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WM ES/Server
Wikimedia España has been considering for a long time the option of contracting a server to host our own websites, mailing lists and provide further tools and services for Wikimedia projects and other free knowledge-related entities. We are aware that it may better fit in an APG in the forthcoming future, but given that we are not planning to apply for an APG until next year and we require the server as soon as possible, we think this is the best.
targetAll Wikimedia projects are potential beneficiaries with a focus on the Spanish-spoken ones
strategic priorityIncrease participation, improve the efficiency of Wikimedia Spain projects and provide a technical platform for future research and development of projects
start dateNovember 1
start year2014
end dateNovember 1
end year2015
budget (local currency)EUR 681
budget (USD)USD 876
grant typeOrganization
non-profit statusNo
contact(s)• miguelgarcia(_AT_)• joseemiliomori(_AT_)
organization• Wikimedia España


Our Internet services have been hosted in spaces from members since our foundation. Now the chapter has grown and needs an exclusive server to host our tools and websites; we also have a team of technical-interested members who want to improve our websites and host new tools for the chapter and Wikimedia projects too.
Our technical team is composed by members like-jem-, Abián, Platonides, Mangelrp, El Pantera, Pmachon and Wschutz. The service that we have planned to pay for is the following:




We are planning on different activities in several fields, for example:
  • Design, creation and maintenance of a backup (dump) of several local wikis existing in Spain about towns or cities - so called "localpedias", e.g., Madripedia or Wikisalamanca -.

Some of these wikis are disappearing due to a lack of proper maintenance and oblivion, and we think that the knowledge they contain is important to have it backed up.

  • Hosting and maintenance of sites for projects sponsored and/or partially/fully supported by Wikimedia España, such as, Wikimedia Love Monuments or Wikimedia España's main web.
  • Support and computational platform for research projects of Wikimedia España members and other external contributors in collaboration with the formers.



Target readership

We believe that we can impact all Wikimedia projects. We are currently hosting and maintaining sites like for Wiki Loves Monuments in Spain with borrowed limited resources.

Fit with strategy


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This project will improve the quality of the contributions of our technical involved members. They are now hosting their Wikimedia projects related-tools in limited external or personal servers. This server will provide a better service for them and for the whole chapter.

Measures of success


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We expect to host all the dumps/backups of Spanish localpedias. That would be a great success for the first year of the server.
We can also consider a success the better service that a new server would provide to the Spanish chapter. The creation of a new website with a redefined blog is a high priority task for us. We will finally host our website in our own server and it will run Wordpress, leaving Blogger.
This new website will make easy to promote our activities and create contents about the chapter in several Spanish languages, and we will integrate our Twitter and Facebook profiles in the new site and blog. We will not be afraid anymore about posting our blog links in Menéame (kind of Spanish Reddit), something that usually makes our blog to collapse.

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Resources and risks



Our server team is composed by: -jem-, Abián, Platonides, Mangelrp, El Pantera, Pmachon and Wschutz
Wikimedia España has already completed 4 grants requests (2 of them for WLM)


We have tried to minimize the risk of this project by creating a solid team of technical members. These will assure that we will not be depending on just 2-3 members for our tech-stuff.



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Project budget table
Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Registration - EX 40 1 49 49 EUR Registration in the hosting service.
2 Amount per month 12 49 588 EUR €49/month x 12 months
3 Thawte SSL 123 Certificate 256 Bit - domain validated 1 44 44 EUR
Total cost of project
681 EUR
Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants program
681 EUR
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