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Counting featured, quality and valued content in Commons
problemIn group projects, there can be frequent, detailed discussions. However, you may also find yourself frequently needing to revisit or otherwise remember those the discussions, which can cause loss of time and productivity during meetings or your own time.
solutionUse CatScan v.2β
created on17 December, 2013
status:in progress

What problem does this solve? edit

You are evaluating the impact of your photo upload initiative or Wiki Loves Monuments and you want to know if your initiative was successful at quality improvement of content on Commons, based on your priority goals you set for your initiative.[1]

What is the solution? edit

Use the CatScan v.2β tool to pull your data. This tool, created by Wikimedia community member Magnus Manske, will allow you to find out how many images an image category have Quality, Valued image or Featured Pictures templates on them. You do this by:

1. Prepare the tool by setting up the language, project and depth:

  • Language = commons (in lower case)
  • Project = wikimedia (in lower case)
  • Depth = 0

2. In the Categories section, add the name of the category you want to search for. Don't include "Category:", just the name of the actual category (i.e. Images from Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Estonia).

3. In the Templates section, paste the templates you want to search for. You can search for all types at once if you would like, by pasting all seven seen below, or just one set of template names to narrow in on a specific type of rating, into the "Has any of these templates" box. Template names include:

  • For Featured Pictures, type, or copy and paste:
  • For Valued images, copy and paste:
  • For Quality images, copy and paste:
This image of Jõelähtme is one of 484 quality or valued images uploaded for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Estonia

4. In the Combination section, only "SUBSET" should be ticked.

5. In the Namespace section, only FILE should be ticked.

6. Click "Do It!" and in a few moments you will see a list of files that are listed as featured, quality, or valued images, or any that include templates in your chosen category/categories.

Success! See how many images from Wiki Loves Monuments Estonia 2012 were awarded quality and/or valued image status here.

General considerations edit

  • Remember, most images that are uploaded via GLAM content donations are ineligible for quality image status, since quality images are only for images taken by Wikimedians. Since most images contributed by GLAMs are taken by staff or contractors, they can only be nominated as Valued images. So if you plan on running a GLAM content donation category, such as Category:Media contributed by the Walters Art Museum, you won't find any quality images (or valued, at this time). Just focus on valued images.
  • Comfortable with javascript? Add this code to your commons.js to have the CatScan options added into your Commons links. User:Jean-Frédéric created this and you can find it here: User:Jean-Frédéric/findLabels.js.
  • If your category has sub categories, please refer to the manual on how to incorporate both main and sub categories. Visit the manual here.
  • Sometimes the server that CatScan v2β lives at stops working. Check by a few minutes later and try again. If you notice that it isn't working for a long time, or have other problems, file a bug here.

When to use edit

  • When you are trying to see if your program was successful at improving the quality of images on Wikimedia Commons, since that is often a primary goal for most photo upload initiatives and Wiki Loves Monuments.

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  1. You can also use this tool to look up valued images from a GLAM content donation.