Grants:PEG/FF portal/Eligibility criteria

This page documents a process of the Flow Funding Pilot Project. Please see the FF portal for more information.

Do not edit this page without the explicit approval of WMF Grants Program Staff. If you have a suggestion, please do create a discussion page and consider also Emailing grants at wikimedia dot org about your suggestion.

Projects are eligible for funding only if they are aligned with Wikimedia's mission. The decision to fund a project is at the sole discretion of WMF. If selected for funding, grantees must provide all requested information to WMF, including but not limited to: proof of nonprofit status (for organizations), copies of valid government-issued photo identification documents for project leads, the legal names and addresses of the organization (if applicable) and project leads, bank information for the purpose of receiving funds, a signed grant agreement drafted by WMF. Meeting the conditions outlined in the page linked below does not guarantee that a recommended applicant will receive funds.

All Flow Funding recommendations must meet the eligibility requirements for the WMF Grants Program.