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Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: Wiki Brazil User Group - Education, Research and Culture
Amount requested: USD$32,930.00 (32,930.00)
Amount granted: US$32,930 (32,930)
Funding period: 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2017 31 January 2018
Application created: 20 May 2017
Recommended application date: TBD
Midpoint report due: 15 October 2017
Final report due: 30 January 2018 2 March 2018

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Wiki Loves Monuments

SMART objectives

Wiki Loves Monuments Brazil 2017

The Wiki Loves Monuments will result in quality content contributed to the Wikimedia projects in targeted content areas, and will attract new contributors to the Wikimedia projects.

From September to November, 4.000 images uploaded and 400 in use on a Wikimedia projects. From July to December,100 articles created or improved. 400 new accounts created, and 5% of users brought in through these contests continue contributing 3 months after creating a new account. We are planning to have at least one photo walk and one edit-a-thon/workshop to motivate photographers to upload and add images to Wikipedia articles. Load/improve monuments data on Wikidata is an objective for thie program as well.

Wiki Loves Monuments

Main focus: New contents for the Wikimedia Commons and articles improvement on Wikipedia with focus on heritage

Measures of success: number of edits, new accounts, photos uploaded, photos usage, new users engagement


  • Contest planning and execution
  • Lists of monuments improvement with information loaded on WikiData and Wikipedia
  • Photos usage on Wikipedia in Portuguese and other countries
  • CC licences promotion
  • Articles creation and improvement
  • Photo Walks
  • Promote thematic Edit-a-thons/Workshops
  • Photo exhibitions: local/international if we have resources available or partners interested to support them.
  • Produce videos with interviews with winners and contest participants to promote the next editions of the contest and bring more people to join this initiative
  • Invite the best photographers to join the group with the focus on personal archives incorporation on commons, covering different areas of the proposed contest.

Community engagement

SMART objectives

This program will focus on engaging current contributors in the Rio de Janeiro area and on Portuguese Wikipedia, by providing opportunities for contributors to meet face to face and by experimenting with ways to recognize the oustanding work of contributors.

During many off-line activities of our User Group we had the opportunity to talk to many active and new contributors, great part of the participants in meetups say that meetups have increased their motivation to contribute to the Wikimedia projects, and 35 participants in meetups say that meetups have improved their abilities to work together on Wiki and the knowledge retention.

We expect to count with the participation of 30 active/current contributors bringing at least 300 new editors, improving at least 120 articles on wikis during the meetups and events proposed.

We aim to add at least 10 new active contributors to our user group and increase the number of participatns in our mail list from 100 to at least 120 members.

Monthly meetups and events

Main focus:Improve the interpersonal relations between local contributors, create frequently off-line activities,motivate key contributors, define a good agenda for the entire year.

Measures of success:community participation, key contributors identification, improvements in on-line activities and communications between the contributors


  • organize the user group agenda with monthly meetups to keep the Wikimedia movement moving forward
  • create thematic meetings and workshops(edit-a-thons, hackathons and informal conversations)
  • promote the results of the current activities/programs
  • develop proposed activities and programs with off-line/local participation engaging old/new members in real activities though local cooperation
  • work with other communities around the world, improving the international relation between the user group members, international communities, other chapters and groups.
  • produce video interviews with key contributor identified thought our online and offline activities to motivate new contributors and spread the history of our movement.

GLAM - Partnerships

SMART objectives

UN Brazil

This program will result in quality content contributed to the Wikimedia projects, and increased participation of new contributors in Wikimedia-related activities.

During the first semester our user group had some conversations and meetings with UN Brazil representatives to develop a formal partnership to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals on Wikimedia projects, including the organization of workshops, content creation/improvement and potentially digitization of materials and new photos of local activities. Besides that, we plan to reach the following goals:

Education partnerships are part of this program, with special focus on academic research and Wikipedia as a research object. Based on the results and idea proposed in 2016, we aim to move forward with academic alliances focusing on the development of annual scientific conferences in Brasil and international cooperation to move with this idea to other countries.

Spread and document the Brazilian art, culture and our language are always priorities in our partnerships. Thinking in that way during June 9-16 our group participated in the Iberoconf in Buenos Aires aiming to expand our regional contacts and partnerships. During and after the conference we had several meetings focusing in cooperation and international activities. During our stay in Buenos Aires we had the possibility to visit the Brazilian Embassy and the Cultural Center Brasil-Argentina where we discusses about the possibilities to develop activities to promote our culture and language, and promote edit-a-thons and translate-a-thons of contents ES/PT and PT/ES. After this meetings we contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible to manage 24 cultural centers of the Brazilian Cultural Network receiving a positive feedback about formal cooperation on 22/05/2017.

Based in all these possibilities we defined the objectives of this program:

  • Cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop international projects/activities
  • 2 workshops about GLAM and Wiki projects with GLAM professionals;
  • 1 video about how to edit/use Wikipedia in GLAM projects, along with an institutional GLAM partner;
  • 1 thematic meeting with a an institutional GLAM partner and thematic groups, exploring how to work subjects/themes of their interest;
  • 1 pilot-project of Wikimedian in Residence with an institutional partner;
  • Improve the descriptions of, at least, 100 images about cultural heritage on Commons;
  • Translate, localise and publish at least 1 brochure including cases and guidance for GLAM partners/contributors;
  • 2 GLAM meeting/events with potential partners, students and volunteers;
  • Creation of 100 new entries on Wikidata about Brazilian GLAM institutions/cultural heritage;
  • Improvement of 300 entries on Wikidata about Brazilian GLAM institutions;
  • Improvement of 50 articles about GLAM institutions/cultural heritagen on Wikipedia PT;
  • Direct colaboration with all the activities of Wiki Loves Monuments;
  • Organize at least 3 workshops in partnership with UN Brazil and other related local organizations;
  • Produce videos and photos of the events, activities and digitization process, including interviews of key GLAM people in Brasil, museums coordinators and researchers of that field;
  • Create partnership with local and international universities to promote the CCBWIKI and IWSC conference.

Main focus: Partnership with museums, libraries, personal archives, events and cultural mapping, research institutions and universities

Measures of sucess: number of teachers and students participating, number of edits, quality improvement, new accounts, new users engagement, users retention, academic publications, events, partners and good content identified, number of content loaded on commons/wikisource


  • organize at least 1 event/activity in an international Brazilian Cultural Center in partnership or with the participation of a local chapter/group/community
  • content creation/improvement
  • research development using wikipedia data and users behavior
  • teachers and students training (how to use and contribute to the projects, specially Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and Wikiversity
  • Use and improve brochures and contents produced by the Brazilian Catalyst Program
  • Improve the local blog in Portuguese with good content about the Wikimedia movement, projects and initiatives
  • Promote Edit-a-thons
  • tools development to support other projects with academic support/cooperation
  • identify potential GLAM projects and develop local efforts to move forward with GLAM projects in Brasil
  • Contact key local potential partners to define an agenda
  • Create partnerships
  • Select contents to be digitalized/published on commons/wikisource
  • Implement a mapping project to identify the potential partners
  • Organize the next edition of CCBWIKI and first IWSC - International Wikipedia Scientific Conference in partnership with national and international universities
  • Organize 3 workshops in Rio/São Paulo/Brasilia(potentially) covering 3 Sustainable Development Goals in partnership/supported by UN Brazil, mainly about the topics: good health and well-being, quality education and gender equality. These 3 workshops can be specific or developed through the other programs activities.
  • Document and register all the initiatives, interviews and process in photo and video to upload to commons
  • Organize at least more 2 flights covering the Guanaba Bay area to produce videos and photo to upload to commons, covering the main cities, areas and internal/external islands.

Gender equality

SMART objectives

This program will focus on the gender gap issues, mainly on and inside user group.

Since the creation of the Wiki Education Brazil user group, the gender gap was defined as an important problem to fix/work. Currently, our user group is formed by 1/3 of women and several activities were developed during the last 2 years to engage more women and improve the diversity in our group. Inside our core team (10 very active members) 50% are currently women in positions of leadership and coordination, including GLAM and communications.

The main objective of this program is to motivate more people to join our initiatives and user group reducing the gender gap, promoting the gender equality. To reach this objective we are planning the production of new content, interviews and videos/photos in a national campaign for inclusion.

Gender gap

Main focus:Reduce the gender gap in our community and inside our user group.

Measures of sucess:number of activities developed with focus on gender equality, new contributors and new user group members, reduce difference between genders inside our community, user groups and events.


  • Invite more women and other gender equality interested people to join our user group and take responsibilities and develop important tasks/activities/projects.
  • create thematic meetings and workshops(edit-a-thons, hackathons and workshops)
  • Improve our relation with key people and organizations working in the gender equality initiatives
  • work with other communities around the world, improving the international relation between the user group members, international communities, other chapters and groups that are doing a good job and organizing projects around the gender equality(mainly Wiki Mujeres that we are currently in touch).
  • organize in partnership with BBC the BBC 100 Women workshops like in 2016
  • organize at least one activity regarding the Sustainable Development Goal: Gender equality in partnership with UN Brazil
  • improve wikidata information about biographies of women in different fields: arts, culture, science, sports and politics.
  • produce videos, photos and contents based on interviews and data collected during our activities and events, uploading all content to commons.

Communications program

SMART objectives

This program will focus on the wikipedia/wikimedia movement awareness in Brasil, producing textual content, press releases and multimedia content to promote our projects and initiatives, supporting not only our group's projects but international and WMF's campaigns as well.

In 2016 the WMF published survey results about Wikipedia Awareness and Wikipedia use in Brasil, based on this results, our group discussed a new strategy to communicate locally and how to improve the Wikipedia/Wikimedia movement awareness in Brasil.

Another important issue noted during the last years was the small amount of money donated to WMF in the region and the lack of knowledge regarding the WMF model and why is important to donate resources to the WMF. Thinking in this issue, our team contacted the WMF's team responsible by the funding campaigns to help to improve the results. We are planning some videos and info-graphics to promote the funding campaign before the official announcement on Wikipedia to improve the awareness and improve the level of trust on the Wikipedia campaigns. Our team will use the new camera proposed in our grant request to produce videos and social network campaigns with support of a designer and PR service.

Communications program

Main focus:Improve the Wikipedia/Wikimedia movement awareness in Brasil.

Measures of sucess:number of PRs published/created/translated and the repercussion of this effort into the Brazilian media.


  • Produce PRs about all key projects and initiatives
  • Contact the local media partners to promote and publish all produced PRs
  • Create video and digital content to promote our projects and international campaigns
  • Organize local activities with the local press partners
  • Produce video interviews with key contributors, researchers and partners
  • Produce info-graphics, photos and brochures
  • Generate blog posts and content for social networks
  • Compile monthly clippings and reports to be published on Wikipedia and other wikimedia projects
  • Scientific conference coverage with PR's published in many languages spreading IWSC/CCBWIKI worldwide
  • Produce interviews and photo during the 3 days of the I IWSC/II CCBWIKI
  • Produce an small documentary about Wikipedia and academic research based on the interviews collected during the I International Wikipedia Scientific Conference

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Wiki Loves Monuments

From July to September, we worked on the migration of WLM Brazil pages, produced promotional material and held the third edition of WLM in the country. Despite our efforts and promotion in social networks, media and with partners, the total number of images received has been falling since the first edition. This requires more study on the causes and motives for this contest to, despite using similar strategies, generates much less impact and results that Wiki Loves Earth Brasil. We have been able to advance with relevant partnerships, attract new members, but the numbers are still far below the potential of the competition and the number of monuments registered in Brazil. During the next few months we will discuss the viability and possible strategic changes for the contest to generate more impact in the next edition. Throughout the contest we received contacts from some university professors of Minas Gerais state, who work directly with photography and projects in this area, being the ones responsible for the evaluation and final filtering of the contest. WLM Brazil 2017 winners will be announced by the end of October.

Picutres from WLM Brazil 2017
WLM Brazil 2017 in numbers
  • Participants: 264
  • New user engagement: 231
  • Photos received: 1821

GLAM - Partnerships

One of the focuses of our efforts in 2017 has been to establishment new partnerships with GLAM institutions, especially small and medium museums, and to train more professionals. Throughout the second semester we have continued the dialogue with institutions and close partners to develop new projects and sought to mobilize new volunteers.


In July we held a meeting with 3 new volunteers from the project Women of Culture at Centro Cultural São Paulo - 07/21/2017. The purpose of the meeting was to present some basic rules for editing Wikipedia and other Wiki projects. We started with the creation of a user account and edited the pages of all the volunteers. We talked about the need to gather sources about women, to learn about and apply a style of writing that is more appropriate to gender equality in articles about women, etc. No new date was set for a face-to- face meeting, but the participants agreed to a challenge: all volunteers should try to start their first editions on Wikipedia with an article from the Women of Culture list. We instructed the volunteers to prioritize the articles that have spelling or grammar problems or those marked for deletion or as a draft. The deadline for completing this first challenge was October 2017.


In August we had a meeting with potential volunteers for the 2017 edition of Loves Monuments Wiki - 08/26/2017. The objective of the meeting was to discuss possibilities of volunteers collaborating with the creation of a new list of monuments to compose WLM Brasil 2017. Among the participants were people from the group that supported WLM in 2016 and new collaborators. We also discussed the possibility of carrying out photographic walks to promote the contest. During this month, we also held a meeting with Rodrigo Borges Delfim, responsible for the site MigraMundo - 08/24/2017. The objective of the meeting was to discuss possibilities for joint work between Wiki Educação Brasil and MigraMundo, aiming to improve content on Wikipedia about contemporary migration. This partnership was thought out during a workshop / edit-a- thon at the Immigration Museum and now we have the opportunity of taking the next steps. We also discussed the possibility of carrying out activities with the Immigration Museum itself in the coming months, as part of the partnership agenda.


In the month of September, we sought to continue the dialogue with institutions started over the last few months. With this goal, we held a meeting with the Museu da Cidade of the Secretaria municipal da cultura of São Paulo - 09/09/2017, to discuss possibilities of partnership with this museum, from making its collection available or promoting activities that explore the architectural heritage of the city of São Paulo. We decided that the Wiki Educação Brasil team would send a proposal for a pilot project to the team of the museum. Still during September, we sent a proposal of activities and schedule for the Wikimedian in Residence project in partnership with the Museu da Imigração of the State of São Paulo - 09/25/2017. The dialogue around this project has been taking place during the second semester, with the perspective of continuing the established partnership between Wiki Educação Brasil and the museum. During this month we also finalized the translation into Portuguese of the document How to work successfully with Wikipedia: a guide to galleries, archives, libraries and museums. This work began in the first semester and mobilized volunteers and institutions interested in integrating their experiences with GLAM projects into the new version of the publication.

UN Brazil partnership

From July to September of 2017 we had several meetings with the communications team of UN Brazil aiming to move forward with the proposal of partnership between our group, the Portuguese Wikipedia community and the UN. Several Wikipedians were interested in the proposal of partnership, as well as all the active members of our group. Through various discussions and meetings, we have agreed to implement the Wiki UN Project within Wikipedia in Portuguese with a focus on creating and improving content about the UN, its agencies and initiatives, as well as various institutions around the world, our group and the community involved. We have embraced the UN 2030 agenda, and our partnership has as its main focus the production and dissemination of content related to the 17 objectives of sustainable development proposed by the UN. Our partnership will include activities with institutional support and promotion of the UN and other local partners. As a first initiative, in November 2017, during the IWSC conferences in Niteroi - RJ, we will have a UN keynote and a workshop to develop our proposal within the UN Project. We will work together with the UN in the coming months to form this partnership with the possibility of incorporating a Wikimedian in residence to work daily along with our team within the UN Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro or Brasilia.

Gender equality

Aiming to reduce the gender gap in Brazil, our team decided to create strategies for female engagement, mainly in technical areas. By participating in the congress of the Brazilian society of computing, we had the opportunity to know a little more about their strategies for engaging more women in the area of ​​computing. In this event we learned about work done by and met female researchers, one of them being a professor at the UFF Computing Institute who leads a group of girls in various projects and initiatives related to computing that study and develop research on gender issues in this sector. We invited this teacher to join the scientific committee of the IWSC and motivated her students to participate. They submitted 2 papers to be presented during the congress, with studies about gender gap in Wikipedia. Whenever possible, we have been expanding our team, being totally open for more women to participate. Our group was recently expanded and now has one more woman in the core team, Elisa Matté, who has been supporting us since July with the production, revision and translation of contents, reports and releases. Over the next few months, new initiatives and partnerships will be developed aiming at greater female engagement, including more technical issues of Wikipedia in Portuguese, which today lacks collaborators, regardless of gender.

Community engagement

We continue our strategy of monthly meetings, activities and online editing marathons to engage more editors and collaborators in our group and in wikipedia. We hold several meetings in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo monthly and work together closely online. Between July and August, we organized a number of Facebook engagement campaigns, which were publicized on Wikipedia to attract more participants to the IWSC. We also provided support to the Wikimedia Foundation fundraising team to engage more donors and collect more donations by presenting the results of our projects and the importance of donating to Wikipedia. At the end of September, we met in São Paulo with the team to discuss the future of the group, the formalization of some projects and strategies for the engagement of more employees outside the wikimedia movement, as well as new partnerships to bring more content and impact to the Wikimedia projects.

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Wiki Loves Monuments

After three rounds of evaluation, counting with the participation of many contributors and 8 judges, some of them participants/winners of others editions of contests organized by our group we finally announced the winners in November/2017. During the first and second round of evaluations in October/2017, we received support from teachers and students from the School of Photograph from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais.


Comparing withe the results of the last years, our numbers are going down and the general quality of the content decreased as well. Based in these numbers and general evaluation, we are developing new strategies to increase the number of participants and the general quality of the content uploaded, searching for new partners and new possibilities to explore.

  • Participants: 264
  • New user engagement: 231
  • Photos received: 1821
  • 96 content improved
  • 66 distinct images used (3.62%)

Community engagement


Videos produced with key contributors that received scholarships to join the event based on the quality of the applications and contributions to the Wikimedia projects

GLAM - Partnerships

GLAM activities during the I International Wikipedia Scientific Conference-IWSC

In November happened the II Congresso Científico Brasileiro da Wikipédia-CCBWIKI/I International Wikipedia Scientific Conference-IWSC at Federal Fluminense University(UFF), in Niterói - Rio de Janeiro. The event brought together participants from various countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Chile and the USA. These were days of intense exchange of experiences, presentations and debates.

On the first day of the event, the GLAM Workshop - Organization, incorporation and promotion of collections in Wikimedia projects was carried out by the GLAM team of the group Wiki Education Brazil. The activity discussed opportunities and challenges in the development of a GLAM project and presented some points of attention in the design of these projects, based on the group's experiences and emblematic case studies. The activity was attended by editors of Wikipedia, students, university librarians and representatives of cultural institutions such as Moreira Salles Institute and Carmem Miranda Museum.

National Historical Museum of Brazil

  • 2 meetings with the director of the museum
  • 2 Wikipedia edit trainning
  • 1 Commons upload trainning / Licenses discussion
  • 150 new photos produced
  • 200 photos prepared for upload

BBM - Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin

Since 2014 the Brazilian movement is using content from the BBM/USP, many books and pictures were uploaded to commons but with no formal partnership or a bilateral project. The BBM library has in its archives a huge amount of very relevant content and rare books, photos and lithography. In November we started a conversation with the institution and in December we started the partnership, selecting and organizing content, metadata and evaluating articles to apply the content, in January we started a pilot project to upload content to commons.

  • 1200 files ready for upload
  • 268 files uploaded/generated through a pilot project
  • 59 content improved (Wikipedia, Wikidata)
  • 48 images in use (17.91%)

3D Facial Reconstructions

In November we started a GLAM 3D reconstruction project in partnership with the designer Cícero Moraes. The initiative aims to provide a series of 3D computer graphics, mostly made using free software, in the Wikimedia Commons repository. The material available includes items such as the digitization of historical and artistic assets, facial reconstruction of human ancestors from anatomical deformation of modern analogues and facial reconstruction of historical personalities, among others.

  • 76 files upload
  • 10 3D objects (stl format ready for 3D printing)
  • 241 content improved (51.32%)
  • +40 languages impacted

3D Objects Following the advances and new functions of the Wikimedia projects our group is creating and expanding partnership possibilities. Based on the new file format accepted by commons we expanded our partnership with Cicero Moraes, uploading to commons many 3D objects of human body parts, 3D skulls and facial reconstructions and animal prothesis, the firsts from Latin America and the firsts in that areas on commons.

3D Facial reconstructions

Human body

Animal prosthesis

Rio from Above

The second phase of Rio from above was finished, loading more 620 files to commons. During the following months we will expand the project to other states and include historical photographs donated through GLAM partnerships.

  • 692 files uploaded
  • 262 content improved
  • 79 images in use (11.42%)

Gender equality

Communications program

Aiming to promote our projects,initiatives and international campaigns as well, our user group developed several communications activities.

TV Interview

After the IWSC/CCBWIKI we were invited to participate in a very traditional TV program at TV Brasil, the official governmental TV of Brazil where we had the possibility to talk about the project and in details about the fund raising campaign in an attempt to get more attention from Brasil to this initiative.

Sem Censura - TV Program participation about the IWSC and fundraising campaigns on Wikipedia
Media repercussion

Wiki Loves Monuments


UN Partnership

Art + Feminism


IWSC/CCBWIKI - Content produced

During the IWSC/CCBWIKI our communication team produced a lot of official photos and interviews with some of our contributors and speakers for social media usage, event promotion and documentation of the themes discussed during the conference Content produced:

  • 174 photos
  • 11 interviews
  • 30 banners/flyers and other kind of promotional content
  • 20 videos of presentations and workshops


Main interviews:

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