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Nattes à chat during the shooting of the French WikiMOOC - vidéo 21 - Préparer la création

Hi there I am an active wikipedian since 2015 mostly on the French Wikipedia, and I mostly deal with gender gap issues and community building. I mostly am active on les sans pagEs project, but also on the French WikiMOOC team.


11.03.2017 Otarie69 (left) with the director of the Equal opportunity office of the canton of Valais in Switzerland

Hi there I am in wikipedia since 2016 mostly on the French Wikipedia. I mostly am active on les sans pagEs project. I also have starting completing Wikipedian articles by adding photos of local celebrities I meet when I attend conferences. I am working with 'Name'Nattes à chat' mostly on the finance follow up of the project "Let's fill the gender gap through community building" and of the association "les sans pagEs". Mother of 2 children and company owner living in France and in Switzerland I would say that I am a typical example of a person who is interested in Wikipedia but does not contribute a lot due to lack of time. However as time goes by I realise that I feel more confident and I think it is important that people like myself do contribute even little than none at all, thanks to projects like the current one.


Aneses during the workshop in Sion, Valais, Switzerland, April 2017

Hi there I am in Wikipedia since 2016, I participe on the French, Spanish and Catalan Wikipedia. My participation ususally is on les sans pagEs project writing women biographies or doing translations.


Yann (left) as we are being interviewed by the swiss radio during the WIkimidis

Hi, I am long time Wikimedian (started editing in 2002). I am mainly involved in Commons and Wikisource with some edits on other projects. A better gender balance is essential to maintain a warm and healthy working atmosphere, and a balanced and varied content. Gender disparity contribute to the inequality of subjects, and to unfair treatments of these subjects.


DeuxPlusQuatre giving the film on inclusive language to members of the Wikimedia board (some even accepted to wear our T-shirts) October 2016

I contribute to Wikipedia since 2014. I participate on the French Wikipedia and Commons. The project Les SansPages help me to reduce the Gender Gap in a safe environment. I can focus on the articles I work on and find help when I need it. I am active on the projects les sans pagEs and Les Ateliers Femmes et féminisme. What is important to me is to discuss experiences on the Gender Gap in Wikipedia.

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Art+Feminism 2017 in Paris

I contribute since 2014, and my interest in the gender gap rise continuously. I became one of the main organizers of gender gap focused in Paris, like Art+Feminism. On Wikipedia I contribute to the SansPages project which is now of the most active projects on the wiki. Sharing experiences with Geneva community, and other groups fighting the gender gap in french-speaking areas is super precious!


In my spare time, I contribute on biographies of women in the French speaking Wikipedia. I participated to the first French Wikiconvention in 08/2016 where I met others contributors IRL involved in this project. During this convention, I co-organized an Hackathon on Paralympics games where 20 biographies on females athletes were created. I took part also in Art+Feminism 2017 in Geneva.


Hi there, I contribute since 2017 and I found in les sans pagEs an attentive listening and space of exchange that corresponds perfectly to the way I thought my engagement on Wikipedia. More experienced contributors are always available and good advice. I mainly contribute to the twin project Les Ateliers Femmes et féminisme in French, and I support their action to reduce gender gap in the encyclopedia. To write biographies of women represents for me the right balance between the transmission of knowledge and my feminist aspirations.