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Project team

  • Melissa Tamani (she/her)
    • Designation: Gender and Art coordinator
    • She's an Art Historian based in Lima. She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Management of Cultural and Creative Sector Organizations at the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2018, she's part of Art+Feminism leadership team in the role of lead co-organizer. She's been managing and leading the Art+Feminism program in Perú since 2015. She has plenty of experience organizing and facilitating Wikimedia related workshops, seminars and editathons.
  • Carlo Brescia (he)
    • Designation: Ecology and Culture coordinator
    • He's a project manager and cultural researcher. Co founded Vasos Comunicantes in 2005 and he is the project director there. Has been managing and leading the Wiki Loves Andes program since 2018, writing proposals and reports, as well as organizing and conducting workshops, photo walks, seminars and editathons. Has a Master's degree in Project Design and Management, and another one in Cultural Anthropology. Has been designing and implementing projects since 2004 with Vasos Comunicantes, an organization based in Huaraz, Perú, dedicated to the conservation and promotion of Andean cultural heritage.
  • Candy López (her)
    • Designation: Communications coordinator (From January 2020 onwards)
    • Socióloga, comunicadora social y realizadora audiovisual. Participa y colabora en colectivos y plataformas de comunicación alternativa y medios libres en la región desde el 2012. Dedicada a la producción sonora y radial con comunidades indígenas, campesinas, sociales y organizaciones de mujeres de zonas rurales y urbanas en Perú.
  • Jesed Mateo
    • Designation: Social media coordinator
    • Artista visual, educadora e investigadora. Dedicada al diseño, coordinación y aplicación de procesos pedagógicos con museos, instituciones culturales, colectivos y comunidades, desde una perspectiva interdisciplinar y participativa. Animadora y miembro de Videos Creados con Dibujos (VCD) colectivo audiovisual y educativo, dedicado a realizar proyectos de cine comunitario, talleres de capacitación audiovisual y producción de video utilizando diversas técnicas de animación. Co-fundadora de Error Pedagogía, proyecto interdisciplinario de investigación pedagógica. Actualmente se encuentra investigando el uso de herramientas y lenguajes con tecnología tales como, el uso de open source, software libre, la realidad aumentada, la creación de espacios virtuales 3D y el uso de la inteligencia artificial para la creación de obra aplicados a como estrategias pedagógicas.
  • Patricia Zevallos
    • Designation: Communications officer (From August to December 2021)
    • Comunicadora, arqueóloga y gestora cultural, con veinticinco años de experiencia laboral. Consultora especializada en diseño, planificación y ejecución de estrategias de comunicación integral, gestión cultural, prensa, producción editorial, producción audiovisual, marketing, publicidad, creación de contenidos y organización de eventos. Miembro directivo de diferentes organizaciones culturales, activistas y ambientales de Trujillo. Ha dirigido, integrado y desarrollado diversos proyectos de comunicación y cultura para los sectores privado y público del Perú.
  • Fabio Friso
    • Designation: Taki Wasi Glam project coordinator
    • He is the Communications Officer at the Taki Wasi Center in Tarapoto (San Martin region). He graduated as a Communicator from the University of Padova, Italy. He has published academic articles and will be the local coordinator of the project with Takiwasi.
  • Gladys Jiménez
    • Designation: Field expedition producer
    • She is a professional trekking guide, birdwatcher, field producer and quechua interpreter in Ancash, Peru, for more than a decade and has explored Peru and beyond. She has also worked on several documentary films in various capacities. Has collaborated with Vasos Comunicantes since 2005 in various publication, film and event projects there. She will be leading the photographic expedition in terms of safety guidelines and registration of endemic fauna in the Huascaran national Park.

Project advisors

  • Patricia Diaz (WMCL)
    • She has a degree in social communication and journalist (2012), and is specialized in cultural heritage (2013). She lived and studied in France; first a master in Communication and local politics (2015), and then a master in Development Studies (2016). At present she is the executive director of Wikimedia Chile. Leads the team in executing the chapter's annual program; she is also in charge of strategic planning, and public and international relations for Wikimedia Chile. Her main areas of interest are: Content gaps; work with expert communities on Wikimedia projects; and the alliance with cultural and local institutions.
  • Angie Cervellera (WMAR)
    • She is a professor of Visual Arts (UNA), with a degree in Media and Entertainment Management (UADE) and at present she is finishing postgraduate studies in Museums, Cultural Transmission and Collection Management program at the University of Buenos Aires. She is the coordinator of the Culture and Open Knowledge Program of Wikimedia Argentina, working with cultural institutions from all over the country such as museums, archives, libraries and other spaces for cultural production and dissemination.
  • Kathia Carrillo
    • Kathia discovered her passion for communication and learned her skills ‘from the grassroots’, with popular education, communication and art collectives in Lima and beyond. Since then, she worked as Communications and Press Officer for the National Indigenous Women’s Organization ONAMIAP and designed media campaigns against oil contamination with the platform of Amazonian Indigenous Peoples United in Defence of their Territory (PUINAMUDT). With the Autonomous Territorial Government of the Wampis Nation (GTANW), she produced a documentary on the Wampis’ struggle against illegal mining, and currently contributes with the Wampis communications program. As a communications allrounder, she likes to explore different forms of artistic and audio-visual expression from a gender-sensitive and decolonial angle. She’s keen on music, plays the ukelele and used to play in an all-women drum ensemble.