Grants:IEG/Improve 'Upload to Commons' Android App/Finances

Budget edit

Below is your approved budget. Please use this table to keep track of actual funds spent for each line item and list the difference from the approved budget at the end of the grant period.

Expense Approved amount Actual funds spent Difference
Developer salary for Phase 1 1200 USD 1200 USD 0
Developer salary for Phase 2 6000 USD (after budget change request) 6000 USD 0
Developer salary for Phase 3 1200 USD 1200 USD 0
Total 8400 USD 8400 USD 0

Request changes edit

We understand that sometimes plans change. Please use this button to request approval for changes to your grant’s budget while your project is in progress. Any variation of 20% or more to any line item in your budget must be approved by staff here before you make the change (for projects with budgets of $15,000 or more, the accepted variance is 10%).

Budget change request edit

I would like to add 40 hours (2 weeks) to the project, in order to work on 2 extra tasks (updating licenses to achieve parity with Upload Wizard, and improving license selection in the app) before moving on to the publicity phase (rationale below).

  • Budget change: 15 USD/hr * 40 = +600 USD
  • Line item: Developer salary for Phase 2

Rationale edit

There are 2 main issues with license selection in the app currently:

  • Licenses have not been updated to include all the license options offered by the Upload Wizard. We need to add CC-BY-SA 4.0 and CC-BY 4.0. (see #144)
  • Selection of licenses needs to be made more explicit. Currently, license selection can only be modified by going to the Settings page and selecting the license there. Improvements on this has been requested by many users, on our Google Play reviews, on Commons threads and also on GitHub, and it is important that users are made aware of which license they are uploading their photo under. There are a few options for implementation that we are currently discussing at #323, but the implementation timeframe should be roughly equal for any of the choices.

I was initially intending to wait and include this in the renewal proposal, but as I started making preparations for Phase 3 (publicity phase) I realized that it is not a good idea to publicize the app without first solving this issue.

Approved edit

I'm approving this request for an additional $600 USD to work on licensing. --Marti (WMF) (talk) 16:45, 3 March 2017 (UTC)