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Rapid Fund Final Report

Report Status: Accepted

Due date: 2023-03-01T00:00:00Z

Funding program: Rapid Fund, Wikimedia Community Fund

Report type: Final


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General information

  • Title of Proposal: SheSaid Philippines 2022
  • Username of Applicant: Kunokuno
  • Name of Organization: N/A
  • Amount awarded: 4622.65
  • Amount spent: 4662.49 USD, 262380 PHP

Part 1 Understanding your work


1. Briefly describe how your proposed activities and strategies were implemented

As long-time organizers of edit-a-thons and campaigns here in the Philippines, we have always followed the structure we devised to implement the projects. This would always start with discussing the rapid grant request posted in meta, explaining each item from objectives, targets, strategies, people involved, and finances. For delegating the tasks of each member, it will be upon their availability as volunteers. Transportation expenses and data allowances are always covered to ensure full participation. We are only composed of a small team, and some of the members will have dual roles, such as sending invites to newbies while also handling the training sessions; others will cover logistics and finances, while those that have minimal availability will be helping with what little effort they can offer. At the end of the session, an open forum and evaluation will be conducted to ensure that all needs are met. While we have followed the overall plan for the duration of the program, we will always try to adjust details and strategies to align with what is needed by the newly invited editors.

2. Were there any strategies or approaches that you felt were effective in achieving your goals? Please describe these strategies and approaches.

One approach we have tried is not to instantly teach the newbies how to edit but to understand their needs and perspective regarding Wikipedia, which is famous for all the wikiprojects. From there, we have aligned their needs and enthusiasm to get them involved in editing. This activity includes the informal sharing of ideas, photo walks, and testimonies from the organizers and other old members of the group.

3. Please use this space to upload media and other files that help tell your story and impact.

Field to type in URLs.

4. To what extent do you agree with the following statements regarding the work carried out with the support of this Fund? You can choose “not applicable” if your work does not relate to these goals.

Our efforts during the Fund period have helped to...
A. Bring in participants from underrepresented groups Strongly agree
B. Create a more inclusive and connected culture in our community Strongly agree
C. Develop content about underrepresented topics/groups Strongly agree
D. Develop content from underrepresented perspectives Strongly agree
E. Encourage the retention of editors Strongly agree
F. Encourage the retention of organizers Strongly agree

5. Is there anything else you would like to share about how your efforts helped to bring in participants and/or build out content, particularly for underrepresented groups?

Most of our participants are college students, and we plan to build a small group of volunteers handling those interested participants from their schools. This will be in the form of a Wiki club. The usual orientation pattern will be followed, such as explaining the people involved in our group, what projects we are working on, and what are Wikimedia projects until those interested students will be dedicated editors or will be part of organizers for future activities.

Part 2: Your main learning


6. In your application, you outlined your learning priorities. What did you learn about these areas during this period?

Editor sustainability has been a priority year after year of running campaigns. One thing we were not able to fully maximize this year is partnering with the main organizer of the event (Wiki Loves Women) through online meetings. We see it as something that would add enthusiasm to newbie editors if they were able to meet some Wikimedians from other parts of the world. Perceiving this as a global advocacy for the gender gap may have added to their enthusiasm in joining the campaign until the last sessions.

Also, it was observable that some of the created articles have only been edited at least every campaign period. There was no history of editing for the months that are not on the scope of the campaign. We suggested for some of the volunteers devote some extra time to editing these stagnant articles. They can even apply as stewards for the project so they can have experience in administering a wikiproject.

We have noticed a need on reviewing the local language in terms of orthography, grammar, and syntax. This will be addressed during the Language Preservation projects we have such as the Wiktionary Edit-a-thon, through a series of training on these specific topics.

7. Did anything unexpected or surprising happen when implementing your activities?This can include both positive and negative situations. What did you learn from those experiences?

Venue - One of our edit-a-thon is scheduled to be conducted in a University Library, however, due to a conflict in schedule, it was canceled. It would be practical next time to schedule at a much earlier date to secure availability.

The number of newbie participants - We are targeting 45 participants for the duration of the activity but we were only able to gather at least half of it.

Edit and new article count - What we are not able to achieve in inviting newbies, we were able to compensate in editing activities. Tagalog counter 1120 ( and Central Bikol has 183 (

8. How do you hope to use this learning? For instance, do you have any new priorities, ideas for activities, or goals for the future?

There is a lot of priority in recruiting newbie editors and sustaining their efforts. Lesser tasks will be given so they would not be overwhelmed with a lot of new things. We are looking into incorporating in doing minor edits such as Wiki interlinking or utilization of the ISA tool ( as a form of a game while adding metadata to images uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. We are also building a system of networking editors. This will be for those who have failed to attend the actual events. Trained organizers will gather in much smaller groups to train 2 or 3 participants.

9. Documentation of resources: Use this space to upload any documents that would be useful to share with others (e.g. communications material, training material, presentations).

Here is an additional field to type in URLs.

Part 3: Metrics


10a. Open Metrics reporting

In your application, you defined some open metrics and targets (goals). You will see a table like the one below with your metric in the title and the target you set in your proposal automatically filled in. Use the tables to report the result. Use the comments column to describe any aspects of this result that you find relevant. If the results were different from the initial target (goals) then you can explain why and what you learned from this. You can also provide any qualitative analysis regarding these results. In the last column please describe the tools and methodology used to collect this data and any difficulties you might have had.

Open Metrics Summary
Open Metrics Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Editor sustainability This measures the number of editors present in the duration of the campaign and also includes the repeat participants for each event. 25 15 During the entire campaign, there was a sustained effort of editing Wikiquote entries in both Central Bikol and Tagalog Wikiquote. During the evaluation period, newbie participants have expressed interest in being invited again for this year’s A+F Campaign in the Philippines so they could continue contributing both to Wikiquote and Wikipedia. The lack of devices and means for data connection are two major obstructions to why they cannot do regular editing. Open Forum, Evaluation, and Attendance Checking
Article views and Edits This refers to how articles are being viewed by users and being developed by different editors. 100 4334 Many of the created entries are being constantly edited, either through the addition of quotations, fixing typographical errors and grammar syntax, or adding pictures. However, there was slow progress on editing activity just after the end of the campaign. There are 4334 revisions, 2287 pages created or improved, 25 users, and 5 projects being recorded by the Hashtag Tracker tool. Link: Wikimedia Hashtag Tracker Tool

Manually checking the "View History" of created articles

Local Language Expertise This measures how fluent or comfortable the editors are with using the local language for creating pages in Wikiquote. 20 15 We made use of the OpusMT for translations and a lot of words being generated there are from Central Bikol Wikipedia. There are a lot of mistranslations and only a few of the participants are quite mindful that some words and phrases in English are not to be directly translated as it would change the thought of the quote. There is a lot to work on the familiarity with the language, especially in areas of orthography, vocabulary, and grammar. For the Tagalog Wikiquote, the Google Translate tool was suggested to be used but as much as possible, participants are advised to manually translate their articles for their own mastery of the language. The tool should be used just for double-checking or if a word or phrase is too hard to translate. Open Forum and Evaluation
Future Campaign Organizers This refers to co-organizers who have shown interests to run their own campaigns in the future. 3 7 The organizers for the SheSaid Campaign in the Philippines 2023 will be part of the Art+Feminism Campaign this year. There is a sustained enthusiasm for organizing and facilitating edit-a-thons and a lot of them are now experienced in training newbies in editing several Wikiprojects. Open Forum and Evaluation

10b. Core Metrics reporting

In your application, you defined targets for some core metrics and targets (goals). You will see a table like the one below with each core metric in the title and the target you set in your proposal automatically filled in. Use the tables to report the result. Use the comments column to describe any aspects of this result that you find relevant. If the results were different from the initial target (goals) then you can explain why and what you learned from this. You can also provide any qualitative analysis regarding these results. In the last column please describe the tools and methodology used to collect this data and any difficulties you might have had. Note: a table will appear for each Wikimedia project content contribution you defined in your proposal.

Core Metrics Summary
Core metrics Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Number of participants There will be two categories of participants, new and repeat participants. We target higher number of new participants for each event. 45 15 This includes both the organizers and the newbie participants. There are 4 sessions being organized and mostly would attend only one-time sessions and other organizers would not be able to complete the sessions due to conflicts in school schedules. Attendance Sheets
Number of editors All participants are invited to engage in editing, at least to add an image, a quotation, reference, or create a user account on Wikiquote. 45 25 There are 25 editors being tracked by the Wikimedia Hashtag tracker tool. 23 participants were able to list their usernames on our event page in Metawiki. Wikimedia Hashtag Tracker tool

Event Page on Metawiki

Number of organizers All organizers for the Wikimania 2022 Philippines (Wiki Advocates Philippines) are encourage to take part in organizing the event. 8 12 All active members of the Wiki Advocates Philippines have been involved in organizing this year's campaign.

1. Kunokuno 2. Even Barrameda 3. Danbarrameda 4. JheckPesino 5. Cjay Barrameda 6. MaroBos 7. Daphpb 8. Sheanjean 9. YamPikit 10. BiancaBrazal 11. Brazal.dang 12. Mhille26

Attendance Sheet
Number of new content contributions per Wikimedia project
Wikimedia Project Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Wikiquote This will include contributions on Central Bikol, Tagalog, and English Wikiquote. 700 4334 There are 4334 revisions, 2287 pages created or improved, 25 users, and 5 projects being recorded by the Hashtag Tracker tool. Link: Wikimedia Hashtag Tracker Tool
Wikimedia Commons This will include photos from documentation of the events and also the campaign posters for this year's SheSaid Philippines. 50 37 There are only 37 files being uploaded. Some documentations are not yet uploaded. Wikimedia Commons Category

12. Did you have any difficulties collecting data to measure your results? This could include things like a lack of time or resources, or the expertise in your team to collect this data. It could also include difficulties with particular data collection tools.


12a. State what difficulties you had.


12b. How do you hope to overcome these challenges in the future? Do you have any recommendations for the Foundation to support you in addressing these challenges?


13. Use this space to upload any documents and provide links to any tools you have used that would be useful to understand your data collection (e.g., surveys you have carried out, communications material, training material, program and event dashboard link, project page on Meta).

Here is an additional field to type in URLs.

14. Have you shared these results with other Wikimedian communities (either affiliates, user groups, volunteers, etc., different to yours)? This can include things such as data and direct outcomes, lessons you have learned, or information on how to run or recreate your programs.


14a. If yes or partially, please describe how you have already shared them and if you would like to do more sharing, and if so how.

The results of this campaign are being tracked and reported by Wiki Loves Women (, the group in charge of the #SheSaid global campaign.

Part 4: Financial reporting and compliance


15. & 14a. Please state the total amount spent in your local currency.

262380 PHP

16. Please state the total amount spent in USD.

4662.49 USD

17. Please report the funds received and spending in the currency of your fund.

17a. Upload a financial report file.

17b. Please provide a link to your financial reporting document.

As required in the fund agreement, please report any deviations from your fund proposal here. Note that, among other things, any changes must be consistent with our WMF mission, must be for charitable purposes as defined in the grant agreement, and must otherwise comply with the grant agreement.

17c. If you have not already done so in your budget report, please provide information on changes in the budget in relation to your original proposal.

There was no changes in the budget.

18. Do you have any unspent funds from the Fund?


18a. Please list the amount and currency you did not use and explain why.

Php 420.00. These are some changes from several expenses.

18b. What are you planning to do with the underspent funds?

A. Propose to use the underspent funds within this Fund period with PO approval

18c. Please provide details of hope to spend these funds.

This is a small amount. This can be utilized for the next rapid grant (Art+Feminism in the Philippines 2023)

19. Are you in compliance with the terms outlined in the fund agreement?


20. Are you in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the grant agreement?


21. Are you in compliance with provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code (“Code”), and with relevant tax laws and regulations restricting the use of the Funds as outlined in the grant agreement? In summary, this is to confirm that the funds were used in alignment with the WMF mission and for charitable/nonprofit/educational purposes.


22. If you have additional recommendations or reflections that don’t fit into the above sections, please write them here.

Other documents