Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Community Fund/Rapid Fund/Wiki Loves Pride 2024 (ID: 22592076)

statusNot funded
Wiki Loves Pride 2024
proposed start date2024-06-01
proposed end date2024-11-30
budget (local currency)5000 USD
budget (USD)5000 USD
grant typeWikimedia Affiliate (chapter, thematic org., or user group)
funding regionNA
decision fiscal year2023-24
applicant• OwenBlacker
organization (if applicable)• Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group

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Applicant Details

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Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group

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I'm a board member or president of a Wikimedia Affiliate or mission-allied organization.

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- Program Coordinator (English): Create program infrastructure and documentation, communicate with nodes, oversee reporting.

  • Program Coordinator (Spanish): Create program infrastructure and documentation, communicate with nodes, oversee reporting.
  • Program Advisors: Provide holistic guidance to Campaign Coordinators and communicate with the Wikimedia LGBT+ governance team/Board.

Main Proposal

1. Please state the title of your proposal. This will also be the Meta-Wiki page title.

Wiki Loves Pride 2024

2. and 3. Proposed start and end dates for the proposal.

2024-06-01 - 2024-11-30

4. Where will this proposal be implemented? (required)

International (more than one country across continents or regions) Wiki Loves Pride is a global campaign with a cross-regional scope. Wikimedia LGBT+ the applying organization represents a disbursed, international membership. We will encourage participants in Wiki Loves Pride across all the WMF designated regions: North America; Latin America & The Caribbean; Northern & Western Europe; East, Middle East & North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa; Central & Eastern Europe & Central Asia; Southeast Asia, & Pacific; and South Asia.

5. Are your activities part of a Wikimedia movement campaign, project, or event? If so, please select the relevant project or campaign. (required)

Other (please specify) Wiki Loves Pride

6. What is the change you are trying to bring? What are the main challenges or problems you are trying to solve? Describe this change or challenges, as well as main approaches to achieve it. (required)

Wiki Loves Pride is an annual campaign to improve LGBT+ content across Wikimedia projects and advance equity and diversity in the Wikimedia movement. Wiki Loves Pride activities primarily take place between June and October, the months when communities around the world traditionally celebrate Pride. Infrastructure for Wiki Loves Pride was created in 2013. The year 2024 marks 10 years of Wiki Loves Pride, with the first global campaign events in 2014 and every subsequent year since. Wiki Loves Pride is part of a tradition of successful content campaigns created by Wikimedia community members. Wikimedia LGBT+ has had experience and success with supervising campaigns which invite anyone to create a node event, while offering a central hub for node support.

The Wiki Loves Pride campaign was created to recognize the value of contributing LGBT+ resources to Wikimedia and the work of LGBT+ Wikimedians in combating systemic bias, but organizers face the challenges of limited administrative resources among our community for facilitating impactful international, multilingual projects and events and documenting the work. We are seeking funding to tackle this limitation by supporting program coordinators who can organize Wiki Loves Pride events to celebrate LGBT+ culture and history, and promote free knowledge. If implemented, Wiki Loves Pride organizers will have much-needed resources for their time engaging in valuable global diversity work to improve key gaps in the encyclopedia.

By creating Program Coordinator positions in English and Spanish that will work together to help facilitate distributed, Node events and oversee collaboration across languages, we can compensate them for the administrative work that goes beyond what ordinary volunteers can reasonably be expected to accomplish. Wiki Loves Pride organizers will be able to document the outcomes of this campaign to ensure lasting impact (see English and Spanish Coordinators will be working in close collaboration and will be supervised by the Wikimedia LGBT+ governance team.

In addition, by incentivising participation across languages with prizes, we can build upon the monthly achievements of the Spanish-language Wikiproyecto LGBT+ across the 2 main languages of the User Group. (Link to Wikiproyecto 2023 report:

7. What are the planned activities? (required) Please provide a list of main activities. You can also add a link to the public page for your project where details about your project can be found. Alternatively, you can upload a timeline document. When the activities include partnerships, include details about your partners and planned partnerships.

See timeline document attached

8. Describe your team. Please provide their roles, Wikimedia Usernames and other details. (required) Include more details of the team, including their roles, usernames, Wikimedia group, and whether they are salaried, volunteers, consultants/contractors, etc. Team members involved in the grant application need to be aware of their involvement in the project.

Owen Blacker is a technologist working with the public sector, based in the UK. He has over 20 years’ experience of non-profit governance in the civic tech and digital rights spaces. He is a Board member of Wikimedia LGBT+ and his interests include Queer history, especially the cultural history of the Early AIDS Crisis, Queer popular culture, science fiction, human rights and labour rights, languages and language rights. User:OwenBlacker

Freddy Veloz is a software engineer, with over eight years of experience in software development. He received a Fulbright scholarship and got his Master's degree in Computer Science with a minor in Computer Security at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Freddy has been a Wikipedia editor since 2008. He is a Board member of Wikimedia LGBT+, member of Wikimedistas de Ecuador and a sysop in the Spanish Wikisource. His interests include Latin American literature and LGBT+ history from the global south. User:Freddy eduardo

Miguel Alan Cordova Silva is a Wikipedian who has been editing Wikipedia in Spanish since 2007. It was at the end of 2017 that he began an intense editorial activity that has led to more than 130,000 registered edits, many of them in maintenance tasks as a vandalism preventer. He also has the permission to check new items. Miguel has more than 1,500 published articles, including unpublished creations and translations in Wikipedia. He has also collaborated on other projects, such as Wikimedia Commons, with over 20,000 files uploaded, including his own photos, audio, and videos, and 38,000 edits on Wikidata. Currently, Miguel focuses on additions that seek to expand the relevant knowledge of the realities of gender diversity and reduce several gaps, such as gender or cultural gaps. In 2018 he joined Wikiproyecto: LGBT, a project that he progressively helped to grow into a solid editorial community. User: MiguelAlanCS

9. Who are the target participants and from which community? How will you engage participants before and during the activities? How will you follow up with participants after the activities? (required)

The target participants of Wiki Loves Pride are LGBT+ Wikimedians, as well as anyone who wants to improve Wikimedia project coverage of gender and LGBT+ related topics and promote diversity. Participants may include editors from any Wikimedia project, and edits may involve improving Wikipedia articles, uploading images related to LGBT+ culture and history to Wikimedia Commons, or adding Wikidata items, for example.

A key aspect of Wiki Loves Pride is event organizing. We aim to encourage people to organize node events internationally, and across cultures and languages. Participants may include other Wikimedia Affiliates and Wikimedia projects, as well as non-Wikimedia affiliated host organizations that want to host Wiki Loves Pride events. Project Coordinators will create event resources, including organizing materials, on-Wiki documentation, and graphic design to support campaign node events. A survey will be created for event organizers to follow up with the results of Wiki Loves Pride events, focusing on areas for future improvement.

We are also planning on engaging contributors by holding a Wiki Loves Pride Wikipedia editing contest in the tradition of existing editing contests supervised by Wikimedia Affiliates and community groups. The main goal of the editing contest is improving the quality of the existing articles and creating new Wikipedia articles on LGBT+ topics. For the contest, the interested users will have to sign up their participation and contribute within the specified period. At the end of the contest, a jury of experienced Wikimedia LGBT+ and Wikiproyecto LGBT+ volunteers, will review the contributions of all participants and select the best three participants who will get rewarded.

10. Does your project involve work with children or youth? (required)


10.1. Please provide a link to your Youth Safety Policy. (required) If the proposal indicates direct contact with children or youth, you are required to outline compliance with international and local laws for working with children and youth, and provide a youth safety policy aligned with these laws. Read more here.


11. How did you discuss the idea of your project with your community members and/or any relevant groups? Please describe steps taken and provide links to any on-wiki community discussion(s) about the proposal. (required) You need to inform the community and/or group, discuss the project with them, and involve them in planning this proposal. You also need to align the activities with other projects happening in the planned area of implementation to ensure collaboration within the community.

Wiki Loves Pride has been promoted and discussed in the active communication channels Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group maintains to engage in content discussions, develop projects, and support and celebrate LGBT+ Wikimedians. We plan to post about Wiki Loves Pride on User Group channels in multiple languages to circulate the word to potential event organizers, offer campaign support, and encourage participants.

We also will reach out to organizers of other Affiliates that share similar goals to combat systemic bias on Wikimedia projects, and encourage those Affiliates to repost our messages. Community meetings in English and Spanish and organized by Wikimedia LGBT+ volunteers, (See: We will put the Wiki Loves Pride 2024 campaign on the agenda of upcoming monthly User Group meetings to support to LGBT+ Wikimedians and allies and encourage creative event planning. Additional meetings and skillshares will be scheduled to coordinate between organizers.

Wikimedia LGBT+ leadership initiated monthly meetings with WMF Human Rights to share feedback and develop strategy to keep LGBT+ Wikimedians safe, and provide feedback on WMF activity such as advising on implementing the Wikimedia Foundation Universal Code of Conduct on the ground. We will continue to seek the guidance of WMF Human Rights to navigate risk and safety concerns that may arise during the course of this project. We also have regular meetings with Trust & Safety to discuss issues as they arise.

Over 100+ Wiki Loves Pride events have been organized since the campaign started in 2014, and the project has been discussed and presented in public forums by Wikimedia LGBT+ organizers over the past decade, including Wikimania, Wiki Conference North America, etc. (see: This campaign has previously generated interest from the press. Program Coordinators will work with project advisors to respond to press inquiries that may arise and document the results in project reporting. The focus of any interactions with the press will be promoting the work done by campaign participants and shining a light on the contributions of Wikimedians to share information and promote free knowledge.

12. Does your proposal aim to work to bridge any of the content knowledge gaps (Knowledge Inequity)? Select one option that most apply to your work. (required)

Sexual Orientation

13. Does your proposal include any of these areas or thematic focus? Select one option that most applies to your work. (required)

Gender and diversity

14. Will your work focus on involving participants from any underrepresented communities? Select one option that most apply to your work. (required)

Sexual Orientation

15. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select one that most applies. (required)

Identify Topics for Impact

Learning and metrics

17. What do you hope to learn from your work in this project or proposal? (required)

- How many Wiki Loves Pride 2024 events were organized with the benefit of additional coordination effort?

  • How many articles were edited as a result of Wiki Loves Pride 2024 with the benefit of additional coordination effort?
  • How many images were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons as a result of Wiki Loves Pride 2024 with the benefit of additional coordination effort?
  • How can we improve cross-language and cross-cultural LGBT+ Wikimedia organizing?

Are some strategies or some types of content more successful on certain sites or in certain languages?

18. What are your Wikimedia project targets in numbers (metrics)? (required)
Number of participants, editors, and organizers
Other Metrics Target Optional description
Number of participants 50
Number of editors 50
Number of organizers 5
Number of content contributions to Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia project Number of content created or improved
Wikipedia 200
Wikimedia Commons 100
Wikidata 100
Wikimedia Incubator
Wikifunctions or Abstract Wikipedia
Optional description for content contributions.


19. Do you have any other project targets in numbers (metrics)? (optional)


Main Open Metrics Data
Main Open Metrics Description Target
20. What tools would you use to measure each metrics? Please refer to the guide for a list of tools. You can also write that you are not sure and need support. (required)

- Programs & Events Dashboard

  • Event Metrics
  • possibly also ISA tool

Financial proposal

21. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it. (required)

22. and 22.1. What is the amount you are requesting for this proposal? Please provide the amount in your local currency. (required)

5000 USD

22.2. Convert the amount requested into USD using the Oanda converter. This is done only to help you assess the USD equivalent of the requested amount. Your request should be between 500 - 5,000 USD.

5000 USD

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Endorsements and Feedback


Please add endorsements and feedback to the grant discussion page only. Endorsements added here will be removed automatically.

Community members are invited to share meaningful feedback on the proposal and include reasons why they endorse the proposal. Consider the following:

  • Stating why the proposal is important for the communities involved and why they think the strategies chosen will achieve the results that are expected.
  • Highlighting any aspects they think are particularly well developed: for instance, the strategies and activities proposed, the levels of community engagement, outreach to underrepresented groups, addressing knowledge gaps, partnerships, the overall budget and learning and evaluation section of the proposal, etc.
  • Highlighting if the proposal focuses on any interesting research, learning or innovation, etc. Also if it builds on learning from past proposals developed by the individual or organization, or other Wikimedia communities.
  • Analyzing if the proposal is going to contribute in any way to important developments around specific Wikimedia projects or Movement Strategy.
  • Analysing if the proposal is coherent in terms of the objectives, strategies, budget, and expected results (metrics).