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Grant stage: grant in progress
Grantee: Wikimedia Community Brazilian Group of Education and Research
Amount granted: 20,274 USD ()
Funding period: 1 July 2016 to 31 December 2016
Final report due: 30 January 2017

Application edit

Background edit

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    Wiki Loves Earth Brasil 2015 - Learnings and applied learnings on Wiki Loves Monuments Brasil 2015

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Programs edit

Institutional Partnerships

SMART objectives

This program will result in quality content contributed to the Wikimedia projects, and increased participation of new contributors in Wikimedia-related activities.

Within 6 months, 75 articles created or improved through the education program.

75 teachers and students engaged through partnerships contributing to and participating in other Wikimedia-related activities.

1 GLAM partnership pilot executed and documented, laying the foundation for future GLAM work, and resulting in 1.000 files uploaded to commons improving at least 50 articles.

Projects: GLAM pilot project,Arariwiki Education Program,AgroWiki,Public Health Project,1st Scientific Brazilian Congress of Wikipedia

Main focus: Partnership with universities and teachers, GLAM pilot project

Measures of sucess: number of teachers and students participating, number of edits, quality improvement, new accounts, new users engagement, users retention, academic publications, events, partners and good content identified, number of content loaded on commons/wikisource


  • content creation/improvement
  • research development using wikipedia data and users behavior
  • teachers and students trainning (how to use and contribute to the projects,specially Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and Wikiversity
  • Use and improve brochures and contents produced by the Brazilian Catalyst Program
  • Create a local blog in portuguese to spread the news and bring more people to the movement
  • Promote Edit-a-thons
  • tools development to support other projects with academic support/cooperation
  • identify potential GLAM projects and develop local efforts to move forward with GLAM projects in Brasil
  • Contact key local potential partners to define an agenda
  • Create partnerships
  • Select contents to be digitalized/published on commons/wikisource
  • Develop tools and scripts to import contents
  • Load data/metadata on Commons/Wikisource

Wiki Loves

SMART objectives

The Wiki Loves program will result in quality content contributed to the Wikimedia projects in targeted content areas, and will attract new contributors to the Wikimedia projects.

From May to September, 10.000 images uploaded and 1.000 in use on a Wikimedia project. From May to December,100 articles created or improved. 2500 new accounts created, and 5% of users brought in through these contests continue contributing 3 months after creating a new account.

Community discussion:Wiki Loves The Olympics on ptwiki, Anglophone Wikipedia

Wiki Loves Earth

Main focus: New contents for the Wikimedia Commons and articles improvement on Wikiipedia with focus on natural heritage

Measures of sucess: number of edits, new accounts, photos uploaded, photos usage, new users engagement


Wiki Loves The Olympics

Main focus: New contents for the Wikimedia Commons and articles improvement on Wikipedia with focus on sports, athletes biographies and arenas.

Measures of sucess: articles created, number of edits, new accounts, photos uploaded, photos usage, new users engagement, media coverage, content produced


  • Photo and articles contest planning and execution
  • Complete campaign creation, openning the opportunity for other countries to help and participate
  • Create and improve articles regarding the history, arenas, sports, competitions, athletes biographies creation and improvement
  • Content production and local media coverage contacts to generate content for the international movement regarding Rio 2016
  • Promote Edit-a-thons

Wiki Loves Monuments

Main focus: New contents for the Wikimedia Commons and articles improvement on Wikipedia with focus on national monuments and history

Measures of sucess: number of edits, new accounts, photos uploaded, photos usage, new users engagement


  • Contest planning and execution
  • Contest pages improvement
  • Photos usage on Wikipedia in Portuguese and other countries
  • Photo exhibition
  • CC licences promotion
  • Promote Edit-a-thons
  • Monuments lists improvement

Community Engagement

SMART objectives

This program will focus on engaging current contributors in the Rio de Janeiro area and on Portuguese Wikipedia, by providing opportunities for contributors to meet face to face and by experimenting with ways to recognize the oustanding work of contributors.

During many off-line activities of our User Group we had the opportunity to talk to many active and new contributors, great part of the participants in meetups say that meetups have increased their motivation to contribute to the Wikimedia projects, and 35 participants in meetups say that meetups have improved their abilities to work together on Wiki and the knowledge retention.

We expect to count with the participation of 80 active/current contributos bringing at least 100 new editors, improving at least 120 articles on during the meetups and events proposed.

We aim to add at least 20 new active contributors to our user group and increase the number of participatns in our mail list from 70 to at least 100 members.

Through the recognition program, we will try to identify at least 30 key contributors recognizing at least 24 of them, increasing their motivation and active contributions in on-line and off-line activities, including the other programs proposed in that SAPG.

Community discussion: Recognition program, Community support - Graphic Lab

Recognition Program

Main focus: motivate key contributors and improve user retention

Measures of sucess: community participation, key contributors identification and recognition, improvement in the community/user group/WMF relation


  • recognition metrics definition (thourgh community discussions)
  • collect, analize and filter contributions/users data
  • tools/scripts development (with community support)
  • define prizes for recognition
  • select the "Wikipedian of the month" and ship monthly recognition prizes

Monthly meetups

Main focus:Improve the interpersonal relations between local contributors, create frequently off-line activities,motivate key contributors, define a good agenda for the entire year.

Measures of sucess:community participation, key contributors identification, improvements in on-line activities and communications between the contributors


  • organize the user group agenda with monthly meetups to keep the wikimedia movement moving forward
  • create thematic meetings and confraternizations (edit-a-thons, partys, hackathons)
  • promote the results of the current activities/programs
  • develop proposed activities and programs with off-line/local participation engaging old/new members in real activities though presencial cooperation

Staff edit

Program Manager

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    Program Manager - Job Description
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    6 months - 20 hours/week
  3. Use a percentage of that person's total hours to show how they will spend their time on different programs and activities.
    25% Institutional Partnerships, 35% Wiki Loves, 25% Community Engagement, 10% Commnunication, 5% Reports

Budget and resource plan edit

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Midpoint report edit

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Program story edit

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Here are a list of links and publications regarding our prograns and projects developed during that grant time frame:

Progress edit

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Institutional Partnerships

In 2016 we moved forward with many conversations and projects started and planned in 2015. The approved grant was crucial to keep our group moving forward in many directions and initiatives, improving the local relations between the Wikimedia Movement, Lusophone Wikipedia and local partners.

Members of Wiki Educação Brasil at CCBWIKI
Fact-checking edit-a-thon

Based on our conversations, meetings and initiatives, finally we developed the first GLAM Project in Brazil in partnership with the Immigration Museum and we had the first Wikipedian in Residence of Brazil (Juliana Monteiro) working as a volunteer inside the museum, trained by our user group.

That project received support from Creative Commons Brazil and CTS/FGC(an important professional university and digital culture center)

During the first 3 months of that project we developed partnerships with many universities and researchers to organize the Brazilian Wikipedia Science Conference (CCBWIKI), the first scientific conference 100% dedicated to Wiki projects with a scientific call for papers with pier reviews of our movement. Receiving more than 40 papers and 110 researchers and students, including keynotes from Dario Taraborelli (WMF) and Daniel Kinzler (Wikimedia DE)

In cooperation with wikipedians, Wiki Med Foundation and Wikimedia Portugal we developed a task force to improve content and spread the app here in Brazil.

The app received a lot of attention with publications in many important newspapers, positive comments on Radio stations and interview for many media partners and TV.

In partnership with Lupa ( 1st Brazilian Fact Checking agency) we planned the fist edit-a-thon with fact-checking on Wikipédia, following the model organized by Wikimedia UK.

The first experiment was organized in a local university at Rio de Janeiro, preparing for the final edit-a-a-thon in October

We established a partnership with local representatives of ICOM/COMCOL to develop new ideas around GLAM initiatives:

  • During that period we had many meetings, events participation and conversations about a Brazilian museums mapping project, planned for 2017
  • Claudia Porto from ICOM/COMCOL joined our group as a GLAM projects leader/consultant

Wiki Loves

During this year our group developed 3 photo contests, including the creation of the Wiki Loves the Olympics, a new proposal with focus on the Olympic and Paralympic games, creating new opportunities for the Wikimedia Movement during the following years.

Wiki Loves Earth

The Wiki Loves Earth was organized through a bridge grant receiving a great number of high quality images adding a good number of photos from species and places not available on commons, contributing with hundreds of articles in many wikipedias.

During the WLE, our group organized an on-line edit-a-thon improving the genaral usage of the photos received and helping with the pictures filtering as well for the final evaluation by the judges of the contest.

WLE in numbers:

  • 8450 photos
  • 1075 in use
  • aprox. 1000 articles improved
  • 1097 uploaders
  • 982 new users registered
  • Edit-a-thon results: WLE Brazil 2016

Wiki Loves Monuments

São Paulo - Photo walk - Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

This year, our main focus was to improve the list of monuments and create partnerships for the next year.

The user group created important partnerships with the government from the state of São Paulo, improving the contest list in more than 400 new monuments to be photographed.

That local strategy generated good results, including a photo walk in the São Paulo city with the participation of 23 photographers. WLM generated good results in terms of impact and media coverage, with participation in many Radio stations and in the most viewed TV channel of Brazil - Globo SP during the TV. Detailed report (in pt-br).

An edit-a-thon is under planning and we are looking for local partners to organize a new photo exhibition with the winners of WLM Brazil 2016

WLM in numbers:

  • 2885 photos
  • 387 participants
  • 355 new users registered
  • 30 articles improved

Wiki Loves the Olympics

The WLO was created and proposed by our user group thinking in enjoy the good opportunity of the Olympic/Paralympic Games Rio 2016.

Unfortunately, based on the time frame of the grant approval and the begin of the games, our planning and communications strategy was compromised. During the months of the games was really complicated to get attention from the media to spread the new contest in Brazil.

That proposal was a simple pilot project with the main focus in propose a new contest for the movement, creating new possibilities for the next years.

The Brazilian WLO inspired a new project organized by Iberocoop, the editing contest Wiki Loves the Olympics.

Our team developed a logo and published it under CC-0, that new logo was adopted in both contests, the editing and photo contests.

WLO in numbers:

  • 1026 photos received
  • 120 participants
  • 95 new users
  • 114 photos in use

General results

Based on all SMART objectives proposed, we reached great part of our goals:

Wiki Loves final results (Until September)

  • TOTAL USERS: 1584
  • PHOTOS USAGE : 1115

Community Engagement

During the last months we had at least 3 meetings by months, including the general group meeting and other projects meetings.

WLM and GLAM engagement presentation for museologists

We started a partnership with a local coworking space to save money and have a good place for our meetings in a good addres in the center of Rio de Janeiro, with easy access by boat, metro and bus and a good internet connection for remote calls and participation.

On, we stablished a good relation with very active contributors, receiving a very positive feedback of great part of our activities.

We implemented with support from our community and our user group members the Graphic Studio to support wikipedians with good quality graphics and illustrations, starting with initial dedication from Raphael Eckhardt(our designer).

Our group organized many edit-a-thons and tak forces, bringing more than 100 new users to Wikipedia/Commons and improving more than 200 articles

The initial plan to launch the Recognition Program was not reached yet based on inconclusive discussions with our community at Wikipedia. We are planning to finally launch the program until November, recognizing retroactively the main contributors since July.

Group growth

After a many good projects and initiatives developed in 2015, we tried to expand the group, bringing new members from many areas and universities.

We jumped from 80 members do 120 on our mail list, with 30 members very active in our discussions and projects and presence in at least 10 very important federal universities from Brazil.

Great part of our members are from Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but this year we expanded our activities to many other states, covering events and projects from the North to the South of Brazil, including with regional media partners and publications.

We started the creation of a consulting board to improve our projects and create a more professional structure. Today we have consultative members for GLAM, Communication, Legal, IT, Academic Partnerships. The next step will be create an statute and a board of members to improve the user group governance.

Spending edit

Please report your organization's total spending during the reporting period, or link to a financial document showing your total spending. Grant spent by month:

  • Bridge grant: R$7850,00
  • July: R$7.975,12
  • August: R$8.282,4
  • September: 8226,67

TOTAL = R$32.278,46( ~USD$10,200)

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Final report edit

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Program story edit

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Here are a list of links and publications regarding our programs and projects developed during that grant time frame:

Learning story edit

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Based on the Survey report published by WMF and communication's learning, our team changed some strategies about how to communicate our projects and the main focus of our campaigns, generating good results and great impact on Wikipedia awareness through the local media, using our projects and initiatives as a background to spread Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects. We published press releases about all our main activities, contacting the local press directly to get more attention and to promote our main goals, preparing the local field for the next semester and future initiatives

Results edit

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Institutional Partnerships

During the entire semester our group developed several meetings with current partners and potential new partners to improve the results of our projects and create new initiatives.

From August to December we had formal meetings and informal conversations with all institutions listed bellow:

  • UNIRIO (Federal University of the Rio de Janeiro State)
  • União dos Escoteiros do Brasil (UEB - Brazilian Scout Union)
  • Museology Faculty of UNIRIO
  • Energy and Sanitation Foundation
  • Estácio de Sá University
  • Dante School
  • Piaui Magazine
  • Globo News
  • Futura TV
  • Latinoware
  • Sao Paulo State Secretariat of Culture
  • ONU Women
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Federal Fluminense University
  • Wikimedia Portugal, Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia DE

Many initiatives were developed during this period, including institutional partnership projects and community engagement efforts.

CCBWIKI - I Brazilian Wikipedia Scientific Conference

Since the Brazilian Catalyst Program, our team started to think about the organization of a local scientific event to engage the local academic community and local universities in academic research about Wikipedia and Wikimedia Projects. In partnership with UNIRIO and local contributors, our user group developed and organized the 1st Brazilian Wikipedia Scientific Conference, with a scientific committee and a program created based in a scientific call for paper with peer review. With support from Wikimedia Research Team we received Dario Taraborelli as a Keynote and with support from Wikimedia DE we received Daniel Kinzler to give a keynote about Wikidata, both keynote speakers organized workshops in each day of the event. During the fist trimester we did several meetings with community members, the scientific committee and the local universities. The event was organized in a very organic way, with not conference grant successfully realized at the end of the semester. Numbers of our conference:

  • ~40 papers received
  • 27 papers approved
  • 110 participants

After the end of CCBWIKI we started a negotiation with UFF to organize the next edition of the conference and fisrt international edition in 2017. The Prof. Marcondes from the PPGCI/UFF accepted to be the chair of the next edition and work to get local approval and to create the scientific committee for the I IWSC and II CCBWIKI.

Scout badge

Through initial meetings with representatives of some scout groups, scout chiefs and education program coordinators, our group created and officially proposed to the UEB (local national organization affiliated to WOSM)

Wiki Loves

All Wiki Loves planning and execution were in the first trimester of this grant. All results were publishin in the previous report.

During the months of October, November and December we dedicated our efforts to spread the results of Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves the Olympics through social networks and press releases.

Updated pictures usage on Wikimedia Projects Wiki Loves Earth Brasil 2016

  • Total image usages 1418
  • Distinct images used 401 (4.75% of all images of category)

Wiki Loves Monuments Brasil 2016

  • Total image usages 119
  • Distinct images used 63 (2.19% of all images of category)

Wiki Loves the Olympics

  • Total image usages 167
  • Distinct images used 61 (6.09% of all images of category)

Community Engagement

As planned by our user group, we developed monthly meetings, engaging our group members and key community contributors in many projects, initiatives, conversations and events.

  • BBC World News - 100 Mulheres Rio
  • BBC World News - 100 Mulheres Rio
  • Fact-checking edit-a-thon/workshop: Festival Piauí Globonews de Jornalismo
  • I Edit-a-thon do INCA - Wiki Health Project
  • I Edit-a-thon Rio de Museus - COMCOL e Wiki Educação Brasil
  • Pilot project Fact-checking experimental workshop - Agência Lupa
Photo contests - community engagement/photos usage/content created/improved
  • Wiki Loves Monuments - Brasil 2017
    • 130 articles improved
    • 2.40% of the pictures received used on wikimedia projects
  • Wiki Loves the Olympics - Rio 2017
    • 179 articles improved
    • 6.59% of the pictures received used on wikimedia projects

Talks and Workshops

  • Workshop - Wiki Educação Brasil - Members editing workshop/trainning
  • Talk: Wikipédia e Projetos Wikimedia na SEMANA DE INFORMÁTICA 2016 - Universidade Estácio de Sá
  • Talk/Edit-a-thon at Latinoware - Fóz do Iguacú
  • CCBWIKI - UNIRIO - Rio de Janeiro
  • Participation at Festival piauí GloboNews de Jornalismo - Colégio Dante - São Paulo
  • Talk: Validação discursiva da informação, controvérsias e pretensões da validade na Wikipédia para alunos de biblioteconomia da UFRJ
  • Talk: Minerando dados - Como extrair insights dos metadados da Wikipédia - RIO INFO
  • Talk: A Wipédia e a produção e difusão do conhecimento em ambientes digitais - GCI/UFF

Spending edit

Please link to a detailed financial report for your spending during the grant period. This should be in the same format as your detailed budget from your Simple APG application.

Total spent by month
  • Bridge grant R$2198,00
  • October R$6943,34
  • November R$965,26
  • December R$27646,54
  • TOTAL USED R$37821,16

Please include the total amount of Simple APG funds you spent during the grant period.

Spending total

The requested grant was sent from WMF to Brazil in 3 parcels, 1st Bridge grant as declared in this talk page (R$10.048,00), 2nd Parcel in July (R$32.303,28) and 3rd parcel in December (R$43.057,15).Since the last parcel took too much time to arrive in Brasil, great part of the resources was spent in December and some initiatives and projects was promoted to the next semester.

  • TOTAL BG/JUL/AUG/SEP= R$32278,46
  • TOTAL BG/OCT/NOV/DEC R$37753,14

- R$2.205,00 (Brochures finally send for production) (USD700) - R$1.260,00 (Recognition program) (USD400)

  • TOTAL R$ R$ 70.031,60
  • TOTAL GRANT LEFT: R$12145,83

PS: Monthly bank statements were sent by email to WMF as requested and the original printed ones were delivered in hands to Winifred during the last Wikimedia Conference 2017 in Berlin for evaluation.