Grants:Project/Smallison/Music in Canada @ 150: A Wikipedia and Wikidata Project/Finances


Below is your approved budget. Please use this table to keep track of actual funds spent for each line item and list the difference from the approved budget at the end of the grant period.

Expense Approved amount Actual funds spent Difference
Music and Belonging in Canada Wikipedia full-day Workshop and Summit $2,200 $954.82 +$1,245.18
Overarching project expenses $1,500 0 $1,500
National edit-a-thons $4,125 $963.04 +3161.96
GLAM Wiki Summit Total -$54250 *budget extension not included in total -$4341.51 $1061.53
National edit-a-thons part 2 -$350 *budget extension not included in total $0 $350
Total $7825 CAD -$6259.37 $1565.63

Request changesEdit

We understand that sometimes plans change. Please use this button to request approval for changes to your grant’s budget while your project is in progress. Any variation of 20% or more to any line item in your budget must be approved by staff here before you make the change (for projects with budgets of $15,000 or more, the accepted variance is 10%).

Budget change requestEdit

The project team would like to use the budget surplus to engage in two activities to extend the work related to the grant.

  • The first activity is to hold a one-day summit to engage GLAM professionals in using Wikimedia projects.
  • The second is to hold a small series of coordinated edit-a-thons focused on Canadian music.


The project team ended up with a larger than expected budget surplus due to a variety of issues.

  • We had a smaller than expected number of participating institutions. Some potential workshop leads found themselves unable to led an edit-a-thon. This was for a variety of reasons, but included moving to a new workplace, lacking in time, and not feeling comfortable enough with editing.
  • Several institutions decided not to claim expenses due to institutional support.
  • We were able to secure funding from a few other sources, including the Canadian Association of Library Associations and the York University Canada 150 fund. While the project did not need the funds, the organizers felt it was important to use the funding as a means of signalling commitment on the part of partner organizations.

GLAM SummitEdit

The project team feels that the one-day workshop was very effective and see value in holding a similar event, but to invite GLAM professionals broadly rather than only music librarians. We are focusing on using a Summit format rather than a workshop so more people can be invited and to focus on outreach to GLAM institutions. Through a keynote talk and a series of panel sessions we anticipate presenting a number of case studies or examples of ways that institutions are successfully engaging with Wikimedia projects. This also takes advantage of an increasing amount of interest in the Wikimedia projects in the context of GLAM. We feel the timing is excellent to hold this kind of event. Stacy Allison-Cassin recently led a two-day workshop on Indigenous Knowledge. Most attendees were from GLAM organizations and there was a real hunger for discussion and examples. We would like to invite a keynote speaker, hopefully from the Smithsonian, to provide a motivating example of effective engagement with Wikimedia projects. We have commitment from Ryerson University in Toronto to provide the space on an in-kind basis and several people are interested in assisting with local organizing. We anticipating having 75 attendees. Note: the costs of the Summit are considerably higher than the original pre-conference workshop due to the different format (i.e. keynote speaker and panelists), larger number of participants, and higher costs for campus catering. We will charge a small fee to incentivize attendance and to cover the costs of hiring an admin assistant.

Item Estimated expense Actual Funds Spent Difference
coffee breaks x 2 ($8 x 75) & lunch ($1500) -$2700 -$1774.42 $925.58
Honorariums panelists -$800 -$677.50 $122.50
Honorariums keynote -$300 $0 $300
Travel/accommodation for speaker -$1000 -$1764.17 -$764.17
Travel/accommodation for Wikimedia Canada speaker -$400 $0 $400
Misc supplies -$100 $0 $100
Recording services (keynote only) -$500 $0 $500
Salary for assistant for organizing (50 hours @ $30/hour) -$1500 -$1312.60 $187.40
Total -$7400 -$5528.69 $1771.31
Registration fees (75 @ $25) $1875 1172.36 -$702.64
Total -$5425 -$4356.33 $1068.67

Music edit-a-thonsEdit

A number of leads from the project are interested in holding edit-a-thons again now that we have more experience. The scope of these events will be smaller with a smaller number of institutions participating. It is expected that there will be three: Western University, York University, and the University of British Columbia/CAML during the annual meeting.

Item Estimated expense Actual expense Difference
Food/drink Western -$100 $0 $100
Food/drink York -$75 $0 $75
Food/drink CAML -$150 $0 $150
Total -$325 0 $350

Total budget changeEdit

Item Total cost
GLAM Summit -$5425
Edit-a-thons -$325
Grant surplus +$5907.79
Total +157.79

The surplus (estimated at: +182.79) will be returned to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Request approvedEdit

This request is approved. So glad that you are able to use the underspend to extend this program a second year. Marti (WMF) (talk) 22:02, 15 March 2019 (UTC)