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Exile Museum/ Open Day
The collection of the Exile Museum contains memorabilia and artefacts created in places of exile during the 20th century; a fundamental part of modern Greek history that is ignored and for which only few information can be found. Thus, the Exile Museum is organising an open day with various activities, in order to raise public awareness and engage the local community, especially youngsters, and also collect theoretical and visual material, which thereinafter will be published in wikimedia projects.
targetWikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikimedia Commons in Greek, English, French and Turkish
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start dateSeptember 1
start year2016
end dateJune 30
end year2017
budget (local currency)4,923
budget (USD)5,425.59
grant typeOrganization
non-profit statusYes
organization• Exile Museum
created on08:52, 28 June 2016 (UTC)


The history of exile in islands and other isolated places in Greece during the 20th century is a crucial part of modern Greek history barely researched and unknown to the wider public. The Open Day in the Exile Museum will be successful if it will manage to gather people of all ages, especially youngsters, that are willing to participate in Museum's actions and the research of modern Greek history. Additionally, the historical material will be published in Wikimedia projects, so as everyone will be able to reach these information.



The activities that will be offered during the Open Day in Exile Museum in Athens are:

-       educational programmes for children and teenagers

-       artistic workshops for adults

-       interactive guided tours for all age groups

-       projection of a relative movie

-       interactive activities that will invite anyone that might hold important testimonies from their ancestors in exile to share with public


Via the Open Day we aim at raising public awareness regarding exile and commence a productive dialogue for the widespread of this part of history. More specific, the youngsters will familiarise themselves with notions and modern history that they are not taught in formal education curriculum. Moreover, the older generation, the kids of those sent in exile places, will have the opportunity to share their ancestors stories and retrieve these information. Fundamental information for the researchers in order to record modern history.

Target readershipEdit

The main target group is pupils as they are completely unaware of the issue. The ancestors of the exiles will have the chance to influence the historical testimonies by transferring to the wider public the stories and the memorabilia that have been inherited to them. Additionally, academics will access missing parts of history that they  research. Finally, the entire community will directly or indirectly be influenced by the publication of these information. 

Fit with strategyEdit

The Exile Museum aims at Increasing quality and accessibility to reliable resources. After collecting all the material, the Museum staff will collaborate with academics, in order to edit existing links or create new wherever necessary. Through the Museum's and its associates portals, these Wikimedia projects will be promoted, resulting more people being able to access these information. 

Measures of successEdit

According to the initial feedback and the amount and quality of volunteers and staff of the Museum project has already, the criteria of success are:

-       50 edits in Wikipedia in Greek, English, French and Turkish

-       30 edits in Wiktionary in Greek, English, French  and Turkish

-       250 photographs and  4 videos in Wikimedia Commons in Greek, English, French and Turkish

All material concern exile, history, Greece, heritage, arts, modern Greek history

Resources and risksEdit


The Open Day is based on human resources; namely the Museum's staff, the academic community, and the volunteers. In addition, technological resources are necessary for editing and processing the material. Financial resources are crucial for the success completion of the project. However, none of these could be accomplished if it was not for the collection of the Exile Museum.


Due to the unstable socio-financial situation in Europe in general and in Greece in particular may arose some risks that cannot be foreseen and for which we cannot prepare ourselves.


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Project budget tableEdit

  Category Description Units Cost/unit Total Amount
1 Event Coordinator for the event on October 1st  1 620.00€ 620.00€
2 Museum Educator         for the event on October 1st  2 248.00€ 496.00€
3 Engraver for the event on October 1st  1 248.00€ 248.00€
4 Graphic Designer project based for the posters and other promotional material 1 372.00€ 372.00€
5 IT support project based for the multimedia material 1 620.00€ 620.00€
6 Posters promotion of the event 50 1,34€ 67.00€
7 Promotional Material promotion of the event 500 0.50€ 250.00€
8 Pins for the volunteers and the organising team 100 2.00€ 200.00€
9 T-shirts for the volunteers and the organising team 20 12.00€ 240.00€
10 Configuration of the event space As the event will take place outdoors 1 210.00€ 210.00€
11 Set of Technical supplies speakers, microphones, projector 1 600.00€ 600.00€
12 Sound Engineer day fee for the event 1 70.00€ 70.00€
13 Workshop material Kit per person 20 6.00€ 120.00€
14 Educational material Kit per person 30 5.00€ 150.00€
15 Catering For the event 150 4.40€ 660.00€
  Total       4,923.00€

Total cost of projectEdit


Total amount requestedEdit


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Non-financial requirementsEdit

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