Grants:IEG/The Wikipedia Library/Timeline

Phase 2


Measures of success:

  • Create roles for 5 new volunteer coordinators
  • Regularize usage metrics reports hosted on Labs
  • Send out Books and Bytes 5 times
  • Identify and onboard 2 potential librarians to co-coordinate TWL
  • Form 10 new visiting scholar positions
  • Release a working version of the OCLC full text reference tool
  • Create a spec for OAuth integration with at least 1 research donor
  • Contact 30 new database partners; enter talks with 10; form or renew 5 partnerships
  • Receive $200,000 worth of donations (individual replacement value)
  • Receive 2000 new accounts
  • Pilot TWL satellites in at least one of German, Spanish, and Arabic communities

Phase 1


Timeline for The Wikipedia Library

Timeline Date
Form library specialist advisory committee End of July
50 total publishers/organizations contacted. Mid-August
100 total publishers/organizations contacted. End of September
Revise management flow for all accounts End of September
Completed tech spec on future development of the library End of October
Pilot OCLC partnership End of October
New account signups and distribution for new TWL resource donations End of November

Monthly updates


Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.

Note that progress will be regularly posted on Facebook: here


  • Updated TWL project pages: TWL
  • Facebook page created and updated Link
  • Areas of focus reset
    • Access to existing local/open library resources (e.g. OCLC)
    • Donations of Paywalled sources
    • Wikipedia Visiting Scholars/Research Affiliates
    • Outreach to Libraries (e.g. Wikipedia Loves Libraries, ALA)
  • Renewew HighBeam donation for an additional 1000 accounts (individual replacement value = $199 per account)
    • Second round of HighBeam metrics numbers run Link
  • Newest member added to TWL: The Cochrane Library, initial offering of 100 accounts but no maximum set ($300-$800 per license)
    • Sign-up page created: Link
    • Signups advertised throughout English Wikipedia (EdwardsBot) and Globally (Global Message Delivery)
  • Created contact list of potential members to the TWL advisory council
    • Interviewed several open access leaders, and library professionals
  • Initiated partnership with OCLC/WorldCat
    • Met with OCLC team in Cincinnati and San Mateo
    • Created project plan: OCLC and introductoryslideset
    • Received full access to Search and E-Switch APIs
    • Met with WMF Legal and Tech folks about privacy protections
    • Planned pilot to place two Wikipedians as Visiting Scholars at University Libraries


  • Redesigned the Wikipedia Library portal: TWL
  • Coordinated transfer of new HighBeam passwords for signup: Highbeam
  • Completed next round of signups for Questia partnership: Questia
  • 60+ applicants for Cochrane partnership collected: Cochrane
  • Built relationship with 2 New York Times business development executives to discuss getting access for editors to NYT archives. Set up meetings for continued talks in August.
  • Expanded contact list of potential advisory members to the TWL advisory council to include signed-on participants of The Wikipedia Library (offline list due to email addresses)
  • Built and tested working demo for OCLC's Search and E-Switch (fulfillment) APIs: [1]
  • Collected OCLC privacy policy statement from staff lawyers and shared with Wikimedia Foundation's legal department (Michelle Paulson, in person at Wikimania with follow-up through email).
  • Online meeting with digital librarian and Wikipedian The Interior discussing position as lead librarian for TWL.
  • Created the project plan for Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program: Project plan


  • Continued redesign of TWL portal: added profiles, news section, social media links
  • Created page index for TWL
  • Collated helper list from related wikiprojects and pages
  • Messaged signed-on TWL participants to create profiles
  • Meeting with The Interior
  • Meeting with LaneRasberry
  • Created pilot of library Research Desk
  • Phone call with OCLC about progressing on the API and Visiting Scholars program
  • Meeting with Liam Wyatt about integrating Wikipedia editors research queries into libraries' workflows
  • Meeting with Aubrey McFato
  • Participation in open access -l mailing list
  • Participation in Code4lib mailing list
  • Meeting with NY Times
  • Collected email information for Cochrane participants
  • Delivered Questia accounts for round 3
  • Began designating TWL participants in pilot leadership positions
  • Meeting with Quiddity about TWL page curation and account management library help
  • Contacted Aubrey, DGG, and Daniel Mietchen about organizing roles
  • Meeting with Liam Wyatt and the National Library of Australia to discuss reference assistance pilot program
  • 16 members with profiles in TWL so far


  • Meeting with Amanda French, Research Faculty at the GMU Center for Humanities and New Media about giving a talk at her institution, taking on two Wikipedia visiting scholars, and other ways to network with the library and digital humanities community.
  • Meeting with Daniel Mietchen to discuss Signalling Open Access initiatives and forming a team to pilot it
  • Phone call with Cindy Cunningham to discuss eswitch, visiting scholars, and open access integration
  • Phone call with Lauren Magnuson to discuss library partnerships, visiting scholars, and related library tech resources and groups.
  • Participation in OA Button Hackathon
  • Added to Wikimania 2014 Open Access Outreach Group
  • Mirror TWL portal on Meta
  • Meeting with Phoebe Ayers to discuss TWL, pilot programs, and UC Davis colaboration
  • Meeting with Cindy Cunningham to advance 4 pilot programs: visiting scholars, eswitch api, reference desk (question point), and signalling OA
  • Added Open Access File of the Day to TWL portal
  • Meeting with Timothy Thompson, metadata librarian at University of Miami
  • Meeting with Dork Alahydoian, business development at NY Times about donation
  • Offer from Cochrane collaboration to add spanish language version [2]
  • Cochrane form emails collected, transfered to Cochrane, accounts set up
  • Cochrane citation examples page created and expanded


  • HighBeam 8 delivered
  • Meeting with Pat Earley, new Wikipedia Library Librarian
  • Contract with Pat Earley
  • Confirmed talk at George Mason University Center for History and New Media, October 22nd 3pm, "The future of libraries and Wikipedia"
  • Confirmed, GMU CHNM will take on the first ever Wikipedia Visiting Scholar in an affiliate, unpaid, remote research position.
  • Reached out in partnership with OCLC to 4 additional potential Visiting Scholar partners
  • Arranged coding contractor for E-Swtich script
  • WMF legal approval for E-Switch privacy/data logging disclosure
  • Meeting with Cindy Cunningham, Max Klein, Bruce and Merrilee at OCLC to discuss library outreach
  • Participate in conference call/working session for new WikiProject Open
  • 2 meetings with Pat Earley, new TWL Librarian
  • TWL navigation box added to WP:Reference desk
  • First edition of Books and Bytes, the TWL newsletter goes out
  • Meeting with head of OCLC's Dewey Decimal service to discuss partnerships and open licensing
  • Contacted Lexis Nexis
  • Presented The Future of Libraries and Wikipedia at George Mason University's Roy Rosenzweig's Center for History and New Media
  • Books and Bytes issue #1: W:EN:WP:The_Wikipedia_Library/Newsletter/October2013