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Title of project: Fotofahrt im Heißluftballon

Start date of project: 2013-04-01

End date of project: 2013-06-30

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Renting of a hot air balloon for a group of five, to take aerial view pictures of the city of Hamburg. Five photographers will fit into one balloon and will be able to cover different views on all sides. The flight will take about 1,5 hours. Other than an airplane a balloon is very slow and is open to all sides, which will enable the photographers to take good quality pictures of single buildings. There is already a list of potential participants who are contributing to Wikimedia projects as photographers and who live in or nearby Hamburg. Project coordination page in :de.
Martina is a female photographer who has already contributed a great number of media files to wikimedia projects (see the files she has uploaded here). She has been a member of the German wikipedia community for several years. In the past she has successfully organized, as well as participated in, a number of photography projects. Description of the project in Martina's own words (in German)

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    an individual as organizer of the project, however there will be five participants of the project in total
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    See above under project description. See also Martina's user page in :de
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    Assessing the projects which Martina has already realised in the past, I trust that her planning is based on well researched facts and will be realised with diligence and care. In several occasions Martina has put great effort in sharing skills with others and helping other photographers to improve their understanding of photography and the use of professional photographers' technical equipment. I have double checked the stock of aerial views of Hamburg on commons as well as the costs of hot air balloon rental. example of hot air balloon rental costs, further example of hot air ballon costs, which has confirmed Martina's description of project details. The comments of other users who are active as photographers as well as the list of interested potential participants for the balloon flight show that there is support from the relevant group which is needed for realisation of this project.

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The project shall result in ca 1000 photographs of single buildings, landmarks etc of Hamburg as seen from above, as well as in close up pictures of hot air balloon technique which will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. It is also meant as a pilot project for further balloon flights if the idea proves successful. It will at first have most impact on the German speaking community, however, I believe it could also be a model for photographers in other countries.

The project is aligned with Wikimedia's strategic goals. It will contribute towards reaching the goal to increase participation, as it will encourage diversity by supporting leaders within underrepresented groups (female contributors) and highlighting activities of female wikipedians that will in turn encourage other women to contribute and assume leadership. The project will also increase community cohesion and commitment to the projects through participation in the balloon flight. As the participants will learn from each other in order to improve their skills, the project will also support affiliation and excellence among Wikimedians. Not least the funding will support a volunteer initiative that will further fuel the growth of the German speaking community.

Financial details

  • Total amount requested: 950 Euro
  • Currency requested: EUR
  • Total amount requested in US Dollars (USD): 1235 USD


# Expense Description Cost per unit Unit Quantity Currency Total cost per expense
1 950 Rental of hot air balloon for five passengers, duration 1,5 hours in Hamburg, Germany 950 1 1 EUR 950
Total: EUR 950 EUR