.
  • User:Wassan.anmol --We talk about the cultural diversity in our countries and about some particular practices, and how they can be very illustrative to understand a country in their own terms.

Anything elseEdit