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Ananya Mondal

Bangla Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata


Shared ExperienceEdit

This was my maiden step to wikimania and a great scope to represent our own wiki community at such a big global platform. Wikimania is a great platform of learning many things ,sharing ideas globally and above all an apt stage for taking up responsibility to carry forward the great wikimedia movement .I have shared my experience with my team members of Wiki Loves Butterfly project.

Learning PatternEdit

  • I attended during the pre-conference and the conference itself allowed me to appreciate the value of learning patterns. Like [1] [2] and [3].
  • In wikimania 2018 ,I attended the workshop of Wikidata sessions. Asaf’s session. The said workshop has rendered knowlwdge n insight to me which I am eager to follow n deal with my bn wiki community in future.
  • I have also attended the session of ORES which is a web service and API that provides machine learning as a service for wikimedia project by User:Andreasmperu. I also implemented this for progress in performance of my community project(BnWP).
  • I also attended the talk session of User:Netha Hussain and User:Reem Al-Kashif on Research related to gender gap on wikipedia: what to do so far and had been highly motivated by the issues discussed which had nicely advocated the competency and excellence and large scope of women in the realme of wikimedia movement. Such ideas n knowlwdge derived out of the said talk has oriented n motivated me to share the ideas with updringing female wiki contributors of my community. Such motivating force, in the long run ,shall benefit me along with my female colleagues to contribute n enrich wikimedia movement on broder range.

Wiki Loves Love Meetup and Wiki women lunch.

New CreationEdit

I had an interactive session with my home user group i.e, West Bengal Wikimedians User Group and Punjabi Wikimedians User Group and as regards of the proceeds of which we collaborated in the ongoing event wiki loves monuments India 2018 [4]. I have been one of the team member of the said event.


I mention here some of my connection.

Anything elseEdit