Grants:Project/Rapid/Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton/Commons videos 2

Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton/Commons videos
Create 2 videos to newcomers to Commons.
targetCommons, Wikiversity (pt) (minor)
start date15 May
end date15 September 15 November
budget (local currency)10,232.63 BRL
budget (USD)1970 USD
grant typeindividual
contact(s)• rodrigo.argenton(_AT_)

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Project Goal edit

The idea is to create videos in Portuguese (my mother language) to help newcomers at Commons be more aware of what's Commons and how to become a volunteer.

  • To be more precise this two videos:
    • What's Wikimedia Commons something similar to File:¿Qué es Wikipedia?.ogv, the video format will also be based in this video (from now one WWC)
    • Another video with the "first steps to Wikimedia Commons". (from now one FSW)

Project Plan edit

Activities edit

1. What is plan?

  • For the FSW the idea is use as base the lecture that I've being presenting for more than 10 years, the introduction to Wikimedia Commons, and also the first step page that I create to Commons: Commons:Primeiros passos
    • The script is basically:
      • What's the free of Free Culture
        • A brief explanation about Free Culture
        • The four freedoms: access, create, modify, publish
        • Defining Free Culture Licences
          • Giving CC licences as example
          • Giving an explanation about public domain
        • Defining Free Cultural Works
          • Availability of source data, use of a free format, no technical restrictions, no other restrictions or limitations (freedom of panorama, image rights...)
      • What's the Wikimedia Movement
        • How and why Wikimedia Movement is part of the Free Culture
        • Vision, goals, ...
        • Communities, activities
      • What's Wikimedia Commons
        • Vision, goals, scope, activities...
        • How to create an account
        • How to upload a file and use it
        • How to categorize
        • How to insert Structure Data
        • How to collaborate (upload, categorize, ...)
      • Why we (Wikimedia Movement volunteers) collaborate:
        • The importance of our work;
        • The impact of our work;
        • The reach of our work.
  • The WWC video will only take a small summary of the FSW in an ~7 min video passing quickly to four freedoms, goals of Wikimedia Movement, Commons scope, and how to collaborate.

2. How execute?

  • The lecture script will be translated to a video script, by a professional screenwriter;
  • The videos will be recorded based on this screenplay;
  • Art and screen captures will be applied in post;
  • Upload and spread the video.

Outputs edit

  • WWC (~7 min) and FSW (~30 min) videos
  • And FSW will be also sectioned in at least 10 smaller summary videos of ~3 min each:
    1. What means free
    2. Free licences and public domain
    3. Freedom of Panorama, Image right and other legal questions
    4. What's the Wikimedia Movement
    5. What's Commons
    6. How to create an account
    7. How to upload a file and use it
    8. How to categorize
    9. How to insert Structure Data
    10. How to collaborate (upload, categorize, ...)
  • 12 videos in total that will be place in proper Commons pages, and this could be also used by professors, and teachers in educational projects. WWC could be used on Facebook campaigns, but is not a priority here.

Resources edit

I already have access to a good DSLR capable to register the videos. And I have a high-end mic and recorder more than enough to this task. So rent equipment will not be necessary.

Some videos that I did for Commons:

OBS: I'm putting in USD, as BRL is a mess, so I do not know when you approve this grant if this will be that high, or will drop.

  • Cinematographer + Director: 300 USD
  • Art design: 200 USD
  • Screenwriter: 500 USD
  • Post-production:500 USD
  • HD:120 USD
  • Internet access: 350 USD
  • Total:1970 USD

Impacts and placements edit

The videos are made to decrease learn curve of entering at Wikimedia Commons.

I will discuss with the community after the approval, WWC video have a great change to placed at the Portuguese main page at Commons, as I am responsible for all the current design of the Página principal I do believe that is reasonable include these videos there. This will ameliorate the welcoming process to newcomers, as a video can summarize a lot of information in a more didactic, clear, direct form.

The FSW videos will be placed at the First Steps in Portuguese, also my creation: Commons:Primeiros passos. That probably will have a redesign to fit the videos there, and in the first page will be placed the entire video, but the actual pages already are separated by the theme of the FSW videos, as I created both with this intention. The steps already are very comprehensive, for that reason, could not grab the attention of all new volunteers, as by the quantity of text necessary to explain, the short videos will potentially increase the number of people reaching the material, also with both, text, and videos, this will increase the accessibility.

I will also will include these videos at Wikiversidade/Wikilivros, as a resource for teacher and professors that want to use Wikimedia Commons in classes, and with orientations and possible activities to be applied in classes. Activities that I already be part of, and have a big success as Projeto Wikipédia da Cásper Líbero Jornalismo 2018. By this, we could eliminate the necessity of a Wikimedia volunteer in a class to introduce the Wikimedia Commons, making possible to more professors create projects that include Wikimedia Commons as a educational resource.

Another way to use is be a support to workshop, edith-a-tons, presentations, so I will also place it at Outreach. Improving the quality of those, and increase the potential penetration of Wikimedia Commons, as after this material, even volunteers with little knowledge on Commons will be able to introduce it to an audience.

All Wiki Loves that have interesting in include the material at their home, I'll also encourage, as these activities have a great number of new volunteers. And these videos will improve a lot the quality of the contributions, as this activity have a great impact to Commons volunteers that have a lot of trouble because of the lack of correct names, categories, description ...

Communication and distribution edit

Having close relationship with Brazilian professors and teachers, I will direct distribute this material to the ones already interested, as these videos are an old demand of some professors that could not have my presentation in loco (Portuguese professors, for example), and for professors that receive me in their classes, but would like to have it on demand for their students. I also have contact with universities coordinators, that request the course of how to use wiki in class, this will be a first step in this more bold, and time-consuming material.

This will also be used in GLAM initiates, this will increase the understanding of our work in first conversations, and this material could be also used in the training of new GLAM works that will start the project with us. So will distribute this material for the Brazilian WUG and Wikimedia Portugal, and partners that I am in contact with.

I will also spread this material trough all Village Pumps in Portuguese, and mailing lists.

For social media, for now, I will not invest so much effort (for more details see the talk page), for strategic reasons explained there.

This also will be used in Wiki Loves contest in Brazil.

Endorsements edit