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This page documents a process common to all or most of WMF's grants programs. Please don't edit this page, but please do create a discussion page instead.

If you have never received a grant before (or even if you have!), you probably will have many questions about what happens if your grant is approved. We know that completing these steps is not easy for every grantee, so we are here to help with anything that is difficult. We encourage feedback about this process from grantees so that we may continue to improve.

Stages in the grant processEdit

  1. Application: You submit a funding request to one of WMF's grant programs[1], following the application process for that grant program.
  2. Decision: If your grant is approved[2], your program officer notifies you via email (and on meta-wiki, for some grant programs[1]).
  3. Request for information: You are asked to submit needed information and documents in order to issue an agreement to finalize your newly approved grant. These instructions will be different for the type of grantee receiving a grant.
  4. Agreement: Once all of the requested information and documents are received, reviewed, and there are no pending items, the Grants Administrator issues a grant agreement and requests for your signature through DocuSign[3], an electronic signature[4] service. Once the grant agreement is signed by both you and a WMF representative, your grant is finalized and ready for payment.
  5. Payment: Once the grant agreement is signed both by you and a WMF representative, and the Grants Administrator provides you with the details of your funds transfer/grant payment[5]. Some grant programs[6] require more than one installment to pay the grant. This information will be provided by your program officer anytime during the proposal review period or when you receive notification that your grant request has been approved for funding.
  6. Reporting: After your grant end date has passed, your grant report and expense documentation (i.e. list of paid expenses and scanned receipts) are due. Each grant program has its own set of instructions for its reporting requirements.
  7. Underspend: If there are unused grant funds at the end of your grant term, return the unused funds to WMF following the instructions at Grants:Return unused funds to WMF. You may also contact your grant's Program Officer[7] to suggest another way to make use of the remaining funds.
  8. Completion: Once all open items have been settled (e.g. reporting requirements met, underspend settled, etc.), your grant can be marked "completed" in our records, and your grant is officially closed.


  1. a b As of 1 July 2021, the Wikimedia Foundation funding programs include: For recipients of WikiCite Grants (program ended 30 June 2021) whose grants are still open/ongoing, please email your Program Officer/Manager directly and copy the Grants Administrators at grantsadmin so that the GA can follow up on your behalf, if needed, and update your grant record/s accordingly.
  2. If your grant request is not approved for funding, each grant program has its own procedure for notifying the grantee. It may be through email or a comment on the grant application's discussion page on meta-wiki or a combination of both.
  3. If you are unsure if DocuSign is enforceable in your country, you may sign the agreement electronically in any method that is convenient for you (e.g. print, sign, scan, email to WMF; sign using another e-signature service and email your signed document to WMF for the countersignature, etc.).
  4. If you require signing paper originals of the agreement, you will receive instructions for signing and returning signed paper originals of the agreement to WMF.
  5. If your newly approved grant is partially funded by another grant's underspend (unused grant funds), the underspend will be deducted from your new grant's payment. If your newly approved grant is fully funded by another grant's underspend, there will not be a payment made to your newly approved grant. However, a grant agreement will still need to be signed by all parties to validate the grant award.
  6. Multiple installment payments are common for Project and Annual Plan Grants.
  7. Contact list by Region: Grant administrators (for all grant programs): grantsadmin