Many grants are paid in installments, which means grant funds are sent over time rather than as one large payment. For example, all Annual Plan Grants, most Individual Engagement Grants, and many larger Project and Event Grants are paid in two or more installments. The timing and amount of each installment of your grant will be discussed with you when your grant agreement is signed.

Some grantees may need to meet certain conditions before more grant funds will be sent. These are outlined in each grant agreement but may include submitting interim reports on time or making sufficient progress on the grant. You should review your grant agreement or the conditions sent to you by the grants administrator in order to better understand what might be required before you may receive your next installment of grant funds.

Grant funds may not be sent to any grantee who is not currently meeting their requirements for any WMF grant, including another grant or a grant through another grants program. If you are expecting a payment of a second installment, please be sure that you are meeting all of your other requirements before your installment is due.

Before a next installment of grant funds is sent, the grants administrator will contact you in order to verify that you have met any conditions for the installment and that some important information about you or your grant has not changed since you received the first installment. The grants administrator may send you a copy of the Next installment form to complete. Before receiving more funds, you will need to provide the information requested. If you have met the conditions needed to receive your next installment and neither the grants administrator or your program officer has contacted you about your payment, please contact the grants administrator and your program officer about your payment.