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Writing in the internet
Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Indonesia
Grant contact name
Siska Doviana
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
siska dot doviana at wikimedia dot or dot id
Grant contact title (position)
Project Director
Project lead name
Kartika Sari Henry
Project lead user-name or e-mail
kartika dot sari dot henry at wikimedia dot or dot id
Project lead title (position), if any
Secretary General
Full project name
(Indonesian) Wikimedia Lontar untuk Penulis Indonesia
(English) Wikimedia-Lontar for Indonesian's writers
Amount requested (in USD)
US$ 0 (Please see Wikimedia Cipta budget)
Provisional target start date
October 2011
Provisional completion date
December 2011

Supported by


Budget Breakdown

No Description Amount Unit x Amount Unit x Unit cost [Rp.] Total cost [Rp.] Total cost [USD]
A Communication [cellular] - person x - month x - - -
B Administrative expenses [print/paper/tools] session x - - -
C Meeting room x - session x - - -
D Logistic [food & beverage] x - session x - - -
E Central coordination and administration [staff] x - month x - - -
F Recruitment specialist / Project consultant 3 person x 9 sesi x 900.000,- 8.100.000,- 900,00
G Local transportation x session x - - -
I I.1 - Training allowance — Transportation[1] x 9 session x 500.000,- 4.500.000,- 500,00
I.2 - Training allowance — Meals[2] x 9 sesi x 350.000,- 3.150.000,- 350,00
I.3 - Training allowance — Accommodation[3] x 5 session x 365.000,- 1.825.000,- 206,78
Subtotal 17.575.000,- 1.952,78
  1. Training allowance — transportation with the following details:
    Transportation 9 session 200.000,- 1.800.000,-
    Ticket Yogyakarta-Jakarta-Yogyakarta 6 trips 800.000,- 2.400.000,-
    Per diem 6 trips 50.000,- 300.000,-
    Note: Each visit, Christopher will stay 2 days 1 night
  2. Training allowance — Meals with the following details
    Per diem 6 trips 150.000,- 900.000,-
    Note: Each visit, Christopher will stay 2 days 1 night
  3. Harga penginapan di Hotel Smart
    Note: Each visit, Christopher will stay 2 days 1 night

Project scope


Wikimedia-Lontar for Indonesian writers is a collaboration between Wikimedia Indonesia and The Lontar Foundation to improve the biographies of Indonesian writers on the Indonesian and English Wikipedias.
Lontar Foundation has committed to make the articles on Indonesian writers available as widely as possible, in both Indonesian and English, in accordance with Wikimedia Indonesia's goal of promoting "free knowledge" in Indonesian and other languages.

In this joint collaboration agreement, Wikimedia Indonesia's contribution is to provide coaches for the participants (Lontar Foundation employees) so that articles written for this project are up to the standards for biographies, on both the Indonesian and English Wikipedias. The Lontar Foundation will provide a training facility as in kind contribution well as participants; the participants will be trained for 3 (three) months.

During this time, participants are expected to contribute 300 articles, including biographies of Indonesian writers and their works, as well as publishers and other related organizations. Wikimedia trainers are paid to monitor participants during these three months of contributions, and will provide a final report regarding the results of the project's implementation Training will start in October 2011 and end in December 2011



The Lontar Foundation Digital Library are planning to use Dbpedia for entries of Indonesian writer's bio in their website. However, many of these entries aren't available both in English Wikipedia or Indonesian Wikipedia. Their option is to make a completely independent website or to contribute to Wikipedia and improves the article there. However when trying to edit Indonesian Wikipedia, an Indonesian volunteer contributor told them off by saying "You don't know how to write." The Lontar then suggested by their contact to go to Wikimedia Indonesia for assistance. Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID) agree to help The Lontar Foundation and provide funding for the trainer, however, noting that WMID expertise is limited to Indonesian language Wikipedia and have very little to no knowledge on how English Wikipedia worked WMID contacted its counterpart Wikimedia Australia (WMAU) for help. WMAU identify a Canadian national volunteer contributor (very active contributor) to English Wikipedia studying Indonesian Language in Yogyakarta. WMID contacted the volunteer and arrange five times returned trip, perdiem, and incentive in the course of three months to aided The Lontar Employees to contribute to English Wikipedia and budgeted a trainer in Indonesian Wikipedia to assist and monitor the progress.

Project goal



  1. WMID would like to test its communication materials for training employee of The Lontar Foundation and identify room for improvement.


  1. Introduce Creative Commons license to be considered of usage by the Digital Library to enable access and open distribution.
  2. Improve and created new articles related to Indonesian literature writer
  3. To increase participation by professionals and expert by contributing to Wikipedia

Fit to strategy

  • Outreach to Library institution and promoting open license and sharing
  • Training to potential high quality contributor through wiki
  • More articles to WP ID and WP EN

Other benefits

  • Capacity building for WP volunteer in engaging to other institution in professional manner
  • Introducing how local chapter could help leveraging the volunteer academic and perhaps contribute to volunteer networking for future career opportunities

Measures of success

  • 300 articles, including biographies of Indonesian writers and their works, as well as publishers and other related organizations.
  • Adaptation of Creative Commons for the library owned content