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Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went? Yes we met some of our goals. We hosted 3 series of Training and we had a mix of new and old editors.


Please report on your original project targets. Please be sure to review and provide metrics required for Rapid Grants.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Number of events 3 3 Successful Events
Number of participants 20+ 17 participants registered on the [[1]]
Number of new editors 10+ 9 new members and 1 Old editors participated
Number of articles edited 20+ None for now All the participants were new to Wikipedia which hindered published articles yet but we are monitoring there progress on the Telegram group and expecting their published contribution on/before our next event


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?

Making sure I had active internet connection and following up with participants to guide and encourage them on how to make substantial edits, communication was key and also we had a Telegram group to share views on there.

  • What did not work so well?

Difficulty for participants to create their account and make edits. We encountered IP error message while trying to new create an account for New Participants. We later resolved it later by creating through meta.

  • What would you do differently next time?

Possibly stream our sessions and for our online members


Grant funds spentEdit

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

No. Expenses Explanation Amount ($)
1. Hall Rental For 3 events 530
2. Food and Drinks estimated 20 participants - 3x20x$8 480
3. Communication Airtime for Communication between organizers, Reminder calls and SMS to Participants 25
4. Internet Subscription Internet Support for participants for the 3 events and Internet used for training 180

5. Rollup Banner 60
6. Nose Masks and Hand Sanitizers 60pcs (PPE) for the participant in the event 80
7. Sourvenirs Note pad and stationaries Note pad and stationaries 180
8. Rental (Projector and Camera) 75
8. Designs Design of Posters, flyers and Certificates 86
9. Local travels local travel for the team members that will involve in the training 250
10. Contingency and miscellaneous expenses 50
Total: $1,996

Remaining fundsEdit

Do you have any remaining grant funds?

Remaining funds have been used or will be used for other approved mission-aligned activities. This use has been requested in writing and approved by WMF.

Yes, $14 We plan using it on our follow up event

Anything elseEdit

Anything else you want to share about your project?