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Timeline for Nattes à chatEdit

Timeline Date
Regular meetings in the Geneva Lake region all year long
Engage online wikipedian community completed with 89 participants as of 28.09.2017
help others to set up and build a local group active around gender gap issues 28.09.2017 : done! At the end of the project 3 new groups are being launched in Paris, Sion and Grenoble

Monthly updatesEdit

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.

January 2017Edit

We gather for what we called Wikimidis every monday at lunch time. We talk for about one hour, and then focus on work to be done. We try to document what we do each time on the sans pages project page but have forgotten to post an update between the 9th and the 23rd... We also try to establish links with what other groups do in other regions (Nantes, Paris, Lyon, Berne).

Les sans pagEs avec Camille Degott de la RTS à Genève

We announced the launch of the les sans pagEs Face Book page and important dates to come.

We announced Art+Féminisme Genève 2017 and started to work on the event by teaching participanzs how to do a wikidata entry.

We welcomed a new contributor who will work on the gujrati and hindi encyclopedia.

Equipe des sans pages à Unidufour 30.01.2017
Wikimidi les sans pagEs 30.01.2017

February 2017Edit

  • Conference Magnus Manske Saturday 4th of february 2017, Bern

Magnus Manske was invited by for a conference about the history of Mediawiki and its development perspective.

Some participants : Nattes à chat, Otarie69 -

  • Wikimidi Monday 6th of february 2017
Update on French project page here
Participants: Yann, Aneses, Mapomge, Susy1919, Gabrielle Marie, Nattes à chat, Edeosenfed
Wiki Midi des Sans PAGES du 6 février 2017

We continued to work on making wikidata entries for women artists to prepare Art+Feminism. We had the chance to have Gabrielle Marie from WMCH with us.

  • Wikimidi 13th of february
Wikimidi des sans pagEs du 13 février 2017 -

Update on the project page 13.02.2017

Participants: Morningbastet, Yann, Aneses, Nattes à chat, Mat ley, Edeosenfed, Mankumari100

We looked at the IRC helpline on the English Wikipedia and talked about the differences in liberty of panorama between France and Switzerland. We imported photos taken for Art+Féminisme Genève 2017.

Graffittis d'Amikal aux Grottes à Genève 01

March 2017Edit

  • Training in Sion, Saturday 11th April - part 1

Nattes a chat and Otarie69 were in Sion, in the public library to train 20 starters how to edit Wikipedia and to how write women biographies.

List of participants :

April 2017Edit

  • Training in Sion, Saturday 1st April - part 2
Atelier Valaisannes remarquables - 4

Nattes a chat, aneses and Otarie69 spent another day in Sion to help the 19 participants to finish the articles they had started.

  • Participants (22): Nattes à chat, Aneses, Otarie69,DragonApil,Chrisforyou, Roue dentée , Lezecoto, Magatim, Cicrilette, Equality4all2day, Miel-1, Capucine5, EauClerc, Cybele46, imouhca, fine mouche, Naturalista63, Huambo81, Gianvi, Monnomestpris, suffagette001, Georgette001

Among which from last year's project (6) : Aneses, Otarie69, Cicrilette, Magatim, Lezecoto, Nattes à chat

  • GLAM on tour in Fribourg from 28th april to 1st Mai
Glam on Tour Fribourg Musée Gutemberg 06

We were 5 participants to this event organised for Wikimedia Suisse and Wikimedia Allemagne in Fribourg, Suisse. It took place in the library of Fribourg university and in Gutemberg Musée. The goal was to produce contents related to the anniversary of Gutemberg death, the inventor of print and of the Protestant Reformation. We have attended a Zurich's Bible (Froschauer Bible) digitisation.

We have produced and translated articles about women and have translated the Zuruch's Bible, and we have also translated Marie Dentière article in catalan.

People who organised the event have done a big effort to receive our French-speaking linguistic minority, even if we have to confront some German immersion, incomprehensible for some of us.

We hope to reiterate this interections again in the futur, they will allow enrich interwikis and the global dimension of the movement. Articles done during that weekend are visibles in Wikipedia GLAM on tour 2017 Fribourg.

Liste of articles published: Anna Meder, Anne-Elisabeth Gottrau, Bible de Zurich, Anna Reinhart, Marcelle Bard, Christoph Froschauer, Barbara von Trüllerey,

In catalan thanks to Aneses and Colomdi: ca:Marie Dentière, ca:Elizabeth Eisenstein,

Improve Articles: Abbaye de la Maigrauge, Musée Gutenberg, Marie Dentière, Heinrich Bullinger, Ulrich Zwingli, Réforme protestante en Suisse, Isabelle Graesslé, Canton de Fribourg, Antoine Froment, Mouvements chrétiens féministes, Pierre Canisius, Réforme protestante, Collège Saint-Michel, Béguine

Les sans pagEs team has been interviewed by a journalist of La Liberté

Participants: Aneses, Colomdi, Nattes à chat, Psychoduc, DragonApil

May 2017Edit

  • Wikimidi 15th May - Geneva

participant-e-s : Aneses, Nattes à chat, Littoralaustral

  • Wikimidi 22d May - Geneva
Wikimidi du 21 mai 2017

participants: Nattes à chat, Roxigene, Littoralaustral

  • Wikimidi 29th May - Geneva

Participants: Littoralaustral, Lodochka, Nattes à chat, Roxigene, Yann.

June 2017Edit

  • 11th June in Nantes France, Photo workshop
Atelier photo Nantes juin 2017

On Sunday 11th June we organised a photo workshop in "jardin des plantes" in Nantes for the project Projet:Ateliers Femmes et Féminisme with 6 participants. - principles of free licences creative commons - Wikimedia Commons rules - respect of the free licence - autor rights associated to a picuture - respect of private life We made some exercices in the jardin des plantes, especially to learn how to use all the features of a camera

  • Wikimidi 12th June - Geneva
Wikimidi du 12 juin à Genève

Participant·e·s (6): Edeosenfed, Littoralaustral, Lodochka, Roxigene,Susy1919, Nattes à chat.

  • Distant participation to Féminismes et LGBT Toulouse and Wiki Loves Pride

Project pages:

Participants : Nattes à chat, Exilexi

  • Wikimidi 19th June - Geneva
Wikimidi du 19 juin à Genève

Participants(4): Aneses, Suzy1919, Lodochka, Nattes à chat

  • Wikimidi 26th June - Geneva

Participant·e·s: Aneses, Lodochka, Roxygene, Suzy1919,Nattes à chat

July 2017Edit

  • Wikimidi 3rd July 2017 - Geneva
Wikimidis du 3 juillet à Unidufour

Participant·e·s (8): Participant·e·s: Aneses, Lodochka, Roxygene, Suzy1919,Nattes à chat, LaMèreVeille, Ferdinando Miranda (in charge of LGBTQI issues at the University of Geneva)

  • Visit of the Cabale à la noix in Grenoble on 6th July 2017 (France)

Participants (3): DragonApil, Psychoduck, Nattes à chat

  • Wikimidi 10th July 2017 - Geneva

Participants (3): Aneses, Roxigene, Nattes à chat

  • Wikimidi 17th of July
Wikimidi 17 juillet 2017

Participants (7): Aneses, LittoralAustral, Nattes à chat, Psychoduck, Roxigene, Totodu74, Yann

  • 19th of July: Poster of all photos of published articles generated by Framawikiécents/Photos

  • Wikimidi 24th July - Geneva

We spoke about the francophone Wikiconvention 2017 in Strasbourg and possibilities to ask for a Swiss travel-grant. We discussed the idea to start a commun Project with Wiki loves women about African women and we worked on a list of possible articles. Participants (4) : Aneses, Roxigene, Nattes à chat, Psyckoduc

  • Wikimidi 31st July – Geneva

The cafetería were we usually meet was closed, so we went on a picnic in honor of the 1rst August, the Swiss national day Participants (6) : Nattes à chat, Roxigene, Aneses, Susy1919, LaMèreVeille, Yann

August 2017Edit

  • Les sans pagEs new logos

Fhala.K and GrandCelinien concont a drawing and multicolorful logo. We can use it writing this Template:Emoji sans pagEs

  • Wikimidi 7th August - Geneva

We helped Lisacek to contribute to English Wikipedia Participants(3): Aneses, Lisacek,Nattes à chat

  • Work-Week-end 11th-13th August - Geneva

Nattes à chat went to Nantes to meet Projet:Ateliers Femmes et Féminisme (Nantes) group. After go on picnic we speak about French-speaking Wikiconvention 2017 in Strasbourg and how to ask for finance it to WMF. To finish that weekend we observed IRC patrol and we add the evaluation system sur commons to enable evaluate the projet articles quickly.

  • Wikimidi 14th August - Geneva

Thanks to the document: 100 dates qui construisent nos luttes féministes aujourd'hui published by the magazine Silence and donate by DeuxPlusQuatre during the Job-week-end we créate the Grève des sardinières article and we improve the following articles: Fatemeh, Suffragette and Constitution corse, the first constitution who accept the woman vote in 185. Roxigene and Nattes à chat also started to work about articles translation. Participants (2): Roxigene, Nattes à chat

  • Wikimidi 21st August - Geneva

We spoke about the Swiss press archives that we can find in ,, and about the Chinese search engine to write an article about Lee-Ya-Ching, the first woman who obtained an pilote certificate in Geneva Airport. Participants(3): Roxigene, Suzy1919, LaMèreVeille

  • Wikimidi 28th August - Geneva

Lee Ya-Ching article creation, Fondation Gosteli Italian translation and mini training about wikidata. ,, and about the Chinese search engine to write an article about Lee-Ya-Ching, the first woman who obtained an pilote certificate in Geneva Airport. Participants(4): Roxigene, Suzy1919, LaMèreVeille, Nattes à chat

September 2017Edit

  • Wikimidi 4th September – Geneva

We worked manly in translations Participants (2): Roxigene, Nattes à chat

  • Wikimidi 11th September – Geneva

Yann trained Nattes à chat to wikisource. They worked on Michelet's: Légendes du Nord: La Sorcière. The purpose is to host a training next year in the Geneva university library. The proposed books for this worshop to organise in collaboration with wikimedia CH are: George Sand Livre:Sand - Œuvres illustrées de George Sand, vol 1, 1852.djvu Livre:Sand - Œuvres illustrées de George Sand, vol 2, 1852.djvu Livre:Sand - Œuvres illustrées de George Sand, vol 4, 1853.djvu Livre:Sand - Œuvres illustrées de George Sand, 1853.djvu Livre:Sand - Œuvres illustrées de George Sand, 1854.djvu Livre:Sand - Œuvres illustrées de George Sand, vol 7, 1854.djvu Livre:Sand - Œuvres illustrées de George Sand, vol 9, 1856.pdf Auteur:Olympe de Gouges Livre:Olympe de Gouges - Le Mariage inattendu de Chérubin.djvu Auteur:Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de Sévigné Œuvres complètes, Édition Monmerqué (1862) en 11 volumes Participants (2): Yann, Nattes à chat

  • Wikimidi 18th September

Participants (1): Roxigene

  • Wikijeudi 28th September

We started with the Wikijeudi meetings in Lestime. We gave a introduction to Wikipedia introduction and we published new articles. Participants (5):Nattes à chat, DragonAPIL, Sala sala, Marlyse25, chatte sauvage.

  • Art+Feminisme editathon 30th September

This editathon took place simultaneously in Paris, Bruxelles and Bourges. Some les sans pagEs Project participants were in Paris to help wih the organisation and to conntribute. In the morning Nattes à chat made a Project presentation, after Kvardek Du presented to Art+Feminism participants what is it Wikipedia, history and rules. The event included a feedback from Wikiwomen camp in Mexico from Harmonia Amanda The media covered the event: France Culture: Wikipedia: Où sont les femmes? Participants (7): Exilexi, Fhala.K, GrandCelinien, Kvardek, Nattes à chat, Titmumu, Scariningma, Harmonia Amanda

October 2017Edit

  • Wikimidi 2nd October – Geneva

Report back to Wikiwomen camp done for Harmonia and Art+Féminisme event of last weekend. We discuss about the scan of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley to Wikisource Project and the connexion with Manifeste ciborg, translate from English las weekend in the editathon dedicated to Nathalie Magnan. We gave the Wikimooc tutorial to Roxigene. We reception the Equality Manager from UNIGE who will come back next Monday to learn to contribute. Participants (3): Yann, Roxigene, Nattes à chat

  • Wikimidi 9th October – Geneva

We learnt the first contribution steps to Iportfu and we spoke about the Wikiconvention in Strasbourg. Tulipanus visits us. Participants (5): Tulipanos, Susy1919, Roxigene, Nattes à chat, Iportiu

  • 19th October – Sion

The women group from Valais are her first meeting in Sion for a wikipermanence frame. The first publish article is Barbare Guntern, create by Magatim. Participants (5): Magatim, Lezecoto, eauclerc, Huambo81, Capucine5

  • French speakers Wiconvention 19-21 October– Strasbourg

This year many participants to les sans pagEs came to the wikiconvention, what shows the interest of new participants for Wikimedia movement and give them the opportunity to improve their Wikimedia skills. Les sans pagEs proposed a harassment workshop, AFFS proposed reflexions about write a woman biography and write a charter of respect. We have the pleasure to notice that this year the sans pagEs logo is among the stickers of Wikipedia projects Fichier:WikiConvFR 2017 - Les sans pagEs avec Christophe Henner (animation).gif|thumb|WikiConvFR 2017 - Les sans pagEs avec Christophe Henner (animation) Participants: Aneses, DeuxPlusQuatre, LaMèreVeille, Roxigene, Nattes à chat, GastelEtzwane, Kvardek du, Manu1400, Iportiu, Pierrette13 and more..

  • Editathon in Marguerite Durand library 21st October - Paris

We lead an editathon Marguerite Durand library on 21st October 2017. Here the event webpage: Projet:Les sans pagEs/Bibliothèque Marguerite Durand Participants (20): Exilexi, H4stings, Mapomge, Nattes à chat, Ammcl07, Marlaf, Brigitte BMD, Carolechabut, Allard sylvie, PoupounePock, Clara Miz, Anne-Marie 2607, BibideParis, Isabelle benoit, MaelleVngs, Catelle17, Paradises, Thinous, Lamôme, MariaClementine

  • Wikimidi 23th October – Geneva
File:Wikimidis du 23 October 2017 à Genève.jpg
Wikimidis du 23 October 2017 à Genève

We spoke about French speakers Wikiconvention, because 3 of us where there and we comment the harassment workshop. Roxygene started to write her first article after some time translating from Italian ones, and Lodochka restart her Russian translations. Participants (5): Lodochka, Roxigene, GastelEtzwane, Suzy1919, Nattes à chat

  • Wikijeudis in Lestime 26th October – Genève

We had our second meeting. The first publish article is Barbare Guntern, create by Magatim. We translate the following articles: Alice Echols, Judy Rebick, Mouvement de libération des femmes (Suisse) Appledusk, a new contributor worked about a new woman face to add to the collection created to Fhala. K, unfortunately the computer electricity’s gone and the work is lose. Participants (4): Appledusk, Nattes à chat, DragonAPIL, Aneses

  • Wikimidi 30th October 2017 - Genève

Roxigene worked about African Women list to the Women in red competition, started the 1st November Yann explain the Wikisource event of next March The book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley it is already draft 2/3. We spoke to the possibility to start with other books, for example manuscripts of l'Epistre très Utile by Marie Dentière, unfortunately the online versions is not free of copy right. We continued speaking about her contemporary rival Jeanne de Jussie, which book Le levain du calvisime ou les commencements de l'hérésie à Genève is in Gallica. This book would be difficult to rewrite because is written in old French. Yann created the writer card of. Jeanne de Jussie in wikisource and import the book. Now is only needed correct it. It will be the goal the shareware days, with WikimediaCh help

Participant (5): Suzy1919, Yann, Roxigene, Nattes à chat and a wikisource.

November 2017Edit

  • Wikimidi 6th November – Geneva

Nattes à chat told the other participants about Women in Red competition and about the list of African feminist for this competition. Yann give information about Wikisource Janvierr translated her first article for the competition, Mmabatho Ramagoshi. Participants (6): Yann, Roxigene, Nattes à chat, Suzy1919, Lodochka, LaMèreVeille, Janvierr

  • Wikimidi 13th November – Geneva

Nattes à chat remembered about Women in Red competition and about the list of African feminist for this competition. Yann presented the new books imported of Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve for a new Wikisource workshop, Participants (3): Yann, Roxigene, Nattes à chat

  • Wikifiesta 18th November – Geneva

Annual dinner of les sans pagEs We met in Saveurs and Couleurs Restaurant in Geneva to celebrate a convivial evening thanks to WikimediaCH and les sans pagEs support During the dinner we speaks about different projects related with the Differences between Genres reduction thanks to Wikimedia Ch that propose to finance the event... - In Sion with the beginning of Valais meetings, they will organise a meeting once par month in regional multimedia library. Magatim propose celebrate the next annual meeting in a Valais CARNOTZET. With Via Mullieres association soon will appear a film in open source that explain women roles in through the history.

- In Grenoble, where Opsylac organise Woman and Science edithathons, she wish organise a les sans pagEs local group. We try to see ideas about who to have budget to this project. - In Geneva, for the second edition to Art-Feminsime, we propose participate in an exposition and conference about Charlotte Salomon and Shamsia Hassani and contribute in the universe of this two artists. Shamsia will be present in the event and will paint to celebrate the date. The event will have the support of Equality service of Geneva university, Émilie Gourd foundation and les culturElles. - Talking about Wikisource, Yann propose a project to import Jeannne de Jussie books (a difficult task because they are written in old French) and to Dominique de Villeneuve, he also has the idea to create a Feminine Books list for Wikisource. The books collection by Marie Dentière are been upload thanks to a gender study that has being place in Geneva, but their totality will not be 100% accessible in open source. Is important to collaborate although contributions between inter projects Wikimedia, and to not forget the small projects, also important to share the knowledge with open source. We also think to participate in Wiktionary as an interesting tool, but by now we are not available to engage our time and energies in more project0.s - Gasteletzwane speaks about Kiwix project, we propose the possibility to share Wikimed and Internet in box information in isolated regions in Valais and Morocco. Yann thinks that from India will be more useful if we use sim cards instead of USB because not everybody has a computer, but many people has a mobile. - We realise that our local initiatives don’t have many people and with inter initiatives groups sharing our ideas, we have better opportunities to improve our local actions and future ideas. - We show the interactive calendar and explain how to update it. - The night goal is achieve to have a local group in the most important French cities from now to a period of 5 years. Participants (7): Aneses, Magatim, Suzy1919, Opsylac, Yann Nattes à chat and a new contributor GastelEtzwanne.

  • Feminist and alternative Geneva visit 19th November – Geneva

Some of the participants of the previous night dinner profit to visit together: - “Car Touche” bus in Geneva - Graffiti ·The End” Les Grottes neighbourhood, Geneva - Feminist graffiti “We can do it”,” Les Grottes neighbourhood - LA bibliotheque du people, library,” Les Grottes neighbourhood - Squat in” Les Grottes neighbourhood

  • Wikimidi 20th November – Geneva

Nattes à chat receive a new contributor who starts today. We remember that Women in Red concurs is having place Participants (6): Roxigene, Nattes à chat, Yann, Suzy1919, RoseMonde, Janvierr

  • Editathon Femmes and feminism in Hérault 25th November – Montpellier

A participate contribution day about the important role of women in the Herault department history. It is organised by Archives, Wikipedia community and Montpel'libre Association. The participation of LesAFFS and the support of les Sans PagEs. In the morning an initial formation and an online contribution meeting are taking place, animated by Wikipedia. The public emphasise with questions related to the evidence that exist less femmes sources that men sources. Women are forgotten easily. For example Jeanne Galzy, a writer forgotten for more than 20 years. We remember that a source is more than internet documents found through search engine, we can also find information in dictionaries and books available in multimedia library to source woman articles. In the afternoon, the participants create, change or improve articles about Herault distinguished women or about feminine Herault history. We have access to more than 30 documents that include newspaper articles, dictionaries, and book chapters. A notable work that let to the participants contribute in these subjects. To sum up, amazing conditions (work space, Internet connexion, and warm welcome), organisation, sources preparations for this first editathon that provoke enthusiasm and good attitude to contribute in Herault women, Participants: DeuxPlusQuatre, Kvardek du, Mazuritz, FrimousseRoche, and more.

  • Wikimidi 27th November – Geneva

Italian translation of Affaire Harvey Weinstein. Help to the contribution and discussion about next WMfr assembly, update to suppression discussion pages that speaks about women biographies

December 2017Edit

  • Wikimidi 4th December – Geneva

We started to translate various women biographies. Participants (3): Suzy1919, Lodochka, Aneses

  • Wikimidi 11th December – Geneva

We started to translate: Hélène Gratiot-Alphandéry (French to Catalan), Cynthia Gutierrez (French to Russian) and (Louise) Elisabeth de Meuron (English to French). Participants (3): Suzy1919, Lodochka, Aneses

  • Wikimidi 18th December – Geneva

We had some problem to find the previous translation that we started but that we did not finish last week with the Wiki translation tool. We worked on translating the Cynthia Gutierrez article from French to Russian and Elisabeth de Meuron from English to French. Participants (3): Suzy1919, Lodochka, Aneses

  • Wikijeudi 21th December – Geneva

Two new contributors came to the workshop. We worked on the article Schweizer Frauenblatt, admissible because she appears in Dictionnaire Historique de la Suisse. We started to translate Pat Parker, an Afro-American lesbian feminist. Then we discussed about oppressive structures and women conditions during the Shoah, mentioning Sorella Epstein, Rosette Wolzcak and the convoy of 31 000 as we had Caroline Moorehead'sbook A train in winter. Participants (4): DragonAPIL, Nattes à chat, Clit007 and ZowieC

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