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Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID) was approached both by AV Birder and WMF to provide support as a fiscal sponsor on 'Discover Biodiversity of Sulawesi Photographs' project in October 2013. By November 2013, WMID agreed to involve on the project with several terms and conditions. On December 25th, 2013, WMF informed that the grant request is approved following terms and conditions set out by WMID.

Detailed background on the proposal and involvement of Wikimedia Indonesia as fiscal sponsor can be seen here

WMID as Fiscal Sponsor


Requirement 1: A hundred contributions


Prior to receiving first training in Jakarta, AV Birder was requested to upload 100 nature-themed contribution to Wikimedia Commons. WMID made a list on AV Birder's contributions in Commons and Wikipedia Indonesian Language, and also validate each of the contribution making sure they comply with the conditions agreed upon i.e. natural objects from Indonesia and CC-licensed pictures. On Dec 30, 2013 AV Birder informed WMID that they had finished the 100 contributions], made by two of AV Birder members.

Training I on January 9 - 11, 2014


Arief Rachman from AV Birder was invited to come to WMID basecamp in Jakarta for first training. WMID (John Vandenberg) provided Arief with basic knowledge to properly contribute in Wikimedia Commons (geotagging, category, picture resolution, etc), information about licensing and Creative Commons license, how to use Bot to move and re-upload free-licensed pictures from Flickr, introduction to Wikidata to help him contribute easier and better in the future. Siska Doviana from WMID also introduced general information of project-based reporting (both narrative and expense), as well as taught Arief to upload receipts to document expenses and to create a report page using wiki platform.

Activity report can be seen here.

Requirement 2: Six hundred contributions


As agreed, AV Birder was required to make 600 contribution on Commons. Now that Arief had been trained, he was expected to share the knowledge from the training with his organization back in Manado therefore they all could contribute in Commons. AV Birder's due to finish 600 contributions was March 30, 2014. As agreed, a contribution should be Indonesian-nature themed pictures and should have:

  • picture description minimum in two languages: Indonesian and English
  • minimum three categories: (1) information of content type, (2) location, (3) time
  • photos owned by AV Birder members (not from Flickr) should be geo-tagged

Private photo collection of AV Birder members were uploaded to Commons and categorized as Uploaded by AV Birder

By March 30, 2014, AV Birder had not finished all 600 contributions. However, Wikimedia Indonesia (Kartika Sari Henry) went to check AV Birder's contributions anyway and place all of them to a dedicated list in Indonesian Language Wikipedia, because AV Birder was also expected to write articles about the objects on the pictures. WMID found there were contributions that did not meet the criterias for a contribution as mentioned above, as immediately notified AV Birder as well as confirming when would they complete all contributions required. Arief Rachman mentioned the difficulties as some of AV Birder members are not familiar with internet, let alone wiki-based platform. Thus, by second week of April AV Birder did not provide confirmed dates of completion but rather notify WMID which categories were ready to be checked. However, WMID opted to check the contributions after all was finished.

AV Birder was required to upload or move from Flickr pictures of Indonesian natural objects. AV Birder's contributions includes birds, butterflies, and marine animals (Flickr). WMID initially found some pictures of animal species from foreign countries. John Vandenberg then created a script for automated analysis of the photos, using picture categories and the metadata. The script aimed especially to confirm whether the object of the picture is indigenous to Indonesia, and also to calculate the contributions according to the genus level. It also detected typing errors of some species names (Latin), as some of the contributions did not exist anywhere in English Wikipedia, Indonesian Wikipedia, or Wikidata. From all pictures counted as valid contributions, using the script we were able to identify informations, including:

Species names and locations of its origin from these contributions also helped to improve Wikidata database.

On April 16, 2014 Arief Rachman informed WMID that 600 pictures had been uploaded but requested an additional week to tidy up the picture descriptions, category, geo-tagging, etc. WMID still found contributions which did not meet criterias, in which AV Birder finally corrected on May 18, 2014.

April 2, 2014


Wikimedia Indonesia received US$3,285 transfer from WMF. US$ 15 deduction from total transfer US$3,300 was due to administration fee.

Completion of Required Contributions on Commons


AV Birder completed 600 nature-themed picture contributions to Commons on May 18, 2014, as required by WMID prior to receiving the camera.

Training II on May 22 - 28, 2014


Arief Rachman representing AV Birder was again invited to come to WMID basecamp in Jakarta for second training. Ivonne Kristiani from WMID asissted grant fund withdrawal and exchange to IDR, then accompanied Arief to purchase the camera, tele lens, tripod, and binoculars. Arief's stay in Jakarta was extended for two days because the camera was initially out of stock and the item was restocked the following days.

Isabella Apriyana from WMID assisted Arief to upload receipts and to complete narrative and expenses report. Isabella on behalf of WMID officially handed over the photography equipment to AV Birder.

Activity report on second training is available here.

Remaining fund reallocation


Remaining fund of $370.71 was requested to be used to purchase additional photography accessories and covering portion of training II in Jakarta. According to this page, this request was approved. Therefore, all funding from WMF were fully spent on this project. Expenses report can be seen [1]



WMF pointed WMID to be fiscal sponsor to support the grant proposal by AV Birder who would like to document biodiversity of Sulawesi. WMF awarded an amount of US$ 3,300 to WMID in order to cover the expense for training and a set of wildlife photography equipment (DSLR camera, tele lens, tripod, and binoculars). After completing minimum required contributions as requested and received training, WMID donated the photography equipment to AV Birder to be used accordingly to support free knowledge movement.

WMID completed the fiscal sponsor responsibility on May 31, 2014 while AV Birder would continue the provide updates on the documentation of Sulawesi biodiversity until Dec, 2015. By fulfilling WMID's requirements prior to receiving the camera set, AV Birder successfully contributed more than 600 pictures and 11 new contributors joined on Commons, despite delays on the agreed due date of completion.