Grants:APG/Simple/Applications/Wikimedia Community Brazilian Group of Education and Research/2016/Job Description

Program ManagerEdit

The program manager is responsible by design and implement this simple annual grant proposal and all described programs, coordinating the communication with WMF and the community in cooperation with the local user group members and community of volunteers.


  • Design and implement the SAPG proposal
  • Implement all programs described in the SAPG proposal
  • Manager all grant resources
  • Support and engage the participation of local volunteers in all programs proposed
  • Contact local organizations and institutions to get support and create partnerships for the programs implementation
  • Plan social media activities to engage new contributors in the proposed programs and wikimedia projects
  • Define marketing strategies for all programs
  • Contact local media partners
  • Participate in events spreading the programs and Mikimedia Movement projects and values
  • Contact chapters, international contributors and WMF to get learnings for local programs improvement, promoting international cooperation
  • Generate monthly activities and financial reports for WMF and Wikimedia Movement
  • Write and apply renewal project for 2017/2018



  • 20 hours/week - 6 months ( with possibility for application for more 1 year renewal)
  • FTE 0,5

Proposed salaryEdit

  • US$2.000/monthly - 6 months = USD$12,000.00