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Setting goals for your programEdit

Setting goals for your program will help you and program participants focus on a spesific set of activities. By tracking your progress towards these goals, you will be able to see if the program model, activities and training materials you are using are helping participants get where you want them to go.

"Our main focus in the last edition was to increase the quantity of articles. We set goals for quantity and surpassed them. One factor that contributed to this was that we shared the goal with students and professors and they got excited about it." - Reem, Egypt Education Program Leader

  • Set goals for your education program: Identify the best goals for your education program, whether you are planning a pilot program or growing to include more partners and participants.
  • Use goals to motivate participants: Many program leaders and educators have found that setting goals at the classroom level is a good way to motivate participants.
  • Choose achievable goals: Use baseline information from your pilot program to set achievable goals that will help you improve your education program.
  • Develop SMART goals: This resource shares advanced tips for developing measurable objectives.

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