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Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

Yes. The team conducted several activities in connection with this year's Art+Feminism campaign. We conducted library and museum visits during the campaign's kick-off, where we could do edit-a-thon using the Kiwix device. The articles created were then uploaded to the two incubator projects we are working. We also conducted an art workshop with the leadership of one of our resident artists, and it was also a preparation for the group's organizing committee for a more extensive art workshop we held during Earth day. The team has also conducted a 2-day capacity building where we have welcomed new volunteers as part of the group. We discussed the group's objectives, mission, vision, plans, and the Art+Feminism initiatives we've been doing for the past years. During Earth day, it was a back-to-back event with the #WikiForHumanRights initiative. We gathered 20 participants to join the art workshop, and ten organizers were present. By mid-end of the campaign, the group had received an invitation to conduct an outreach activity in a public school on Catanduanes Island, where we were able to discuss wiki projects, Wikifundi, Kiwix, and the possibility of creating the Wiktionary for Catanduanes. Teachers in attendance were also invited to take part in the Art+Feminism campaign. The team was able to stay for four days and three nights on the island.

On International Women's Day, the team interviewed women from different sectors and walks of life about their struggles and triumphs as a woman. We were able to quote some inspiring messages from the interviews and created a poster for it. We shared it on the Art+Feminism PH Social Media page. We opted to make the exhibit exclusive for those who workshopped on the Coffee Painting session due to the limitation of time and workforce. We were able to feature the campaign twice on the Education Newsletter and also on the Art+Feminism website.



Please report on your original project targets. Please be sure to review and provide metrics required for Rapid Grants.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
To conduct edit-a-thons in relation to Art+Feminism Three sessions of edit-a-thon were conducted. The first was during the library visit, the second was during the community capacity building and lastly was during the outreach activity. Three sessions were conducted online while participants are simultaneously editing in their respective places. A total of 15 editors were able to participate for the entire duration of the campaign. Six teachers from the outreach activity were also able to create their user accounts and create simple articles. Catanalysis data for Wq/tl displayed the following data: 5 editors for April, 5 editors for May, 6 editors for June. Daphpb was the top editor for having 356 edits. The Wq/bcl displayed the following data: 6 editors for April, 5 editors for May, and 6 editors for June. Daphpb has top edits for having 1,325 edits in June. The hashtag tracker tool was able to generate 5517 revisions, 1520 pages edited, 12 users, for the #ArtandFeminismPH campaign. By June 2022, the #ArtandFeminismPH was able to place 4th on the top trending tags. At present, the two incubator projects we have worked on are scheduled to have their own sites this September 2022.
Creating artworks for free content and conducting an exhibit of artworks There were two art workshops conducted, first are for the organizers, and second was during the Earth Day Celebration. The first event was participated by 9 individuals were we were able to create 7 artworks. The next workshop was attended by 20 newbie participants, 9 organizers, and 2 art instructor. We were not able to pursue with the planned exhibit of local artists. Instead, we opted to give chance for new participants and used their interest in arts to make them involved in Wiki projects. As of the moment the team is working on uploading this individual works on Wikimedia Commons but documentation of art works and the two art workshops are already available on Wikimedia Commons.
Conduct interview in relation to women empowerment During the International Women's Month, the group was able to talk with 22 women, 7 of them were mothers, 6 teachers, 7 are writers and social activists, and 2 were students. The question we asked was 'Where do you see the woman as part of a society?' and we were able to receive variety on answers depending on their individual experiences in work, family life, economic status, and political beliefs. The social media post was able to reach 2,591 people, and be shared by 34 accounts.
Conduct community capacity building for old and new volunteers including knowledge on development of Wikimedia projects, UCoC and Friendly space policy, the affiliates objectives, and background on accessing the WMF grants, and most importantly the A+F initiatives. The team was able to conduct two capacity building activities and participants were able to apply their skills during the organizing of the Wikimania 2022 of the Wiki Advocates Philippines. The participants are also behind the success of the presentation. The group was able to integrate topics in relation to Wikimedia movement during the entirety of the campaign. They were also tasked to do presentations as part of their development as Wikimedians.
Conduct one community outreach activity and amplify the works of Art+Feminism Philippines The team was able to travel to Catanduanes Island to discuss about Wikimedia projects and share to teachers how they can utilize these projects in their lessons. We were also able to donate 1 Kiwix device to Bislig Elementary School. The teachers were also invited to engage in writing articles to help bridge the gender gap in Wikimedia projects. This was participated by 6 teachers and 1 school head. 11 volunteers participated in this event Beforehand, the team was already invited by the school to conduct a short-training course on Wikimedia projects. We have seen this as an opportunity for collaboration and inviting them to join this year's Art+Feminism campaign.
Create blog to promote Art+Feminism campaign in Philippines We were able to publish three blogs, one in Art+Feminism website and two in Education Newsletter. We have utilized these spaces to promote the works we are doing locally.
1. Arte+Feminismo Pilipinas:Advocacy on Women Empowerment
2. Bringing the Wikiprojects to the Island of Catanduanes
3. Art+Feminism in the Philippines



Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?

We achieved an outstanding result in editing, especially on the two wiki projects we intended to develop. To date, the Central Bikol Wikiquote is now in the process of having its domain, and that's one significant achievement for this year's campaign. Incorporating activities to maintain the volunteers' interest was also a good strategy. There are several events we held outdoors which has not only focused on wiki projects but also on developing these new volunteers as future campaign organizers. We have gathered a group of seven volunteers that constantly works for us even after the A+F campaign. The participants for this year's campaign have also tripled compared to the past two years. It was because activities are not limited to editing, but we have involved other capacity-building activities that eventually will hone them into full-pledged Wikimedia volunteers. The discussions conducted to deepen their knowledge on existing gender gap issues on Wikimedia projects helped motivate the editors to do double-time on creating articles that would support the feminism and women empowerment movement. We hope that with the coming 10th year of the A+F campaign, we'll be able to sustain this engagement or, if possible, create more extensive results than this year.

  • What did not work so well?

The team initially planned to conduct three activities involving edit-a-thons, art exhibits, and interviews, but due to limitations on staffing, we have transitioned to another set of actions. During the campaign, we were also invited for an outreach wiki activity, and though it turned out positive, we needed to shift some objectives and finances. There are problems cited in the individual reports, such as the high rate of transportation, unavailability of cheap accommodations, and other product prices we have missed checking during the planning stage.

  • What would you do differently next time?

We should devote ample time to planning suggested activities, mainly if they will compose different events. There should be an allowance of time and budget allocation for rare opportunities for partnerships and extending outreach to communities. Also, we would want to train new organizers to aid us in executing the plans. We have encountered some problems in communication, especially in contacting the Community Resources team about the slight changes we have made in the proposal compared to the actual event. Seeing the outcome of the circumstances, our decisions to change initial plans were beneficial for the campaign and the rest of the team.


Art and Feminism x WikiGap x Wikifundi


Coffee Painting Workshop


Art and Feminism Capacity Building


Earth Day Celebration: Art and Feminism x WikiForHumanRights


Art and Feminism Outreach in Catanduanes Island




Grant funds spent


Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

Art+Feminism x WikiGap x Wikifundi
Item Detail Total
Laptop Rental 4 participants 4,000.00
Internet/Data Access 8 participants 4,000.00
Fliers/pamphlets/Tags 2,500.00
Branded t-shirts or other branded material 8 participants 4,000.00
Facemask and alcohol gel 8 participants 1,985.00
Local transport for staff or organizers 5,000.00
Graphic Artist For promotional posters 2,500.00
Food and refreshments 8 participants 1,000.00
Contingency 2,465.00
Total 27,450.00
Coffee Painting Workshop
Item Detail Total
Food and Refreshments 9 participants 6,598.00
Materials 3,215.00
Artist's compensation 1 artist 3,000.00
Local transport 3,000.00
Total 15,813.00
Art+Feminism Capacity Building
Item Detail Total
Laptop Rental 5 participants 5,000.00
Internet/Data Access 8 participants 4,000.00
Fliers/pamphlets/Tags 2,500.00
Branded t-shirts or other branded material 13 participants 6,500.00
Food and refreshments 13 participants 15,412.00
Local travel for volunteers 13 participants 5,000.00
Contingency 4,500.00
Venue Rental/Accomodation 2 days 20,000.00
Total 62,912.00
Earth Day Celebration: Art and Feminism x WikiForHumanRights
Item Detail Total
Fliers/pamphlets/Tags 3,000.00
Branded t-shirts or other branded material 31 participants 7,750.00
Food and refreshments 31 participants 14,598.00
Local travel for volunteers 3,000.00
Contingency 2,500.00
Venue Rental Half day 1,000.00
Artists' Compensation 2 artists 4,500.00
Total 36,348.00
Item Detail Total
Fliers/pamphlets/Tags 2,500.00
Branded t-shirts or other branded material 11 volunteers and 7 teachers 5,400.00
Food and refreshments 4 days and 3 nights 11,546.00
Local travel for volunteers Land and sea travel 22,465.00
Accomodation 4 days and 3 nights 31,258.00
Total 73,169.00
Grand Total: 215,692.00
Remaining Fund: 1,308.00

Remaining funds


Do you have any remaining grant funds?

Yes, the remaining cash on hand is PHP 1,308.00.

Anything else


Anything else you want to share about your project?

As a Network Organizer of the Art+Feminism, I also aim that in the future I can build a small group of volunteers who would, later on, continue the work I started way back in 2020. For this year, I wanted to share some of the reports that the volunteers have prepared; these include their experiences, learnings, and struggles during the A+F 2022 campaign.

  1. Daphpb
  2. Danbarrameda
  3. Sheanjean
  4. Annle123
  5. YamPikit
  6. Brazal.dang