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Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: Wiki Brazil User Group - Education, Research and Culture
Amount requested: USD$ 32870,00 ($32870,00)
Amount granted: $32,870 ($32,870)
Funding period: January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017
Application created: 1 November 2016
Recommended application date: November 1, 2016
Midpoint report due: 15 April 2017
Final report due: 30 July 2017

Application edit

Background edit

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Wiki Loves Earth

SMART objectives

The Wiki Loves Earth will result in quality content contributed to the Wikimedia projects in targeted content areas, and will attract new contributors to the Wikimedia projects.

From January to July, 8.000 images uploaded and 800 in use on a Wikimedia projects. From May to July,100 articles created or improved. 500 new accounts created, and 5% of users brought in through these contests continue contributing 3 months after creating a new account.

Wiki Loves Earth

Main focus: New contents for the Wikimedia Commons and articles improvement on Wikiipedia with focus on natural heritage

Measures of sucess: number of edits, new accounts, photos uploaded, photos usage, new users engagement


  • Contest planning and execution
  • Lists of monuments improvement
  • Photos usage on Wikipedia in Portuguese and other countries
  • CC licences promotion
  • Articles creation and improvement
  • Photo exhibition
  • Promote thematic Edit-a-thons

Community engagement

SMART objectives

This program will focus on engaging current contributors in the Rio de Janeiro area and on Portuguese Wikipedia, by providing opportunities for contributors to meet face to face and by experimenting with ways to recognize the oustanding work of contributors.

During many off-line activities of our User Group we had the opportunity to talk to many active and new contributors, great part of the participants in meetups say that meetups have increased their motivation to contribute to the Wikimedia projects, and 35 participants in meetups say that meetups have improved their abilities to work together on Wiki and the knowledge retention.

We expect to count with the participation of 40 active/current contributos bringing at least 200 new editors, improving at least 120 articles on during the meetups and events proposed.

We aim to add at least 20 new active contributors to our user group and increase the number of participatns in our mail list from 70 to at least 100 members.

Through the recognition program, we will try to identify at least 30 key contributors recognizing at least 24 of them, increasing their motivation and active contributions in on-line and off-line activities, including the other programs proposed in that SAPG.

Monthly meetups and events

Main focus:Improve the interpersonal relations between local contributors, create frequently off-line activities,motivate key contributors, define a good agenda for the entire year.

Measures of sucess:community participation, key contributors identification, improvements in on-line activities and communications between the contributors


  • organize the user group agenda with monthly meetups to keep the wikimedia movement moving forward
  • create thematic meetings and confraternizations (edit-a-thons, partys, hackathons)
  • promote the results of the current activities/programs
  • develop proposed activities and programs with off-line/local participation engaging old/new members in real activities though presencial cooperation

Recognition Program

Main focus: maintain and improve the current propostal, motivate key contributors and improve user retention

Measures of sucess: community participation, key contributors identification and recognition, improvement in the community/user group/WMF relation


  • recognition metrics definition (thourgh community discussions)
  • collect, analize and filter contributions/users data
  • tools/scripts development (with community support)
  • define prizes for recognition
  • select the "Wikipedian of the month" and ship monthly recognition prizes

Institutional partnerships - GLAM

SMART objectives

This program will result in quality content contributed to the Wikimedia projects, and increased participation of new contributors in Wikimedia-related activities.

Within 6 months, 150 articles created or improved through the education program.

100 teachers and students engaged through partnerships contributing to and participating in other Wikimedia-related activities.

1 GLAM partnership executed and documented, laying the foundation for future GLAM work, and resulting in 1,000 files uploaded to commons improving at least 100 articles.

1 GLAM meeting with potential partners, students and museologists

1 GLAM edit-a-thon for trainning and content usage

Main focus: Partnership with universities and teachers, GLAM projects, events and cultural mapping

Measures of sucess: number of teachers and students participating, number of edits, quality improvement, new accounts, new users engagement, users retention, academic publications, events, partners and good content identified, number of content loaded on commons/wikisource


  • content creation/improvement
  • research development using wikipedia data and users behavior
  • teachers and students trainning (how to use and contribute to the projects,specially Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and Wikiversity
  • Use and improve brochures and contents produced by the Brazilian Catalyst Program
  • Improve the local blog in portuguese with good content about the Wikiemdia movement, projects and initiatives
  • Promote Edit-a-thons
  • tools development to support other projects with academic support/cooperation
  • identify potential GLAM projects and develop local efforts to move forward with GLAM projects in Brasil
  • Contact key local potential partners to define an agenda
  • Create partnerships
  • Select contents to be digitalized/published on commons/wikisource
  • Implement a mapping project to identify the potential partners
  • Promote a small GLAM meeting in Brazil
  • Organize the next edition of CCBWIKI and first Ibero-american Wikipedia Science Conference in partnership with other chapters/organizations

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Midpoint report edit

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Program story edit

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Edit-a-thon Rio de Museus - GLAM Meeting, Rio de Museus - blog post, Communication report and future proposals, WikiWomen Edit-a-thon

Progress edit

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Wiki Loves Earth

Wiki Loves Earth call for Facebook and Twitter

During the first trimester we started the creation of marketing content and to prepare and update the list of monuments for the contest. Our participation in the international contest was confirmed and our local organization team formed.

We are looking for new partners to join us in the contest organization/promotion and new ways to promote it.

Our communication team started the press releases and contacts with the local media to prepare the contest promotion, including some posts on social networks and design/content produced and published on commons.

We invited 6 judges for the local phase of the contest and more information will be published soon. Great part of the work will be completed during the month April. We are evaluating the possibility to organize local photo exhibitions and edit-a-thons/photo walks to promote our contest and the photos usage.

During the last weeks we received good news, a photo from Wiki Loves Earth Brasil 2016 are between the finalists of Picture of the Year 2016.

Community Engagement

Wiki Educação Brasil group meeting
2017 strategy and projects meeting
New contributors and content creation/improvement
  • Based on the results of survey organized by WMF, since the end of the last year we changed our strategy, creating a strong communication program to promote the Wikipedia awareness instead of just try get more editors and content. Our communications team is creating and publishing as many releases as possible to get local media attention about our projects and the relevance of Wikipedia and wikimedia movement in the open knowledge and content creation/publication
  • To generate content and improve the usage of photos received during our photo contests, we are organizing many edit-a-thons
User group and new members engagement
  • 5 new members from Rio de Janeiro joined our user group to help us in projects and initiatives (including GLAM, IWSC and Edit-a-thons)
  • 20 new members joined our mail list (reaching 100 registered members)
  • Many meetings with potential partners with participation of our group and community members to develop new ideas and projects with community participation
  • New website development and constant communication with the and commons communities through the village pump and our official mail lists.
Monthly meetups and events
  • During the fist three months we had at least one group meeting online/offiline to define new projects and move forward with current initiatives.
  • Talk about Wiki Educação Brasil, projects and results at Campus Brasil Brasil 2017 by invitation of the organization committee like in the previous years
Recognition program
  • Unfortunately the is under problems, with many admins fighting against each others and many important contributors spending a lot of time in vain in attacks and defenses, this scenario has hampered the advancement of the recognition program proposal, which already has defined metrics and potential users to be recognized, but due to the turbulent moment, we decided to extend the announcement.

GLAM partnerships

The 2017 plan for the GLAM branch of UG Wiki Educação Brasil consists of 3 main activities: establishing new partnerships with GLAM institutions, working with Wikidata and trainging GLAM professionals.

This focus has been chosen after the results of GLAM activities of 2016, that demonstrated a clear interest of the professionals and institutions in getting to comprehend the possibilities of Wiki projects and tools. One information that we could retrieve from this GLAM first year was that small and medium size museums seem to be more willing to embrace Wiki opportunities than the bigger ones. And in 2017 we´ve decided to explore this a little bit more in order to check if this was just an impression or not.

The general GLAM activities and plans are updated weekly on our page on meta.

On January, we had a kick-off meeting with a new partner: Museu de Saúde Pública Emílio Ribas (Museum of Public Health “Emílio Ribas”). The conversation focused to present the various possibilities of Wikimedia projects and how they could match the institutional demands. Based on the interest presented by the museum team, we outlined a pilot project and defined some dates. The information about the pilot project can be found here.

Throughout the month, the group also articulated, in partnership with the International Committee of ICOM for the Development of Collections - COMCOL and the Museum Department of Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat of Culture, the 1st Edit-a-thon Rio Of Museums, aiming to bring more museums from Rio de Janeiro to join us, cooperating in GLAM initiatives providing high quality content regarding the Brazilian history and culture to the Wikimedia projects, specially Wikipedia and Commons.

On January, we also started to gather data manually from different datasets, in order to organize a new and up-to-date spreadsheet about museums in Brazil. This was started as a pilot experience to set a good basis for us to start working with Wikidata in the foreseeable future.

Rio de Museus Edit-a-thon
Rio de Museus - Edit-a-thon - Museum

On February, our UG held the Rio de Museus editathon. The activities were carried out in the Art Museum of Rio (MAR) and were divided into two stages: one training lecture, held on February 3th, in which the participants were presented to the Wikimedia projects developed in Brazil, focusing on the cultural area, and the edition marathon, held on February 21th. During the marathon, 9 participants were present representing 7 local Museums and institutions, who wrote 4 new articles. The attendees were from:

  • Museum Department of Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat of Culture
  • Brazilian representation of COMCOL: ICOM International Committee for Collecting
  • Superintendence of Museums of the State Secretariat of Culture of Rio de Janeiro
  • The Art Museum of Rio - MAR
  • Museum of Contemporary Art “Bispo do Rosário”
  • Historical Museum of the City of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Museu do Amanhã

March was a month full of GLAM activities.

We had on the very beginning of the month an online 16WikiWomen editathon, in response to the international call spread through Wikimedia-L, that resulted in 4 new articles.

We had the first training session with “Emílio Ribas” Museum on Mar 14th, that was focused on creating accounts on Wikipedia with the museum staff and teaching them how to use their user page for tests. The next steps are to start working with articles and uploading images from the collection to Commons.

Meeting of the GLAM coordinator Juliana Monteiro with Wikimedia UK

After the Rio de Museus activity we had a meeting with Diego Baravelli, a professional photographer and winner of the Wiki Loves the Olympics. Diego was interested to contribute to commons and our initiatives with his personal photos archive. Our group discussed a GLAM project including his personal archive, evaluating some pictures we noted a lot of aerial photos from Rio de Janeiro, exclusive photos not available on commons yet. Based on that photos, in partnership with Diego Baravelli, our group created the Rio From Above project, which aims to document the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro through images and aerial videos of the region. In this first stage, images of Diego's personal collection were uploaded to the commons as a pilot project for proposal validation and included in Wikipedia's articles.

Rio from above in numbers

  • 65 aerial photos uploaded
  • 100% of photos used in Wikipedia articles and Wikivoyage
  • 215 articles improved
  • More than 30 languages/projects reached

After the pilot project we had 2 meetings with Diego Baravelli and Comandante Nobre(Helicopter pilot partner in that initiative) to plan our next steps and aerial routes to produce exclusive videos and photos covering the entire Rio's bay area.

Brazilian GLAM projects presentation by Juliana Monteiro during Wikimedia Conference
Wikimedia Conference - Berlin

On March 21th the GLAM coordinator Juliana Monteiro had an informal meeting with the UK chapter, in London. The meeting with the British staff was an opportunity to know their office and the people behind the activities, like Lucy Crompton-Reid, Daria Cybulska, Robin Owain, Stuart Prior, Karla Marte and Richard Nevell. It was possible to talk about the GLAM experiences from both countries, since Brazi is still on its first steps towards openGLAM and Wiki projects with cultural institutions. The conversation was good to exchange tips, strategies and contacts with people from other places that could help UG Wiki Educação Brasil. In the end, Juliana Monteiro mentioned the desire of the UG in translating and localizing the UK publications about GLAM experiences, in order to improve the training sessions back in Brazil, to what the Wikimedia UK agreed.

During the end of March and the first week of April, Juliana Monteiro participated of the Wikimedia Conference for the first time. For her, it was a good and exciting experience and a special way to understand better how the Wiki universe works. It was also an important chance of getting in touch with the contacts that were mentioned during the meeting in London by the UK staff and meeting new people from other chapter and user groups.

The Wiki Education Brasil was invited by Wikimedia DE to give a talk about "How to grow a user group" where all projects developed during the last months were presented and discussed including all GLAM initiatives and projects under planning.

Wiki Educação Brasil Presentation - Wikimedia Conference 2017

One of the immediate outcomes of the GLAM coordinator´s participation on the Conference is the beginning of the translation and localization of “How to work successfully with Wikipedia: a guide to galleries, archives, libraries and museums” by the Brazilian UG Wiki Educação Brasil staff and volunteers. The idea is to involve the chapters from Argentina, Chile and Mexico in order to have the content translated to Spanish and to have case studies from these countries within the publication. The first contact has been already made with each one of these chapters and now the Brazilian UG waits for a feedback on the idea. But the translation and localization to Brazilian Portuguese is planned to begin on May, apart from the responses of the mentioned chapters. On April 13th, we had a meeting with the Immigration Museum of São Paulo, the first GLAM partner of the UG. We are planning together an edit-a-thon about immigration in Brazil as part of the museum´s special agenda for the National Museum Week on May. We also had the chance to discuss other ideas to reinforce the partnership with the museum on the next months.

So, as a balance, we can say that our original plan has been followed by our staff and volunteers. We are still very focused on training GLAM professionals and still very interested in enhance data about GLAM institutions on Wikidata (but we are still trying to figure out how to do that automatically). We are still looking for new partnerships with small and medium size museums in order to check if this perspective is better to become the projects more organic to the institutions and UG itself, since small projects are more easily manageable than the bigger ones.

For the next months, we still have to finish the WLE organization and start the organization of Wiki Loves Monuments contest, that it is another opportunity of using Wikidata that we want to explore. We are planning photo walks to promote the contest and to gather volunteers to help us to keep everything on track.

Spending edit

Please report your organization's total spending during the reporting period, or link to a financial document showing your total spending.

Partial grant received for Jan/Feb/Mar = R$52.669,71 (in Brazilian Reais)


  • Bank taxes: R$12,90
  • Staff R$8.062,00
  • PR/Communication R$ 2.047,00
  • Design/Content R$ 1.732,00
  • GLAM Fellow R$693,00
  • 2 round trips SP/RIO/SP R$975,85


  • Staff R$8.062,00
  • PR/Communication R$ 2.047,00
  • Design/Content R$ 1.732,00
  • GLAM Fellow R$693,00


  • Bank taxes: R$4,40
  • Staff R$8.062,00
  • PR/Communication R$ 2.047,00
  • Design/Content R$ 1.732,00
  • GLAM Fellow R$693,00
  • 1 round trip Rio/SP/Rio R$633,50

Available resources in the end of March R$13.967,25

The grant is applied in a Investment account generating interest. All original/complete bank statements from October 2016 - March 2017 was delivered in person to Winifred during Wikimedia Conference in Berlin

Final report edit

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Program story edit

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Programs and projects

Learning story edit

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Results edit

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Wiki Loves Earth

Final results of Wiki Loves Earth Brazil 2017 The WLE is one of the main projects developed by Wiki Educação Brasil. Through the last years we developed 4 editions, receiving more than 40.000 pictures impacting thousands of articles in many Wikimedia projects and languages.

During this edition, we received 12.892 from 1.396 photographers with a new users engagement of 94% of the participants. Until now, ~1% of the pictures were used, impacting 253 articles in many projects. We expect to reach at least 5% of pictures usage during the following months through the organization of thematic edit-a-thons and more community engagement in this area.

Winners - Best photos
Winner - Best contributions - Renato Augusto Martins

To keep the community engagement we started a task for to create and improve articles to guarantee the usage of the best photos and contributions received during the WLE Brasil 2017.

After the end of the contest and winners announcement we started a conversation with the TOP 3 contributors to start a new GLAM projects with his personal archives of pictures of the Brazilian nature, covering many parks, rare animals and plants. This news initiative will follow the model started with Diego Baravelli (WLO's winner) for the Rio from above project.

Community engagement

As planned by our user group, we developed monthly meetings, engaging our group members and key community contributors in many projects, initiatives, conversations and events.

Photo contests - community engagement/photos usage/content created/improved

After the end of Wiki Loves Earth Brasil we started a task force to improve the community engagement and photos usage on

  • Wiki Loves Earth Brasil 2017
    • 258 articles improved
    • ~1% of the pictures received used on wikimedia projects
    • 1264 new users registered
    • 86 already registered users participated
  • Edit-a-thons
    • Wiki Loves Earth Brasil 2017
    • I Maratona de Edição do Museu da Imigração
Events, visits and presentations
Talks/Meetings and Workshops
  • Meetings: 8 community/group meetings from April to June
  • Event: Brazilian Computing Symposium participation
  • Visit: Brazilian Embassy Exhibition Center in Argentina
  • Event: Iberoconf - Argentina
  • Interview: Radio Interview about Wiki Loves Earth Brasil 2017 - EBC MEC FM 09/5
  • Meeting: WLE judges meeting and engagement
  • Meetings: Wiki Education Brasil / Wikimedia Portugal in Lisboa/Porto/Coimbra 4,5,6/April
  • Interview: Radio Interview for BandNews FM about Rio from Above
  • Meetings: 3 meetings with The Wikipedia Library local/international meetings
  • Talk: Health Information Week - Fiocruz
  • Meeting: Federal Fluminense contributors for IWSC/CCBWIKI
Meetings in Portugal

Institutional partnerships - GLAM

Apresentação Voluntários GLAM 13-05 alterado (1)
Engajamento de voluntários
1o edit-a-thon sobre imigração 03
Participantes do editathon do Museu da Imigração
First meeting of volunteers of the project Women of Culture (Mulheres da Cultura)
GLAM activities and objectives

We can say that our original objectives towards GLAM activities were achieved during the first semester of 2017. We are still very focused on training GLAM professionals and still very interested in enhance data about GLAM institutions on Wikidata (but we are still trying to figure out how to do that automatically). One thing that has changed from the beginning of the semester and its end it is the fact that the UG understood that the best thing to do when the subject is to help the GLAM community to engage with Wikimedia projects is to find the right people. We had an original idea that, if we focused the efforts on approaching the small and medium size museums in order to develop new partnerships, we would be well succeeded. The practice has been showing us that, instead of trying to invite the whole institution – and doesn´t matter its size - to take part on a Wikimedia project, it is better to approach people directly to engage with activities that are of their personal or professional interest. Work with highly committed people at the first place is a good way to show them the importance and opportunities of Wikimedia projects and, as a consequence, a good way of reaching the heart of the institutions in the future. Based on that change of perspective, the second half of the first semester of 2017 was fulfilled with activities related to volunteers’ engagement and new institutional partnerships. During the month of April, as described in the middle point report above, the GLAM team dedicated to help improving articles with images uploaded to Wiki Loves Earth Brazil page and to organize the edit-a-thon with the Museu da Imigração (Immigration Museum of São Paulo). The staff also took part of the UNESCO challenge, helping to improve not only articles but Wikidata entries as well. Following the objective of bringing more people together towards the GLAM projects of UG Wiki Educação Brasil, a meeting occurred on the beginning of May with new volunteers. During this session that had four participants it was possible to explain a little bit more about the Wiki world and the projects, especially the ones which are, in general, more interesting to GLAM professionals and institutions, as Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. It was also presented the project Women of Culture, which main goal is to improve content about women related of the cultural area, as musicians, dancers, actresses, poets, librarians, writers and son. At the end, it was highlighted the possibility of having them helping with offline contributions, as they are equally important and fundamental to the ongoing development of online activities. That was said having in mind the translations that the UG want to have done until the year of 2017 and also the fact that not everybody wants to be a Wikimedia editor but can help the projects through other actions. The edit-a-thon about migration issues was also done with the Immigration Museum in May. In fact, the edit-a-thon became a workshop about how to work with Wikipedia and other projects. This adaption was necessary due to the ‘newbie’ audience profile – a group of approximately 30 adult students of a very diversified range of technical courses. But the experience had positive results as the reinforcement of the partnership with the Immigration Museum, that was very pleased by the possibility of having a new edit-a-thon but with more specialized audience as journalists, researches of migration processes and the migrants themselves during the second semester of 2017.

GLAM learnings

With this case, the UG could learn two very important lessons (that maybe are not a surprise for the international context but were still to be recognized in the Brazilian on): To build a partnership with a GLAM institution – no matter its size or collection – demands time, persistence and a high level of interest/engagement by the institution side. Without that, all the efforts of the UG Wiki Educação Brasil can be compromised with initiatives that can start well but end with the institution withdrawing its proposal of engaging with Wikimedia projects. It is very important to help the institution – once it has decided to go on with the project – to find people that can take part of the activities besides its own staff. For example, to invite researches who are very specialized in the institutions main themes maybe can be a good way of exploring Wikimedia projects even more and in a very consistent and organized way.

Women of Culture

On June, we had the first meeting with volunteers (one of them was a person who participated of the volunteers’ engagement meeting in May) of the project Women of Culture. The project was discussed with the attendees and a first pilot plan was outlined, in order to distribute activities within the ‘working group’. The second meeting happened in July and was focused on presenting the Wikimedia projects, their basic editing rules and how to work with some of them in order to reach the objectives of the project, e.g., to improve content about women on Wikipedia PT and Wikidata.

Course in Museology of the Etec Youth Park

At the first half of 2017 we also finalized a project developed together with the students of the technical course in Museology of the Etec Youth Park. The project started in October 2016 and was extended throughout the first half of 2017. Based on research carried out by the group of students at four museums in the state of São Paulo (Paulo Setúbal Museum, Visconde de Mauá Museum, Dom Pedro and Dona Leopoldina Museum and Prudente de Morais Museum), students have been able to improve and develop the available content on institutions on Wikipedia. On June 28th and 29th, the students presented their work to complete the course and highlighted the results of the project, with the process of researching, writing and structuring the articles on Wikipedia and inserting images of the collections and institutions in Wikimedia Commons.

GLAM at University of São Paulo

At the end of June, the UG had a meeting with the staff of the Pro Dean of Culture and Extension of the University of São Paulo (USP) to discuss possibilities of having Wikimedia activities during the Art and Culture Week of USP in September. Since that day, several emails have been exchanged between the parts involved in order to develop a very interesting and exciting activity for the event.

Rio from above

In june/july we moved forward with the next steps of Rio from above project, including a 2 hours flight covering the entire coast of Rio de Janeiro, São Gonçalo and Niteroi, photographing all islands of the Guanabara Bay and key points of the region. A Rover Sea Scout, from the 104 Sea Scout group Velhos Gaviões joined the project, after the scouts training, helping us to document and organize the entire archive of 850 new photographs produced during the helicopter flight made in partnership with Comandante Nobre Panoramic Flights. Updated numbers:

  • 181 aerial photos uploaded
  • 39.78% of photos used in Wikipedia articles and Wikivoyage
  • 235 articles improved
  • More than 35 languages/projects reached
Other Institutional Partnerships

During this semester we had many meetings with important local partners to develop new activities and projects during the next semester, some initiatives are already described in the SAPG H2 grant application.

We confirmed a partnership with UN Brazil, UNICEF and the Brazilian Ministry of International Relations(Itamaraty) to develop local and international activities, including the possibility of participation of international chapters and user groups, improving the relation with the global and lusophone community with many possibilities of community and institutional engagement.

INCA and Fiocruz joined us officially to help and improve contents in the public health and medicine areas, many meetings and conversations were conducted during this semester aiming initiatives in the next semester.

Key partners and institutions with conversations under development
  • ONU Brazil
  • Itamaraty - Mistry of International Relations
  • INCA
  • SBC - Brazilian Computing Society
Poster en

During the fist semester we had several meetings with community members, teachers and researchers to define the scientific committee and contributors that will help us with the 1st International Wikipedia Scientific Conference. The venue of the conference was defined and the chair leaded the contacts with local and international universities and researchers.

  • Carlos H. Marcondes (PPGCI, UFF)
  • 26 professors/researchers
Countries represented
  • Brasil (10 universities)
  • Chile (1 university)
  • Spain (2 universities)
  • Portugal (3 universities)

Following WMF's recommendations we applied for a Conference Grant that was approved, were all details of this initiative will be published during the following months. Our team and staff will work as general coordinators of the conference, helping the scientific committee in the entire event organization and realization.

Spending edit

Please link to a detailed financial report for your spending during the grant period. This should be in the same format as your detailed budget from your Simple APG application.

Please include the total amount of Simple APG funds you spent during the grant period.

SAPG Grant spending


  • Bank taxes:
  • Staff R$8.062,00
  • PR/Communication R$ 2.047,00
  • Design/Content R$ 1.732,00
  • GLAM Fellow R$693,00
  • Group/Community meeting


  • Staff R$8.062,00
  • PR/Communication R$ 2.047,00
  • Design/Content R$ 1.732,00
  • GLAM Fellow R$693,00
  • Group/Community meeting


  • Staff R$8.062,00
  • PR/Communication R$ 2.047,00
  • Design/Content R$ 1.732,00
  • GLAM Fellow R$693,00
  • Group/Community meeting


  • Community meetings, venue, meals R$


  • Wiki Loves Earth prizes R$6.000

Available resources in the end of June R$